Avengers of Dragonsrod: The Dragonsrod Chronicles Series Book Three

Avengers of Dragonsrod: The Dragonsrod Chronicles Series Book Three

by Robert Umber


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With Loothar's blessings, the Eastern Tribes get a new high chieftain.
Goldeye is taken aback by the changes to the Dragonsrod Grand Council since he left it to Zhangi to run.
Enemies of the Dragon Republic are closing in from all sides.
Goldeye realizes the dangers to his country and may have to commit treason in order to save Dragonsrod from ruin.
Alexander, Moira and River Rat leave Abyssina with the mysterious and fear-inspiring hyenid, Minn, for the Cannis Republic. His prophecy must be fulfilled if he and Dragonsrod are to survive.
King Zare, Vykor prepare for the assault on Kublisa with massive armies and huge new weapons that could win them the war.
Maxum, Shayara and Zephyr are in the belly of the beast to rescue abyssin prisoners from the clutches of the vordral.
Jessa, Handoe and Sandstorm travel to Gronoz to kill the iron-fisted King Zare and end his reign.
Some issues arise and they are caught. They learn of a new ally that is in a better position to take down King Zare. Can any of them get to the King in time?
Twists and turns abound as the war for Dragonsrod winds down. The smoke will clear and a new dawn will rise. But who will still be alive to help usher it in?

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ISBN-13: 9781541284029
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Publication date: 02/26/2017
Pages: 580
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