Aversion (Book One of The Mentalist Series)

Aversion (Book One of The Mentalist Series)

by Kenechi Udogu

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BN ID: 2940045126854
Publisher: Kenechi Udogu
Publication date: 12/02/2012
Series: Mentalist , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 131,971
File size: 193 KB
Age Range: 12 Years

About the Author

Kenechi lives in London and enjoys writing fantasy fiction and short stories (some of which she posts on her blog). She also hates the cold and hopes to one day figure out how to hibernate in winter.

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Aversion (Book One of The Mentalist Series) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
AngRI More than 1 year ago
My Review: It has been a while since I have read any paranormal books and the premise of this book and series was unique so I thought I would give it a go. This book is fairly short and the first book in the series, and we are given information about the magic system (if you can really call it that, more of abilities) in piece mail. We find out the details as the main character, Gemma, does and normally I am not a fan of characters and the reader both being left in the dark, but with the familiar modern day setting and relatively normal life the characters lead I was able to get over that quirk. I did enjoy the characters, and I loved the relationship that Gemma and her father had at the beginning of the book. This was also a quick read, the pages turn quickly as the story gains momentum and we discover new information. The end leaves a lot of questions open that will have you reaching for the next book in the series. I want to know more! My Rating: This was a fun and quick read for me, it was interesting and intriguing. I really liked the unique paranormal element and am looking forward to learning more throughout the rest of the series. I give it a rating of Three Paws and a Stump Wag.
LAMartinez More than 1 year ago
In Book 1, Aversion, we are introduced to Gemma Green. She’s your typical teenage outcast. You know the one: beautiful but doesn’t believe she is, smart, and keeps to herself? She has this ability to avert people’s actions by mind control, and comes from a line of Averters. Only, she’s a girl, which is unheard of. Averters are almost always male. She already knows she’s different being what she is, and then to know you’re also an anomaly in a world of “abnormals?” On her first day of becoming an official “Averter,” she feels like she messed it up because the person whose mind she was controlling, was supposed to forget about her. Only he doesn’t. And he’s not just any person, he’s the school’s tennis champ. And he starts to follow her around, and starts asking questions about who she is. This series was so great, I ignored my family that was visiting for Spring Break week! It was quick and fast paced enough for me to keep turning the pages – er swiping the screen – and well written enough that I was mesmerized by Gemma, and whatever she actually is. I’ve read enough YA paranormal to already know how *most of them turn out. But this series? The concepts weren’t anything new – Empath, people with abilities, people with abilities being chased by powerful people, but I like how Kenechi Udogu paced this book, wrote out Gemma’s 15 year old thoughts without sounding too cliché and too cheesy. Yes, there was some teenage angst about not fitting in, but she was mature enough to understand the whys of their situation. Any 15 year old would have cause to rebel, but Gemma doesn’t. There is loyalty in her father, faith in what she is, and what she’s meant to do, and enough strength to question those loyalties, her abilities, and who she could become. You are some kind of special, Gemma Green, and not just because of all these things that people say you are or aren’t. This was my first foray into your world, and I can say, you are definitely not an aversion! *I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
tori3645 More than 1 year ago
Aversion hooked me in from the very beginning. I'm glad the book is fairly short otherwise I wouldn't have gotten much sleep. Gemma is the main character and she is an averter. She can reach into peoples mind to alter their thoughts and actions. Her first is a boy from school. He was going to a party and would get in an accident and kill his friends while injuring himself and ruining his future in tennis. Once she averts him, she is excited that her first one went well and seems to have worked. Later when she is at school the boy, Russ, starts talking to her which worries her. Gemma is a loner at school because of what she is. She can't get close to anyone, so why bother having friends. She is in shock that all of a sudden Russ notices her, let alone is trying to have a conversation with her. She thinks she must have messed up somehow. Even another averter tells her she messed up. This is only just the beginning of Gemma's problems. This book is well written in terms of the story line. Its written in a way that you can understand and follow along. There aren't any parts that are confusing and I had to reread. As far as editing there are quite a few mistakes, such as using wrong instead of right. This is something that an editor should find easily. The other mistakes are easy to bypass and don't interfere with my comprehension. Overall this is a great story, with good characters both good and evil. I have started reading the next in the series, Sentinent, and would recommend this book to anyone who loves a little mental aversion. This book was received in exchange for an honest review.
Marla__B More than 1 year ago
Interesting and fresh concept of Averters that influence someone to avert a detrimental situation. I definitely liked more things than I disliked about this book, but there just wasn't enough spark in Gemma or the relationship or dialogue between Gemma and Russ for me to rate it higher. Likes: * Averters don't stop all bad events, just what they are directed to avert * Russ is a cool sensitive popular hero * Averter can tell when people lie, except for other Averters * Help people avoid a bad or dangerous situation * Handsome hero is tennis star * 1 Girl Averter Dislikes: * Gemma should've been super careful for her first Aversion * Keeping her problems with Russ from her father * Didn't like the other high school Averter who condescended to speak to Gemma about her "breaking" Russ * Henry tracking Gemma and her father for years - get a life For-review: Received a free review copy from the author for GoodReads [We ♥ YA Books!] group's ARR #171.
Nook_Users_Book_Club More than 1 year ago
For Gemma Green’s first time, things should have been straightforward. Find your subject, hold their gaze and push a thought into their head to save them from future disaster – Aversion complete. A pretty simple process given that the subject was to have no recollection of the experience. But Russ Tanner doesn’t seem to want to forget. In fact the more she tries to avoid him, the more he pushes to get to know her. Gemma knows she has a problem but is she facing the side effects of a failed Aversion or has the school’s tennis champ really fallen for her? Gemma Green appears to be your typical teenager although this is the furthest thing from the truth. Gemma is an Averter. Averters keep their subjects from making choices that have disastrous effects on the future. This should be pretty easy yet something goes wrong and the results could prove dangerous for Gemma, her father, and the subject. This was a fast read not just because it was a short story but also because the plot was entertaining. Gemma is the teenager who is trying to stay hidden at school and in her town. There wasn’t a lot of time to develop her character. I wish there had been because I would have love to feel more for her. Russ was the non-typical popular high school boy. He was endearing and sweet. I gravitated more towards their interactions than Gemma alone. While the plot was “girl meets boy she’s destined to be with” it did develop differently and that did draw me in. Overall the story was an enjoyable quick read. *Disclaimer* A special thanks goes out to Kenechi Udogu for a review copy of this book. It in no way influenced our review.
BonnyBonBon More than 1 year ago
Firstly, Id like to thank Kenechi Udogu for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review. WOW what a great read. When i intially signed up to review this book my first thoughts we that the blurb sounded good and cover look good but never did i think it was going to be this GOOD! what a pleasant suprise. Kenechi Udogu ticked all my boxes with this book: Romance, Mystery, we learn about things along the way with the main characters and those things that are already known to the characters are explained to us in the beginning, Tragedy, Happy ending and so much more but im getting a little ahead of myself. Our leading lady is Gemma Green a 15 year old girl who is a social outcast of her own accord. She is an Averter which is explained to you in the very first page of the book so you dont have to guess but basically means she can alter or persuade peoples thoughts for eg. if she gets a jolt from someone she usually sees a glimpse of something that will alter that person forever, now it is her purpose in life to change these decisions and alter the outcome. She is also the only female averter but that is only the beginning of gemmas problems as the people whom she averts are to never remember seeing or hearing Gemma. Enter our main man Russ. Whom is to be Gemmas first aversion and although she followed all the steps taught to her somehow, something goes askew and our story really begins. Russ is a talented, popular, cute boy from Gem's school whom like everyone else has never spoken to Gemma. That is until the day after her failed aversion when he suddenly wants to get to know her and befriend her. He confesses that he cannot stop thinking about her. Is it the botched aversion that has gemma on his mind or is there other things at play in this wonderful, romanctic young adult book. Now downt to the nitty grittys. The only things i have to mention that i didnt like (there is usually something, these however are small) was that i felt it wasn't long enough and that i havent been able to find out when the next book is out :( I highly recommend this book for those whom want a short but fun read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
For Gemma Green’s first time, things should have been straightforward. Find your subject, hold their gaze and push a thought into their head to save them from future disaster – Aversion complete. A pretty simple process given that the subject was to have no recollection of the experience. But Russ Tanner doesn’t seem to want to forget. In fact the more she tries to avoid him, the more he pushes to get to know her. Gemma knows she has a problem but is she facing the side effects of a failed Aversion or has the school’s tennis champ really fallen for her? [Summary, as taken from Amazon.] --------- What I really liked about Aversion, the first book in Kenechi Udogu's The Mentalist Series, is the premise. Getting into people's minds in order to change one of their decisions, to avert disaster in an event in their lives - there is just so much potential in that one statement. Add to that a lone female Averter who has to deal with things going abnormally wrong, and Udogu brings to the floor a new flavor to YA. What didn't work for me, though - of all things - was the last chapter. The book starts off with a self-introduction by the main character, and it ends in the same manner, highlighting key points that have changed over the course of the book. Saying it like that, it does seem an okay literary tool. However, what actually happened is that the second to the last chapter could have ended the book well enough on its own, with the last chapter seeming more like the prologue - or even the start - of the next book in the series. While that may make readers eager to continue on to the next book, personally, I like a proper conclusion to each book. Generally though, it worked really well for the book to be such an easy read. The language was simple, and events were fast-paced - in fact, I didn't realize I was already ending the book until I closed the cover! A book catered for the younger audiences of YA, I think, it was an interesting read - and, for me, a good jump start back into reading, if I do say so myself. ;) --------- Note: Free eBook copy received, courtesy of David Estes Fans and YA Book Lovers Unite! Group on Goodreads, and the author, Kenechi Udogu, in exchange for this review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Highway-YA More than 1 year ago
(I received this free ebook in exchange for an honest review) I really enjoyed reading Aversion. It was a good book, a quick read, fast paste, and right to the point. One of the things that really stood out for me was instead of the guy trying to hide things and stay away from the girl, it was the girl that was trying to protect the guy.. A good change up of the norm is great. I haven't really read anything with this particular idea of an Averter so the idea of it was very unique. I loved Gemma's and Russ's characters and the connection that they shared with each other. I find it rather romantic that wherever either one is the other one will be able to find them. The bond that they share can't be removed and no matter how hard Gemma may have tried to push it away or fight it she couldn't deny the connection that is between them. The relationship with Gemma and her Father was good but also complicated on her father's end. So much was kept from her but it was also for her protection. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. I enjoyed every bit of it. Rating 4Stars Recommend? Yes
LAvery_Brown More than 1 year ago
Aversion - a definite good one for YA Paranormal fans This review was completed by Bud Scott using a book donated to The Magnolia  Blossom Review. The review has been edited by the site’s owner, L. Avery Brown to  fit onto B&N’s site. Bud Scott has given permission to LABrown to post it to B&N.  Title: 7 The title "Aversion" didn't quite grab me as it was a single word out of context,  it makes much more sense once you've read the book. It did also say "Book One  of the Mentalist series", that was something to hang your hat on. Cover: 7 The graphic on the book cover was very well done, but it too missed the mark for  initial impression. Since it's a new series and I had no idea what "Aversion"  meant in the context of the book I also was looking at the graphic and trying to  figure out what the heck it was. Was it a crystal ball, as the mentalist series might  imply or was it something entirely different? As with the title, all is made clear  after you read the book. First 500: 9 The first paragraph laid out all of the basics that you would need to know, and it  hooked me from the very beginning. Age Rec/Genre Class: 10 This is supposed to be a YA, Paranormal Romance and  I think it hits the mark, I think the age range is appropriate. I also feel that older  readers may also enjoy it as well. Presentation: 10 'The presentation was clear and concise and easy to follow.' Originality: 9 I thought that the theme was original while still having the classic  elements of good vs evil. Description: 9  I was not distracted by the descriptions in the book so I must say  they were not overdone. Intrigue: 10 I wanted to see what happened next, it was well paced. I'd like to  read the next in the series.  Mechanics: 10 There were no grammatical issues that I found. Overall: 10  I did enjoy the book and would read the next one in a heartbeat.  Kenechi Udogu's book Aversion  earned 91 of 100 points meaning this Young  Adult/Paranormal Romance has earned 5 Blossoms! 
FantasyBookLane More than 1 year ago
Fifteen year old Gemma Green is an averter, a person with the ability to alter other people’s minds. Averters use this ability to stop others from putting themselves in harm’s way. A noble calling indeed. She and her father are descended from a line of averters who served kings in the past but were nearly wiped out during witch hunts centuries before. Gemma is trying to hone her skills as an averter under her father’s tutelage. While attempting to stop Russ, a young schoolmate, from making a big mistake, she inadvertently causes him to become attracted to her. Having never had a boyfriend, or a friend for that matter, this puts Gemma in an awkward situation. In the meantime, Gemma’s father has a few problems of his own. A deep dark family secret (which turns out isn’t so deep or dark) may force him to once again take his daughter and move away. He has broken a rule in the past which could cost him his averter abilities, and he is not willing to give them up. The pair have spent their lives on the run to avoid those who are chasing them. Being stripped of his mind controlling abilities may seem like the end of the world for him, but I never got the sense he was in any real peril. The man pursuing them causes great fear in both Gemma and her father, but I was only worried for a page or two before learning that the punishment didn’t seem all that bad. No one was about to be tortured or killed, just relieved of a power that seemed burdensome at times. Without their powers, these two could live a normal life. It just didn’t seem such a bad punishment to me. One point which was unclear was that Gemma states she is the only female averter known to exist. However, one of the pursuers is a female named Alice who apparently has the same mind controlling abilities. Perhaps in their flight, her father has given her misinformation (being out of the loop himself). She also states that averters have always been men, but that turns out not to be true either. It is revealed that female averters have in fact existed throughout history, and their powers exceed those of the males. I was intrigued by the history of the averters. I would enjoy reading more about the ones who served kings and queens, and especially the ones who went about on their own appearing to manipulate people at will. They must have been impressive, and I would love to read a prequel to this series. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
*3.5 stars :))) I did very much enjoy this book! While not a five star or complete 4 star, the book was very creative and sweet. The book is told from Gemma green a loner in high school with an amazing ability to "avert people's thoughts". This is called an averter. The averter's purpose is to live secretly in society, only to use their powers when they get a "jolt" or vision that something bad is going to happen. Then they will track down the person that will change the future, and prevent them making a bad decision by averting their thoughts and actions that would lead to an undesirable future. The book kicks off with Gemma introducing herself. She lives with her dad, who is also an averter, in a small town.We learn she's a beginning averter and she has to avert someone's thoughts with the purpose of preventing a bad event from happening for her to be able to use her powerful orb, which will strengthen her powers and what not. During this time we meet Russ. From Gemma's point of view Russ is a regular high school jock, kinda cute, but she's not interested because her power prevents her from making friends. Russ is about to go to a party that could potentially end badly. And you get the gist, she stops him from going and all is well. Until the next day.. I won't give any more away because I don't want anything to count as a spoiler, but like I said this book is really unique!! The main character is (thank heavens) not a bimbo who needs everyone to love and rescue her *smh*. Gemma's smart and independent. The other main character, Russ or the love interest, also isn't over bearing. I really enjoyed that he wasn't a jerk. He's sweet and understanding and doesn't treat Gemma like she's a baby, he doesn't act like he has to save the world and Gemma must stay home in the kitchen safe and boring. Plus he's also smart. In the story when a problem rises he's not confused and dumb. You know like in the horror films and the protagonist decides the best place to hide is in the closet when we all know that's the first place the psychopath will look. Well overall the author tells the story in a sweet innocent voice, so if I was any older than a mid teen I probably wouldn't of enjoyed it as much as I did but I felt the main character was the same age-ish as me. The book has a satisfying enough ending where I don't feel the need to read the second but I haven't decided if I will or not yet, bottom line though I would recommend this to a friend! Good luck and happy reading :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would have to say I really liked it. It was refreshing and something different.  Gemma was not like many other characters, for one she does not whine about her life. She tries to take things into her own hands and fix things her way. I think that she is mature for a teen. I loved the story line and plot. Like I said it is different and refreshing. I have not read any other books with the same type of character which makes this book great. The book was also well written, and had a easy flow. I didn't want to put it down and had to read it before I went to sleep. I can't wait to read the next book.  I loved it.
Jenna_silver More than 1 year ago
I was given a free copy for an honest review. This book is more off a 3.5 star rating. I love the cover. Gemma Green is an Averter she has an ability to push a thought in somebody's mind to help them prevent something bad from happening. This ability normally only is inherited by the male population. When Gemma has to do her first Aversion something goes wrong. Her subject Russ is determent to get to know her and insist their's some attraction between them. I liked their romance building and even it's pretty instant the writer does a good job to pull it off. What I missed some more character building. I would have liked for Gemma to insist an getting answers faster from her father. I liked Russ a is nice and supportive. The book intrigued me and I will be buying the second book. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I gave this novel 3.5 stars for a couple of reasons. I loved the idea. I mean, who wouldn't want to have Gemma's abilities! I liked the character although at times her logic seemed strange to me. I know she's a mercurial teenager, but some of her decisions and thinking seemed a little off to me. I also felt a little lost at times, like I needed more background earlier in the novel. This is Gemma's journey to self-discovery in a way, but I was confused at times, and when Gemma's world gets rocked by revelations of her heritage and abilities, I had to go back and reread because I wasn't exactly clear on her established beliefs. The relationship between Russ and Gemma was interesting. I can definitely see some great plot twists in the future
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
**I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review** The Plot 15 year Gemma Green, blessed with the power of suggestion, uses her persuasion on a boy. Afterward said boy won't leave her alone. While trying to fix an aversion gone wrong, Gemma learns that not everything is as she was told and that her father is keeping secrets. These secrets are revealed when a stranger comes calling.  The Characters Gemma Green: strong-willed and closed off, she doesn't make friends nor does she want to. She's all business until Russ starts to notice her, then she dives head first into a unwanted friendship that becomes something more, something that even fate won't disapprove. She was a likable character. I could understand her need for seclusion and felt sympathy for her during her struggle. Russ Tanner: I'm not really sure about Russ. At first he acted like a normal teen, freaked out about what he'd seen and experienced. However, I just couldn't get into his character. Later, he becomes calm, almost robotic and it just didn't seem to fit. How can a character just do a complete one eighty like that? He just seemed to accept things way too easily. The Good Bits The idea was great and pretty original. I can't wait to see where Udogu takes this story. It's got a lot of potential and has the makings of a great series. She did well establishing the world and giving enough information for me to keep up while leaving out just the right amount to make me want more.  I loved how chapter 13 began, I thought it would be the perfect beginning to the second novel. When I first started reading it, I really did think it was the first chapter of book 2 and had to double check.  Readability It was an easy read. Nothing too technical. A few typos that changed the meaning of some sentences, but it was easily admissible. Udogu writes really well and has a knack for pulling the reader in.  There were a few moments of info dumps and too much telling. I would have liked to see more showing. We seemed to be inside Gemma's head way too much, so it seemed like not much was happening, just a lot of thoughts and feelings.  In all actuality there really isn't a lot to nitpick.  The romance was age appropriate (14+) with only kissing and hand holding.  Recommendable? Absolutely!
JalynEly More than 1 year ago
I normally don’t go for paranormal books, but I am a fan of telepathy. And I thought this Averting thing sounded a little like telepathy… Gemma was a great main character. Stubborn, independent, brave, and a little insecure. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but willing to own up to her mistakes and try to fix them herself. I loved following her through the story and figuring things out with her. It’s a little harder to discuss Russ, since he didn’t have quite as distinct a personality as Gemma. But I didn’t mind him. For most of the story he was not quite sure what was going on, but he was still a fun, sweet guy. I was a little worried about the romance angle – there was a distinct possibility of insta-love. But, surprisingly, there wasn’t. Kenechi Udogu handled it brilliantly, starting a friendship first before moving into a tentative romance. I’m sure it’ll go further later on in the series, but this was a perfect book one romance. I thought the plot was going to be straightforward – something didn’t work out right in Gemma’s first Aversion, so now she has to fix it. And that was the plot…until about halfway through, when it turns out Gemma’s father is not telling her something. And then it moves into a bigger, more dangerous plot that leaves me with a whole bunch more questions. The one major problem I have to mention is with the writing style. For the most part, and especially in the middle, it flows nicely and keeps a good pace. But in places, there’s info dumps – too many details at once – and it slows the story down. Other than that and a few missing commas, I didn’t have any problems. The second book in the Mentalist series, Sentient, isn’t out yet, and I don’t know when it’s coming out. But I think I may have to read it when it does – if nothing else, it left me with some questions that I want answered. Disclaimer: I received a free review copy of Aversion from the author. Her generosity in no way influenced, or sought to influence, this review.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by A. Genice Milliner for Readers' Favorite "Aversion" the first book in the 'Mentalist Series' is a superb young adult book! This is the story of Gemma Green who is an “Averter” coming of age and into her powers. On her first mission, which should be easy, she just needs to get her subject to change his mind about one little thing without remembering she was ever anywhere near him. She thinks it is a piece of cake assignment until she realizes it may not have been as successful as she originally thought and her subject, Russ Tanner, may actually remember her. She decides she has to find a way to fix this little glitch. Things only go downhill from there, and get more interesting. This is an excellent, well-written, exciting story. It is filled with lots of excitement, adventure and plot twists. The tight spots that Gemma finds herself in are entertaining and exciting. I was completely drawn in by the characters in this story. Gemma kept me enthralled, laughing and cringing all at the same time. Her innocence and gullibility are believable and kept me rooting for her throughout the entire book. When she tried, on several occasions, to walk away from Russ, I felt her pain and cheered her on when she encountered problems and ugly surprises. The many twists and turns throughout the book kept me guessing and are all surprises but did not jolt me from the fantasy world the book has created. When the story finally ended, I felt both relieved for Gemma and disappointed too because the adventure was over. I can’t wait for the next installment!
Mommasez More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading Aversion, a novella by British author Kenechi Udogu. Novellas are new to me so I assumed that this would be a short story that would be a quick and entertaining read, like the short stories in magazines or literary journals. Or perhaps it would be a teaser for a longer length book--a novel of some sort. Just a little something to get a reader interested and wanting more. However, that was not the case.  Aversion was a full-length story by itself. And what a story it was! English is obviously Udogu's second language and, therefore, some of the prose in this story is a bit old-fashioned, "Son begets son begets son", or "I reckoned I could be satisfied with that explanation". It works though. Gemma Green, our Bella-like heroine, has been sheltered and taught to wield her special mankind-saving powers by her single father for her whole life, all fifteen years of it, so the obvious lack of slang and no constant mention of cellphones, texting, piercings and other teenaged necessities seems reasonable. Even Gemma tries her hardest at school to go unnoticed. Gemma's father has a very good reason for keeping his daughter under the radar--she's the only female averter of disasters in modern times. Previous female Averters had become unmanageable and too powerful and were, therefore, killed off by Mentalists. Now, mating for Averters is scheduled and strictly overseen by Mentalists. When a male Averter turns twenty-one, he is presented with a specially chosen young woman who is guaranteed to only produce male Averters. This makes Gemma special, different, extraordinary. But not in a good way.  This fifteen year old plods through life and school and adolescence simply waiting to be able to help her wards avert disaster and tragedies in their lives through her mind suggestions. Like a robot, she was conceived to be a tool to help people. School, homework, home, and Aversion lessons consume Gemma's time. But when shocking secrets come out about Gemma's family, she breaks free of her assigned destiny. Gemma learns that she is not only the sole Female Averter but  her parents were also unwed teens, running from the Averter community and the rule of the strict Mentalists.  This changes the way Gemma has previously viewed life. If her father and mother could buck tradition, so can she. And, although the results of her parents' rebellion were disastrous, Gemma wants the same freedom of choice that they had. Russ is the dreamy tennis player at school who is attracted to Gemma. Since life isn't turning out quite the way it's supposed to, Gemma throws caution to the wind and falls in love with him. First kiss, first date, first mind swap. She experiences it all with Russ. Unfortunately, by being different, she, her father, and her boyfriend bring the Mentalist's wrath down upon them. After all, these big baddies have been ruling the Averters for centuries. And they aren't going to let a little thing like First Love get in the way of order. I was honestly mesmerized from the first page. Udogu has written a handful of popular young adult books before Aversion with the experience of a good writer behind her. Similar to the popular vampire/werewolf book series, Udogu's character, Gemma, is an average girl who simply wants to live her life with the school's hunk. The story will make readers believe that Gemma could be the girl-next-door who just happens to have a magical orb and can influence people with her mind. This makes for a great combination of reality and mysticism. The only time Udogu lost me was at the end. Since I don't want to spoil this awesome novella for you lovely readers, I will let you decide for yourselves whether the choices made at the finale make sense to you or not. Happy reading!!!
Tishia More than 1 year ago
Aversion is an interesting young adult paranormal romance. It's the first book in The Mentalist series by Kenechi Udogu. Fifteen year old Gemma is an Averter. When somebody is planning to do something that can destroy their lives, Gemma can push thoughts into that person's head to avoid a future disaster. After averting the mind of Russ – a popular guy at school – he can't seem to stay away from Gemma. He feels this need to be around her, even when she tries her hardest to push him away. Gemma is a loner because of her abilities, and isn't used to people wanting to be around her. As her feelings for Russ grow, she wonders if he really feels something for her or if it all has something to do with her averting his thoughts. I really liked the plot, though I had trouble understanding why Gemma's dad has been hunted down for years. I feel like I missed some important part of what this stalker guy has to do with the past. Gemma's dad is an interesting character who seems to be hiding many secrets. Gemma is a very down to Earth, and likeable character. She's a strong and independent person that a lot of teens can look up to. Her blossoming romance with Russ is sweet, thought I would have liked more romance. Russ is a very likeable guy but I feel like we don't know a whole lot about him. The book is very clean and great for young teens. It's a quick read with fast pacing – you'll be done with it before you know it!
funsiized08 More than 1 year ago
Having the ability to change someone's life is what first attracted me to Aversion. I want to feel sorry for Gemma but I can't. She is strong and stubborn and eventually she'll get her way (because that's how stubborn she is). Her first Aversion is gone a bit wonky and now she has no idea if Russ likes her for her or if he likes her because she averted him. Either way things get verrrrrry interesting for the both of these characters. When I was reading I myself would have felt the same way Gemma did. I mean Russ has been averted and he should have never noticed her but then he does and becomes mighty persistent. I like this kid. Persistence pays off just ask this dog! I guess they're kind of great that way (Gemma and Russ, I mean), they're both very persistent in what they want. I was captivated from start to finish. "What happens? No that did not just happen! Another jolt? No way!" Is pretty much what I was thinking whilst reading. The plot was engrossing and unique enough to make me want to keep reading and keep finding out what happens. I mentioned this to Kenechi herself, I loved how Gemma starts and ends the books with her narration. Makes me feel as though I'm reading her journal and get to find out everything that happened to her since her first Aversion. Although I felt their love to be a bit insta-love (which I dislike) it wasn't so instant that it bugged me to no end. Because of Russ' persistence in hanging out they do have a bit of a middle in the romance department. Overall, I would definitely recommend you to read Aversion!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it! A must read! This book introduces us to the wonderful world of mentalists called Averters. As a first in a series, it does the right job of introducing characters, creating intrigue and leaving you wanting more. I was particularly impressed with the breadth of imagination of the author and how she now has me suspicious of anyone I see giving me funny looks. Aversion has the right mix of romance, action and a good plot to keep you turning those pages. I was glad not to be reading another typical vampire/werewolf/witch story (did I hear you breathe a sigh of relief?! I did too!) and I can see this easily taking off as the next big thing. I can't wait to read book two.