Aviation Security Management [3 volumes]

Aviation Security Management [3 volumes]

by Andrew R. Thomas


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ISBN-13: 9780313346521
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/30/2008
Series: Praeger Security International Series
Pages: 804
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.50(h) x 2.80(d)

About the Author

Andrew R. Thomas, PhD, is assistant professor of international business and associate director of The Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing at University of Akron.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Early History of Aviation Security Practice

Gary Elphinstone

Chapter 2 Aviation Security Practice and Education: 1968 and Onward

John Harrison

Chapter 3 Air Transportation in Evolving Supply Chain Strategy

R. Ray Gehani and G. Tom Gehani

Chapter 4 Tangible and Intangible Benefits of Aviation Security Measures

Barry E. Prentice

Chapter 5 The Human Element in Aviation Security

Mohammed Karimbocus

Chapter 6 The International Aviation Security Program Established by ICAO

Moses A. Alemn

Chapter 7 How the Hijackers on September 11 Approached American Aviation Security and Evaded It

Stephen E. Atkins

Chapter 8 Modern Terrorist Threats to Aviation Security

James J. F. Forest

Chapter 9 Aviation Security and the Legal Environment

Mary Schiavo

Chapter 10 A Chronology of Attacks Against Civil Aviation

Mary Schiavo

Appendix: GAO Report: Commercial Aviation: Financial Condition and Industry Responses Affect Competition

About the Editor and Contributors

Volume 2


Chapter 1 Aviation Security and Terrorism: A Review of the Economic Issues

Cletus C. Coughlin, Jeffrey P. Cohen, and Sarosh R. Khan

Chapter 2 Convergence and Aviation Security

AnneMarie Scarisbrick-Hauser and William J. Hauser

Chapter 3 Aviation Security and Passenger Rights

Kathleen Sweet

Chapter 4 Aviation Security and Response Management

Kathleen Sweet

Chapter 5 General Aviation Security in the United States: Challenges and Responses

James Jay Carafano

Chapter 6 The Airport Retailing Business and the Impact of Updated Security Measures: The European Perspective

David Jarach and Fulvio Fassone

Chapter 7 The Recurrent Training of Airport Screeners

Adrian Schwaninger

Chapter 8 Passenger Screening

Mark B. Salter

Chapter 9 Operations Research Applications in Aviation Security Systems

Adrian J. Lee, Alexander G. Nikolaev, Sheldon H. Jacobson, and John J. Nestor

Chapter 10 Air Cargo Security

Erik Hoffer

Chapter 11 Selection and pre-employment assessment of aviation security screeners

Diana Hardmeier and Adrian Schwaninger

Chapter 12 Terminal Security: A Photo Essay

Ross Rudesch Harley

Appendix A: GAO Report: Aviation Security: Federal Efforts to Secure U.S.-Bound Air Cargo Are in the Early Stages and Could Be Strengthened

Appendix B

:GAO Report: Aviation Security: Vulnerabilities Exposed through Covert Testing of TSAs Passenger Screening Process

About the Editor and Contributors

Volume 3


Chapter 1 The Efforts of ICAO in Ensuring a Security Culture Among States

Ruwantissa I.R. Abeyratne

Chapter 2 The Case for an Aviation Security Crisis Management Team

Charles M. Bumstead

Chapter 3 Dealing with Human Vulnerability in Aviation Security: Effectiveness of SCAN Detecting Compromise

Anthony T. H. Chin

Chapter 4 Emotive Profiling

Terry Sheridan

Chapter 5 Principles and Requirements for Assessing X-Ray Image Interpretation Competency of Aviation Security Screeners

Adrian Schwaninger, Saskia M. Koller, and Anton Bolfing

Chapter 6 Constructing a Comprehensive Aviation Security Management Model (ASMM)

Chien-tsung Lu

Chapter 7 Growing Pains at the Transportation Security Administration

Jeffrey Ian Ross

Chapter 8 In-Cabin Security

David E. Forbes

Chapter 9 Cabin Crew Functioning in a High Stress Environment: Implications for Aircraft Safety and Security

Michael Tunnecliffe

Chapter 10 An Assessment of Aviation Security Costs and Funding in the United States

Clinton V. Oster, Jr., and John S. Strong

Chapter 11 The Future of Aviation Security Practice: Fast, Cheap, and Out-of-Control

Mark B. Salter

Appendix: GAO Report: Aviation Security: DHS Has Made Progress in Securing the Commercial Aviation System, but Key Challenges Remain

About the Editor and Contributors

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