Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment

Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment

by Katie Davis

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AWAKE JOY by Katie Davis is an energetically unique and comprehensive guide to awakening to the new state of consciousness that is now consciously emerging within spiritual seekers worldwide. It points to the discovery of the radiant love that is beyond the thinking mind, the separate sense of self, its idea of separation and identification with form as identity. Awake Joy is meant to be your companion throughout your spiritual journey to true and lasting fulfillment. It will be a trusted resource again and again. This A-Z handbook stands free of concepts, philosophy and eastern jargon to point clearly and pragmatically for those who are ready to surrender suffering for themselves, their relationships and the world. Katie Davis points the mind-identified reader to spiritual awakening, deepens to full transcendental Self-discovery, or what we might call the realization of the still Heart. She then encourages conscious full embodiment of this Absolute Truth and shifts beyond enlightenment to Self-realization, while addressing the art of awakened living by embracing humanity’s diversity, the earth, its environment and its creatures, as none other than divine consciousness. Katie Davis shares that when the human being is consciously fulfilled, we live the natural way of the Heart in a profoundly human manner that is globally undivided. It used to be that spiritual awakening and Self-realization were extremely rare, but today this is not so and people are opening to Self-realization. It requires presence and not practices, although the book offers experiments, meditations and Self-inquiry to eliminate ego’s illusion. There is nothing unique, or for that matter peculiar, about realizing who you already are beyond your given name and form. It is a normal maturing process in the wisdom of being human and is available right now to virtually everyone.

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ISBN-13: 9780980091212
Publisher: Awake Spirit Publishing
Publication date: 02/01/2012
Series: Awake Joy Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 220
File size: 631 KB

About the Author

KATIE DAVIS is a graduate of the University of Washington and spontaneously awakened over 20 years ago, without spiritual practices or teachers. A former secondary school educator, businesswoman and mother of two, she simply radically fell into the reality of who we really are. After years of integrating, she began teaching and now travels worldwide to share her message of freedom and joy with her husband, Sundance Burke, author of Free Spirit.

Table of Contents

Gratitude     xiii
Introduction     xv
Book Origin     xv
Meditative Reading     xv
The Book Title     xviii
Terminology, Structure and Format     xix
The Dream     1
The Joy of Being     3
Open to the Unknown     5
Truth and Relative Truth     5
The End of Suffering     6
The Diamond     7
The Secret Ocean     9
Seashells for Happiness     9
The Garden of Splendor     13
Fall from the Garden     13
The Dream of Form     14
Are You the Conditioned Child?     16
Freedom Child and Conscious Parenting     18
"Dreaming I"     19
Imagining Separation     21
Is Anyone Really Here?     22
Wake Up to Wakefulness     25
Innocence     29
Amy's Innocence     29
The Mirror is Self-Revealing     30
Consciousness is the Mirror     35
The Field of Consciousness     36
The Truth of Renunciation     41
Ramana and the Buddha     41
Renunciation is Being Now     42
Ego Speaks of Renunciation     44
The End of Time     47
Ego's Story-Time     47
The Ground of Now     50
True Forgiveness     54
Living Free Laboratory     54
The End of Time Prophecy     56
The Time Laboratory     57
The Seeds of Now     60
The Eyewitness     61
Realize that I am     63
No Rain, No Rainbows     63
Nature as Teacher     65
Aware of Being Aware     67
Peak Performance     68
Attentive Movement     69
Reinforcing the Practitioner     71
"I am" Meditation     72
Practices and Meditations     73
Unity Consciousness     74
The Gift of Dispassion     77
The Role of Dispassion     77
The Passion of Presence     79
The Ugly Duckling Named Mind     81
From Conditioned to Radiant     81
The Nature of Conditioned Intelligence     82
Neither This nor That     86
Moonbeam's Moondance     87
The Sky over the Sea of Emotion     91
Waves of Emotion     91
The Sky of Now over the Sea     93
Sailing the Storm of Conscious Suffering     95
The Inner Tides of True Compassion     95
You Cannot Drown in this Ocean     97
Body Watch     99
The Body Shop     99
Body Watch Duality     101
The Pure Being     103
Awake in the Dream     105
The Daytime Dream     105
Only the Light of Consciousness Is     106
The Mystical Dance of Life     108
Inner Space     111
Objective Space     111
The Collective Consciousness     113
Detachment from Form     115
Stunned out of Body     117
Visions and Psychic Powers     119
Chocolate Cake     120
Impermanence and Permanence     125
The Nature of Impermanence     125
Discernment     127
Surrender, Presence and Welcoming     129
Four Intensities of Surrender     129
Resistance is the Ego     130
Unconditional Surrender     131
Unequivocal Surrender     133
When Surrender is the Ego     133
Vigilant Surrender     134
Transcendental Surrender     135
Glimpses of Truth     135
The Grace of Welcoming     136
The Waiting Place     137
I am the Witness Only     137
Satsang or Awake Essence     139
Control, Forbearance and Selfless Service     140
I Doubt It!     142
"Kissed by the Angel of Peace"     144
The Heart     145
The New Dawn     147
Tripping Over Joy     147
Chasing Life     148
Why are You Here?     148
Love, Serve and Remember     151
Divine Longing and Fearing Death     151
The Valley of the Shadow of Death     152
The Concept of God     153
I am That!     153
"Silent Mystery in the Heart of Night"     155
Spontaneous Awakening     157
The Awakening Story     157
Sundance, Gangaji and Eckhart     161
"Enigmatic"     163
Life is the Way     165
The Teachings of the Heart     165
"The Mystical Sky"     173
Roses for Awake Living     175
The Way of the Heart     175
Four Roses     176
Wisdom People     177
Life's Children     178
True Nature's Garden     181
Preparation for Meditative Reading     185
Practices and Meditations     187
Presence Meditation     187
Silent Space Meditation     188
Inner Silence Meditation     188
Testing the Body Hypothesis     189
Movement Meditation     189
Self-inquiry: Encountering "I"     190
Devotional Chanting     191
"I am" Meditation     191
Breath Control     193
Breath Retention     193
Life is the Way     193
Four Roses     193
Index of Quotes, Lyrics and References     195
Contact Katie Davis, Related Websites, Publisher     197

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