Awake ye people..., Freedom is calling

Awake ye people..., Freedom is calling

by Steve Burns


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Anton Passauer is a German exile living in Paris during the early eighteenth century. One evening in a tavern on the city's Left Bank, he meets a young French playwright, poet, and philosophe named Voltaire. Reluctantly Passauer reveals that he is a survivor of the Bavarian massacre at Munich in 1705. Voltaire convinces him to break his thirteen years of silence and tell his story.

It begins in 1705 during the early days of the people's rebellion against the Holy Roman Empire's brutal occupation of Bavaria, where quick rebel victories at Braunau and Burghausen forces the occupation army to retaliate and stop the growing resistance at any cost. The Bavarian rebellion's attempt to take back their country comes to a head in a bloody skirmish outside the walls of snow-covered Munich on Christmas Day.

Author Steve Burns infuses this historically accurate yet fictionalized tale with his fifteen years of experience living in Bavaria, Germany, and a passion for history and philosophy. The characters Passauer and Voltaire trade stories, ideas, and commentary that together create a compelling, thought-provoking, and emotional narrative. Through these pages, readers can join the band of Bavarian farmers and shopkeepers in their little-known fight against the Holy Roman Empire's occupation in eighteenth-century Germany.

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ISBN-13: 9781499346510
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/10/2014
Pages: 424
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About the Author

Steve Burns has pursued a variety of careers that have allowed him to travel throughout the world, including military service, commercial driving, professional photography, and marketing. He earned his education in the United States, England, South Africa, and France and has lived in Europe for more than thirty years, dividing his time between England, France, and Germany. Burns maintains an avid interest in history and the philosophy of history.

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