Awake! Your Spiritual Journey Calls

Awake! Your Spiritual Journey Calls

by Stephano Sabetti


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Awake! challenges you to emerge from the complacency and illusion of conventional existence by exploring your fundamental spiritual nature. Using a calendar format of two-day units, it invites you to see life as a series of observations, inquiries and personal realizations. As you contemplate these themes, you'll learn to recognize everything in daily life as a teacher for your unique spiritual path.

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ISBN-13: 9780937725207
Publisher: Life Energy Media
Publication date: 11/01/2010
Pages: 206
Product dimensions: 0.47(w) x 8.00(h) x 5.00(d)

About the Author

Stèphano Sabetti was educated at the University of Massachusetts (B.S. Psychology) and at Boston University (Masters and Doctorate in Counseling Psychology). While developing a private practice as a psychotherapist in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Stèphano’s experiences led him to develop a spiritually oriented body psychotherapy – Life Energy Therapy (LET).

L.E.T. combines Eastern philosophical beliefs with Western developments in quantum physics In this view, all phenomena may be explained as being either "resonant" or "dissonant" with a universal force called life energy, which Stèphano proposes to be responsible for bringing all objects and processes into movement.

Since the principles of LET are applicable to the entirety of human experiences, Sabetti gradually developed a more generalized Life Energy Process (L.E.P.), which expanded to include other distinct forms and focus that concern energetic expression in human activities.

Dr Sabetti is a spiritual facilitator/mentor, eclectic writer and speaker on fundamental spiritual, philosophical, and psychological subjects. His subject matter has evolved over time to emphasize more spiritual considerations, including topics such as the illusion of time, clinical spirituality, karma, peace, organizational intelligence, psychotherapy: East and West, spirit of sexuality and the future of love and happiness.

He developed the Path of No Way to focus on broader questions about the nature of spirituality, essentialness, and personal inquiry. In it, he challenges traditional views of religion, suggesting that the spiritual path, which he calls essential spirituality, is a fundamentally transpersonal experience without rituals or beliefs. Stèphano contends that the way toward universal peace lies not in the contentious and often violent defense of prescribed religious differences. Instead, it derives from the support of a spiritual commonality and a universal message of sharing positive feelings and experiences with others called consentient love.

Ultimately, Sabetti's work is an endeavor to create new methods to let go of suffering. He invites readers to live spontaneously through spiritual inquiry and enjoy differences as complementary, experiencing what he calls choiceless freedom – a natural state of health, happiness, and wholeness.

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