Awaken, Children of Israel: Volume 1

Awaken, Children of Israel: Volume 1

by Paul R Mullet


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It is my pleasure to introduce to you this sermon series by Pastor Paul Mullet, the senior pastor of the Divine Truth Ministries. Although the topics of the messages contained in this first volume may vary, their purpose is the same: to seek, find, and educate the lost sheep of the true House of Israel. Many of you may have had the opportunity to hear some of these messages delivered in person as a part of the congregation. Others may have heard them live, or in archived recordings, on the The Divine Truth radio program, or read them in the published newsletter. For a few of you, this may be your first opportunity to hear God's word delivered in this manner. If so, you're in for a special treat. If you've suffered through the mendacity of Judeo-Christian churches, and been frustrated by the namby-pamby hypocrisy and cowardice of mainstream preachers, these words will be true fruit of the spirit, and quench your thirst for truth.
Read each one as a devotional and testimony. Pray about them, and seek God's guidance as you apply each message to your own life. Share them with others who are also lost in doubt and grief, searching for the light to mark their path. Then, join us in our ministry through The Divine Truth website, newsletter, or radio broadcasts, to combine your strengths to ours, so that together, we can work to expand God's kingdom and help reach His people with their true identity, their Christian Identity, as the lost sheep of the House of Israel. I pray that He allows each of these messages to bless you and enrich your faith, as they have enriched and strengthened mine.
Yours in Christ, Billy Roper
Minister of Information, the Divine Truth Ministries.

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ISBN-13: 9781536929447
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/04/2016
Series: Awaken, Children of Israel , #1
Pages: 144
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