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by Rosalie Deer Heart


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This book contains

• recent research about love and the heart's connection to the spiritual journey and healing;

• specific strategies that focus your creativity and spirituality to increase your healing capacities;

• proven methods to align your life with your soul purpose and to empower you to move beyond ego into the essence of who you truly are;

• activities to help you consciously access your intuition and receive specific guidance to empower your goals;

• information about past life times, karma, and the akashic records to empower you to deepen into your multidimensional nature and experience increased emotional, mental, and spiritual freedom;

• exercises to help you experience more depth, intimacy, connection with your soul and joy.

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ISBN-13: 9781452536293
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 07/19/2011
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

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Awaken Your All Knowing Heart
By Rosalie Deer Heart


Copyright © 2011 Rosalie Deer Heart
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-3629-3

Chapter One


"The human heart can go to the lengths of God." - Christopher Fry

The Meanings of Love

Everyone thinks they understand the meaning of the simple four letter word "Love." Yet when I asked five people to define love, I was surprised to hear five different meanings. Mystics believe that love is the evolutionary engine of the universe, while scientists describe love as the connecting glue that unifies consciousness. Religious leaders embrace love as a synonym for God, while some researchers describe love as the heart's intelligence. Poets describe love as a transforming power, while philosophers refer to love as the essence of the soul. Being awake and being love are the two great themes in literature. In addition, love is the central belief in all of the world's religions. Love is the force behind the will of God. Has anyone told you that Love is also the most searched word on the Internet or that in Sanskrit, the basis for most East Indian languages, there are 96 words for love?

To me, loving is a state of being. It is a way of relating to people and the world in nurturing, supporting, and forgiving ways. Nourishment, which is another word for love, is essential to our wellbeing. As we explore the many facets of love together, I hope you can deepen your own understanding and appreciation of the presence of love in your life.

The School of Love

Let's wrap our arms and our hearts around the principle that we are students in the School of Love. Love is the teacher. Learning how to be present for love without controlling or being controlled is one of the essential courses. Growing in love and learning how to be awake and remain awake comprise the core curriculum. Awakening to your authentic, loving nature and being true to your soul's path and mission expands your consciousness.

Self-knowledge and self-love mark the beginning of your spiritual journey. Self-love empowers you to trust in your own direction and to take action. The first step in cultivating love as a spiritual practice is to remember that love is your nature and like all abilities we must use it to grow it. The only way to develop our love muscles is by loving.

The Lesson of Self-Love

The one you have the most influence with in the present as well as the future is yourself. Are you willing to extend love and compassion to yourself? Did you know that self-hatred is prevalent in the United States? Culturally we are trained to be critical of ourselves.

Please remember that the more you surround yourself with love, the more love you have to give others. Increasing your love for yourself before you extend love to another creates an irresistible frequency that deepens your experience of the present and beckons the future. Many of us have perfected over-loving and over-giving as a way of feeling loved. In order to awaken the all-knowing heart, we need to move from self-sacrifice to self-love. Then self-actualization becomes the next challenge.

Filling up and spilling over with love empowers. Instead of giving love when you are only half full or less, you gift others from your overflowing saucer, never from a half empty cup. The principle is overflow. You never give more love than you have. By keeping your heart open to love, and by being a channel for love, you will attract more love into your life. Experiment with loving yourself at each moment as already perfect. If you want more love in your life, become more loving. You influence what you attract in your future by your present beliefs.

George Leonard, author of The Life We Are Given: A Long Term Program for Realizing the Potential of Body, Mind, and Soul, invites us to "Love something and watch it blossom." I invite each of us to adopt ourselves as the person to love and to watch ourselves blossom!

* List all the various forms of love that exist in your life. After each item, identify the meaning that each aspect of love has in your life. Remember that love is not the goal; it is the cause of everything. * What do I need to say, do, release, or remember in order to love myself more deeply? * What can I do in this moment to practice self-loving?

Love's Choices

Loving is a transformational process. Love moves you beyond where you might be comfortable and asks that you become more of who you are becoming. For example, whenever I do a soul reading, I move into my heart, and the person with whom I am consulting becomes my beloved. When I connect with my beloved heart to heart, I become a channel for guidance.

The choices we make about love define our lives. Recently, I made a choice to welcome a sick cat into our home because I did not want her to die in a shelter. We have all treated Tinkerbelle to banquets of love and she has returned our love in kind.

Welcoming all that arises with love is another one of love's principles. If we look for the love strand in each of our encounters, we can usually find it. This takes practice because we are not brought up to be aware of the presence of love. However, when you remind yourself to see through the eyes of love, your perspective changes and expands.

When you embody the affirmation: "Love guides my life," then any part of your life that exists outside of love will confront you in order to remind you of your commitment. For example, I am fine affirming love until a driver cuts in front of me. Then my anger takes over. If I hold onto my anger, I will forget to reconnect with my loving intention. Be prepared to welcome love's polarities such as fear, anger, jealousy, cynicism, and apathy when you affirm love. I remind myself and others to laugh when love's opposite arises because we have an opportunity to integrate or transform an emotion by surrounding it with love. These emotions are teachers. When any of love's polarities arise, notice them without energizing them and return to love as your foundation. Love invites you to do your work and return to the wholeness of your heart. I invite you to open your heart to the wisdom of poet Rainer Maria Rilke. "To love is to cast light, to be loved means to be ablaze."

Listen in on this conversation about love between my two grandchildren:

"How are families made?" asked Noah, age 5.

"By love," his 9-year-old sister, Malia, replied before I thought of an answer. "And even if the mother and father grow out of love with each other, they each still love us and we are still a family even if we don't all live together anymore and even if they marry someone else and we get another adult to love us and be our family."

Later the same week Malia put love into action when Noah announced he had lost his first tooth. Malia remembered how special losing her first tooth was, and she secretly took a ten-dollar bill from her piggy bank and put it next to Noah's letter to the tooth fairy. The next morning I was perplexed when the extra ten dollars appeared. Malia took me aside and told me she wanted Noah to have a special memory of his first lost tooth. Love surprises.

Heart Dynamics

The heart begins to form in the fetus before the brain. Our human heart is the deepest place of listening and receiving information in our physical body. It is where we awaken to love and receive wisdom. Our heart is also central to our health and wellbeing. Did you know that your heart's magnetic field is more than 5,000 times stronger that that of your brain? Every beat of your heart carries intricate messages that affect your emotions, physical health, and the quality of your life experiences.

Our heart profoundly affects perception, awareness, and intelligence. Our heart also creates oxytocin, commonly referred to as the "love" or "bonding" hormone. Concentrations of oxytocin in the heart are as high as those found in the brain.

According to Doc Childre and Howard Martin, researchers at HeartMath, located in Boulder Creek, California, as we learn to become more heart-centered, we may be surprised by new and enhanced mental clarity, productivity, physical energy, positive attitudes, and satisfaction with the quality of our work.

Heart-Centered Consciousness

Consciousness is connected to the body through the heart chakra. The heart is the largest generator of electromagnetic energy in our body and produces, sends, and receives a broad spectrum of other types and frequencies of energies. Awakening through the heart connects one to the wisdom dimension, where all truth is known.

The heart and brain maintain a continuous two-way dialogue, each influencing the other's functioning. Although it is not well known, the heart sends far more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart, and the signals the heart sends to the brain can influence perception, emotional processing, and higher cognitive functions. The heart also generates the strongest rhythmic electromagnetic field in the body and this can actually be measured in the brain waves of people around us. According to Paul Pearsall, author of The Heart's Code, "The heart has its own form of wisdom that is different from the rational brain, but every bit as important to living, loving, working, and healing."

Touch Dynamics

Touch is fundamental to human communications, bonding, and good health. As Americans, our culture suffers from touch deprivation. I remember being stunned when I read a multicultural research report on touching by Dr. Sidney Jourard, author of The Transparent Self. He studied the conversations of friends in different parts of the world as they sat in cafes together. In England, two friends did not touch at all during the hour. In the United States, friends reached out to touch each other two times in an hour. In France, friends touched 110 times in an hour. Puerto Rico took the prize for touching with an astounding 180 touches in one hour. Virginia Satir, mentor and author of Peoplemaking, emphasizes the power of touching when she writes, "We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth."

* How is your hug quotient for this day? * Challenge yourself to collect twelve hugs a day for the next week. Be aware of how your energy changes as a result of touch.

The Power of Beliefs

Our first lesson in this School of Love begins by identifying ancestral beliefs about self-love and loving others. Why? We all carry implicit beliefs in our unconscious mind which we inherited before we began kindergarten. Unless we inquire about our inherited, intergenerational beliefs, we behave as if our limited beliefs are true. Researchers estimate that 90% of our lives is directed from the unconscious level.

* To begin to identify some of your own intergenerational beliefs about self-loving and loving others, gather what you need to write or type and record your immediate responses to the following directions. • Take a breath and imagine that you are your mother. The goal is to identify how your mother perceived her world in terms of self-loving and loving others. Using your intention and breath, softly say, "I am (your name), daughter/son of (mother's name) and I desire to examine my mother's beliefs about self-loving and loving others." Support yourself with your breath and when you have unearthed several beliefs, send out your thanks for the information and return to your normal state. Write down your mother's beliefs. • Shift your body position to signal your unconscious that you are ready to access another ancestral voice. Using the same process as before, call in the beliefs of your maternal grandmother. Even if you do not know your grandmother, invite stories that you have heard about her. • When you feel complete, once again shift to a different body posture and prepare to call on the energies of your maternal great-grandmother using the process outlined above. Record the many beliefs. • Read out loud all the beliefs you have recorded and place an asterisk next to any beliefs that no longer serve you. • Place a heart around the beliefs that promote self-loving. • Next, identify beliefs about self-loving and loving others from your paternal ancestors, beginning with your father, moving to your grandfather, and ending with great-grandfather.

• Finally, list your personal beliefs about love and self-loving. • Reflect on your lists. What beliefs feel true for you? Which beliefs are outdated and need to be released? What new beliefs do you wish to add to your life?

In order to reprogram your unconscious mind, I invite you to release any ancestral beliefs that are not aligned with love. You might wish to burn, bury, or flush them down the toilet. The physical action of making them vanish adds momentum.

Now it is time to plant more seeds of love into your unconscious. Be bold since your unconscious does not discern the difference between reality and fantasy. For instance, you might choose to adopt the following beliefs: "Love leads my life," or "Love is my protection," or "I choose loving awareness." Maintaining your focus on self-loving, please answer the following questions: In order to say yes to loving myself more:

* I will say yes to____________________________

* I will say no to_____________________________

The next step in loving self is releasing yourself from blaming, shaming, and "shoulding." Whenever you overhear yourself saying, "I should," take a breath and ask yourself whose voice you are obeying. In order to end the ancestral trance of sabotaging love, you need to be aware of who planted the limiting belief. Then release the limiting belief and substitute the new love seed belief. See what happens when you substitute the words "I choose" in place of "I should."

Poet Mary Oliver summarizes the process of letting go of old beliefs that hold us back: "In order to be the person I want to be, I must strive hourly against the drag of others. It takes a tremendous amount of self-love to stay true to your path." The following exercise will begin to help you ground in self-love. Write down:

* What I loved about my life today was: ____________. Then take a gentle breath and read your love list out loud or record it. * What I loved about myself on this day includes_______ and fill the page with your positive emotions. Next take a gentle breath and read your love list out loud or record it. Remember to note the date.

Developing Love Muscles

When I committed to lead my life from the consciousness of "I am loving awareness" (thank you, Ram Dass), my capacity to both receive and give love skyrocketed. And I opened my heart to the planet and felt a renewed love for the earth, even the elves, fairies, and nature devas who reside here in the unseen dimensions. When I volunteer at my grandchildren's school, I put my hand on the backs of the students and call them "Love" and "Sweetheart," and they respond with smiles and sometimes with hugs.

Risk falling in love with the one inside you. As you blossom with self-love, you draw others to you like a magnet. Love is contagious in a positive way. Imagine that love has the power to transform neighborhoods, communities, politics, and even the world. Joan Chittister, author of Seeing with Our Souls, writes, "If you want to know if you love yourself enough, ask yourself how much time you take in a week to do what you love to do."


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Love....................5
Chapter 2 Emotions....................33
Chapter 3 The Consciousness Spiral....................57
Chapter 4 Intention and Manifestation: Double Majors....................97
Chapter 5 Intuition....................113
Chapter 6 Spirituality....................135
Chapter 7 Creativity....................165
Chapter 8 Healing....................179
Keep Your Heart Open....................215
Author Biography....................225
Book Discussion Guide....................227

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