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Awaken Your Power to Heal

Awaken Your Power to Heal

by Ned Wolf
Awaken Your Power to Heal

Awaken Your Power to Heal

by Ned Wolf

Paperback(Revised Edition: Includes Updated Glossaries of Pain & Desire ed.)

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YOU AND I ARE MORE THAN WE THINK WE ARE, more than we can possibly conceive. I’ve watched hundreds of people safely walk across eight-hundred-degree coals. I’ve witnessed clients heal chronic, supposedly incurable conditions in a heartbeat and release decades-long debilitating emotions in a thrice. I’ve watched hundreds of us manifest our thoughts in such a way that reality immediately reflects our intentions. All of this points to nothing if it doesn’t point to the fact that each of us is far more than an individualized human being existing within the bounds of time and space. We are unlimited, eternal beings, each capable of bringing greater dimensions of the Self to the here and now…

… Remember, every pain indicates that you have withheld energy in some way. You are blocking its natural flow. And whenever you have withheld energy from someone else, you also withhold energy from yourself, on the same pretext. (If I cannot love myself as I work through lessons of dishonesty, I will condemn you for your dishonesties.)…

… our physical bodies are constantly sending us messages for the purpose of restoring health. Our bodies are the means by which the Inner Self is sending impulses to the conscious mind—impulses that will naturally lead to a greater expression of our talents, abilities, contributions and purposes. These impulses are often feelings, urgings, impressions, visualizations and even ideas. Each one is meant to merge our intuitions with our intellect, rather than allowing either to dominate the other…

… As we grow in our openness to energy and healing, we naturally rediscover that everywhere life is beautiful. If anything, beauty is consistent. Deep within every expression exists that spark of All That Is that inspires us deeply. And all too often we despair at what we believe is the permanent loss of our ability to perceive inspiration. Yet all of us truly want to expand beauty in this world, and be creative. We seek to grow and heal!...

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781733540605
Publisher: Therapeutae Press
Publication date: 12/14/2018
Edition description: Revised Edition: Includes Updated Glossaries of Pain & Desire ed.
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 1,098,086
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

About the Author

Ned Wolf lives in Northern Arizona on the banks of twin lakes that overlook a national forest. His career as an author, mediator, family counsellor and natural healer spans the past three decades. He is a tennis enthusiast, pursues his passion for playing and singing music and enjoys caring for the wide variety of wildlife that come calling at his back door. He teaches classes in dowsing, counseling and several modalities of energy healing. An avid student of Jane Roberts' Seth books, he enjoys dreamtime work as well as creating opportunities for himself and others to expand creative expressions.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: What Can We Accomplish Together? / 1

I. A New Client / 5

II. Thirty Years of Learning / 14

PART I: Starting at the Top

III. Thought and Focus—Their Unlimited Power / 23

IV. Choices and Commitments / 39

V. Where to Start: The Sacred Present /48

Connected Breathing / 51

PART II : Healing Yourself

VI. Don’t Shoot the Messenger! /57

GLOSSARY: Translating Pain—What “Bad” Feelings Mean / 71

VII. From Stagnation to Growth: Dancing with Energy / 76

Mistaken Notions About the Use of Energy / 78

Communicating with Energy / 84

Energy for New Beginnings / 89

VIII The Hiding Self, The Emerging Self / 91

Healing Energies in the Past / 105

IX. Acknowledging Your Greatness / 107

X. Your Multi-Dimensional Self / 116

Welcome to the Discovery Zone / 119

PART III: Healing Your World

XI. From Scarcity to Abundance: Wanting, Asking, Manifesting / 135

Are Desires Really Desirable / 139

The Outer Ego, the Inner Ego / 143

DICTIONARY: A Short Dictionary of Hidden Desires / 151

Presto! Manifesto! The Power of Asking / 154

XII. Conflict and Control / 161

The Hidden Energies in Honest Expression / 168

XIII. Your Ideal and Greatest Contribution for Humankind / 171 Thoughts Worth Sacrificing / 172

XIV. Listening, Loving, and Learning / 181

Choosing to Listen Releases Energy / 182

And While We Are At It—A Few Notes on Love (and Hate) / 184

Blessons and How to Recognize Them / 192

XV. Forgiveness, Trust, and Blessing / 194

The Hidden Energies in Blessing / 200

Final Words / 203

Index of Explorations and Exercises / 205

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