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Awakening: A Journey to Uplift and to Enlighten

Awakening: A Journey to Uplift and to Enlighten

by Taylor Rose


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In Awakening, Taylor Rose unveils the spiritual wisdom and powerful messages that have the potential to transform your life by providing greater meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Inspired by her own journey and told through a unique perspective, Awakening is sure to ignite the spark within and aid you as you embark on your own journey. Now is the time to discover the profound truths intended for us all. Are you ready to Awaken?

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ISBN-13: 9781504350624
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 03/11/2016
Pages: 188
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.43(d)

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A Journey to Uplift and to Enlighten

By Taylor Rose

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Taylor Rose
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-5062-4



Guided Trigger

We each have a trigger that signals
us to make a change,
To follow a new direction, that will transform
our lives and our spirits in more than one way.
At first, solitude calls our name, washing
away that which cannot stay.
Then comes the climb to new heights, at
times arduous, leaving you dazed.
But then, the floodgates burst open,
and you will see the light of day.
A new being will emerge, stronger
and wiser than before.
It never ends, it only bends, as you
are guided to turn once more.

We all have a light within us; a spark of Divinity. The potential to awaken and live an enlightened life. We are born with this potential, and when the time is right, we begin the process of awakening into a more enlightened being. Why must we all awaken and undertake a spiritual journey? Whether conscious or not, we are all seeking answers to life's questions, the truth, purpose, greater connection, or meaning. Awakening provides answers and allows us to find what we are searching for. In awakening, we become more wise, more enlightened and fulfilled, a completeness that may only be experienced through awakening; no other earthly experience compares to it. This is our spiritual journey. It is deeply personal; we each have our own, and the process is different for us all. Some details are the same for every journey, we all have lessons to learn, strides to make, and missions to fulfill. The actual experiences and lessons change as we all have different pieces of the puzzle to discover. In the end, we must all rise together and see that this spark that we all possess unites and guides us all. Each journey will look different, the experiences and lessons will differ, but each journey holds valuable insight that is relevant for every spark. Through my own journey I have learned that we are all connected in some way, shape, or form, and because of this connection, we can all benefit from hearing one another's stories and lessons collected along the way. I believe these stories and lessons can have the power to transform our lives and to enlighten us, so we may awaken. With that being said, my journey began a number of years ago, relatively speaking. At 21 years old, some may say the journey is just beginning, but for me, I have been on this path for a long time. It all began when I was 15 years old (more on my personal path later) and has only continued to evolve. The lessons I have learned, wisdom I have received from the Universe, and the experiences I have had as a result of awakening have irrevocably changed me for the better. I continue to awaken each day through new lessons, guidance, and wisdom I receive. It is my hope that through sharing what I have learned on my journey of awakening, you too will be inspired on your own spiritual journey.

Where does it all begin? Trigger. It is the event or cause that catapults you onto the path that will begin your journey. Everyone has a trigger. A point of no return. A moment in time that changes you completely. It is typically unexpected in its arrival, but it needs to be. This moment is set to change our lives; it marks our journey, and it is our job to take the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to follow the plan laid out before us. If we allow it, this trigger will begin to awaken us. It will be as if you were lying dormant up until this point because suddenly you can see the light. The trigger marks the beginning of a new life. One rich and full of enlightenment, growth, and fulfillment. A life far beyond our wildest dreams. Your trigger is the key to a journey that is sure to awaken and enlighten you, but ultimately, you must use the key to unlock the door and take that first step. What happens after the trigger is magical, different for all of us, yet similar in design. We will all learn, grow, and see beyond what we thought was capable, for there is a Divine maestro orchestrating this symphony, and the music is purely brilliant.

A few examples of triggers could be an accident, a birth, a death, a divorce, an illness, or just about any other unexpected or powerful event that provides you with the opportunity to go one of two ways; down a road where you do not change and life remains somewhat stationary, or down a road where everything changes and you live a life rich in meaning. The choice is yours. After all, a trigger is just that, a trigger. You must decide whether or not you will allow it to become the catalyst to change your course. Yo u have the power to transform a trigger into a journey, and when you choose the latter option by allowing your trigger to open you and change your trajectory, your awakening begins.

As the trigger unlocks the path that is your journey, a lot happens that cannot be seen, but is certainly felt. Many of the changes occur internally. It is as if layer by layer, you are removing what no longer serves you as you usher in a new level of awareness and life that is perfect for you. For all the aspects that must be changed, something far greater replaces them. You cannot begin to imagine how impactful a trigger is until you have traveled some distance. You will see that your trigger really does mark your life before the journey and your new life on the journey. There is a disparity because the deeper you go, the more you learn and the more you awaken. As a result, you make more changes, and they tend to run deep. As you begin to awaken and shed your old skin, solitude provides a refuge where clarity can reach you. On my own journey, it has been the times of solitude that I have received the most guidance and clarity. It has also been in solitude that I have been made aware of changes that need to be made in my life in order to move forward. Some relationships may need to be reassessed because not everyone is meant to embark on your journey with you. Not everyone will understand the power of awakening, and others may understand but will not fit with the new direction of your life. Know that this is to be expected, but new relationships will be formed that will augment your awakening. Other possible changes include needing a change of scenery, change of career, change of routine, or just about anything else in our life that can cause us to become stuck. Not every change will occur simultaneously; change builds over time as we become ready to accept it. You will find you are led to make changes along the way that help you to be your most authentic self, and in turn become better aligned with your path. While not every change is fun, because sometimes with growth comes pain, in the end, the journey is much more rich and awe-inspiring when you continue to follow your path and awaken. There will be challenging times, as no one is exempt from these moments; there will also be new gifts and opportunities that are sure to inspire and motivate you. The times of unlocking new gifts or being given incredible opportunities makes every challenge worth it. My journey has taken me to places, both literally and figuratively that have changed me completely, and I have discovered gifts within me that I never would have discovered without following my path (more on gifts later). At the moment of your trigger, all you know is that life is about to change, but you cannot begin to imagine in how many wonderful ways it will change. You will see beyond what you thought was possible, you will discover facts about life that will refine your outlook, and you will learn more about yourself and your core being. But first, the journey has twists and turns; it ebbs and flows, and climbs. As a result, you and your life will experience the same. You will reach new heights by following your path, always learning and growing as you blossom into a more awakened version of yourself. Still, it can be challenging and confusing during some of the climbs, but when you reach the top, you can see the light of day. You reach the top more enlightened and energized than before. In between the climbs, you will experience lower points, but this is all part of the plan. You will learn important lessons during these moments, and you may ultimately use them to reach a high. Because the journey is fluid and has no end, you will continue to have your highs and your lows, but what anchors you during each of these times is trusting that there is a Divine plan, and that each step has purpose in your awakening. Just follow your path, and allow your journey to unfold. It is yours, and it is perfect.




I have been on the path for a number of years.
I have found that each step brings
greater insight and depth.
At first, I was doubtful and somewhat fearful too,
But was reassured when I learned something new
Each journey is fraught with obstacles and pain,
but with each step forward something is gained.
A new gift, new perspective, new opportunity,
Propels you forward entirely.
Each undulation has something to say,
entices you to go deeper in every way.
And today on the path I am able to see,
Just how far I have come and
how much I am yet to see.

It was after a period of difficulty that I stepped foot onto the path that is my journey. My trigger and story begin somewhat negatively, but I promise you, it will not remain negative for long ... After moving to a new state and subsequent new school, I was bullied. The individual was relentless and wanted to tear me down by calling me names and taunting me each day. It was freshman year at an eastern prep school, and I was miserable and feeling somewhat lost. I had never felt this way before because up until this point I had not really experienced any hardship. My life was idyllic; great friends, the best family, incredible experiences, and more. I had much to be grateful for. During the bullying experience, which dragged on for much of the year, I reached a point where I was unsure of what else to do to fix the situation. I, along with my mother, had already spoken with the school on several occasions, but this only made matters worse as they mishandled the situation (they subsequently changed their bullying policy because of my experience). I lost all but one friend because few believed what I was experiencing and how it affected me. In addition, I had a mystery medical condition with my stomach that took me to top doctors around the country for almost two years. Up until this point, I had been perfectly healthy and had barely missed a day of school. No test was identifying the problem, and I was in pain on a daily basis. I tried to pull myself out of this place, but I needed help, so my family and I sought guidance. What happened as a result was purely Divine and was the catalyst for my awakening.

My family had known of a gifted spiritual teacher, and decided that this was the time to reach out for their help. It was a phone call, meant to help me, between my mother and this spiritual teacher that ushered in my awakening. The teacher shed light on a part of me and existence that I was never fully aware of; the realm of light and universal wisdom. I grew up in a household with faith and connection at the core, but what the spiritual teacher provided was different. They spoke about awareness in the deepest sense, and about the light, and how to be open to it all. The spiritual teacher then went on to offer insight into me, like how I am intuitive and how I empath those around me and therefore need to be cognizant of who I allow into my life. At first, I was somewhat skeptical and fearful of what the spiritual teacher relayed and what it all meant, but it resonated with me and sparked a curiosity in me, and I needed to explore these topics more. It was this new and increased awareness that triggered my inner awakening and opened my eyes to an entirely new world where I would discover my own unique gifts and learn lessons and universal truths meant for everyone that have changed my life completely. With an open mind, I began to explore and immediately discover the truth in the messages while also uncovering more about myself and existence with each step forward. As for my health issues, a last ditch effort led me to an allergist which brought to light what top doctors had missed; multiple food allergies. This experience introduced me to alternative medicine as a healing modality, and for the first time in years, I finally found relief. All of the events in my life at this point in time, while seemingly unrelated, were connected. They led me down a different path towards spirituality and wholeness. Through research and remaining open to the journey, my perspective grew immensely. The following chapters will highlight some of the powerful life lessons I have learned on my journey of awakening, in hopes that they may transform and awaken you as well. Whether your journey is just beginning, or you are well on your way, these lessons and perspectives will help you to live in a more awakened state each day, and will teach you how to receive the most from life, so you may reach your full potential. They have certainly done so for me.

To begin, each path is different, as we are all meant to learn and achieve different things, but one aspect remains the same; the journey will awaken you and change you. A wiser and more evolved being will emerge, and you will feel more alive than ever before. Know you are guided and supported every step of the way by the Universe, and all you must do to begin your journey is have an open mind, and go where you are led. It sounds too simple to be true, but to begin, this is all it takes. The path will not be without its bumps and jogs; there have certainly been trying times on my own journey that have tested my strength, but it is the difficult times that keep you grounded and that give the extraordinary times meaning. Be willing to make changes in your life, be willing to learn new lessons, and perhaps most importantly, follow your truth; other people's ideas about you or what you should be doing only have power if you allow them to.

The journey is deeply personal. Each soul is unique and is meant to experience different aspects of the human experience in order to learn and to gain what their soul needs to accomplish. This is why we all dream different dreams and make different choices. We all come here with different pieces of our souls unlocked which means we have unique gifts and perspectives. The journey continues with the decision to become more aware; more aware of your surroundings, more aware of yourself, more aware of the spiritual that accompanies us all. It is our mission to unlock more pieces of our soul, to awaken, to learn, and to embody it completely. We all have this potential; but we must choose to unlock it.

Before going further, there are a few things about the journey I wish I had known sooner that I believe will make awakening simpler ...

1. Our life, everything and everyone in it, is energy. Since everything is energy, it undulates. Just as waves undulate, so too does life. We often find that after our greatest setbacks come our highest peaks. If we look back at our life from the time we were young up until now, we see a pattern emerge. This pattern is: the lowest points connect to the highest points, and the highest points, to the lowest points. Life, and more specifically our journey, follows this pattern of a wave. We can use the energy of these low points to fuel us so we may catapult to the high points. We would not know good or bad individually if we did not experience them collectively. We need a point of reference to truly be grateful for life and its experiences. While on our journey, we will experience many undulations. With each movement, each breaking wave, we learn something new, and add to the energy that is uniquely us. Expect highs as well as lows. A complete journey requires all experiences. When you are feeling overwhelmed, continue to move forward, do not give up; there is purpose in each step. Something incredible will soon be within reach.

2. Each journey has something in common; every resource and lesson we need to get to the next level are waiting for us at the perfect moment. We will not reach them a moment too soon, or a moment too late. Just when you think you are finished or have learned everything you needed to learn, another opportunity or experience comes along that teaches you something new, or challenges you to apply what you have learned in the past in a new way. We came to earth to have experiences; to learn, to grow, to change. With each new gift mmastered or lesson understood our soul advances, and we reach a new level of spirituality and enlightenment. It is important to remember that part of being on our spiritual journey means merging the physical with the etheric. We must continue to be present and live life on earth while also being connected and aware of the awesomeness that encompasses every atom in the Universe. It is very much a balancing act, but when you are able to align these two states, life flows beautifully (more on how to find balance later).

3. The journey is unique. No two people will have the exact same experiences, nor will they learn the same lessons, or unlock the same gifts. However, we each hold gifts and potential inside of us that need to be unlocked. It is simply a matter of where we are on our journey as to what is unlocked. It is important to remember we are all at different points on our journeys and have different missions. Some of us are born more awakened than others, some missions are more difficult to fulfill than others, but our journeys are our own, and are each uniquely perfect. Our journeys unfold at different paces and take us different places. This is what makes the human experience so beautiful. We each represent a different piece to the puzzle, one that radiates pure light when the pieces come together. Each piece has its own form that fits faultlessly into the collective form. Do not compare your journey to someone else's journey. Be proud of who you are and where you are at, knowing that you will awaken and grow at the perfect pace for you.

4. While on the journey, it may seem you are heading one way, while really it is just a step meant to lead you somewhere else. Confusing, I know. The Universe is clever and sometimes it leads us differently than how we would imagine. Our minds are so limited when compared to the unbounded and omniscient Universe. It is not possible for us to see all the Universe sees. Know that each step has purpose, and is divine in its own right. Its purpose may just be different from what we initially believed. It is oftentimes not until we have moved forward that we understand the past and the reason for each step. Hindsight offers a unique vantage point that allows us a clear view into the past. Remember when obstacles arise, there is purpose, and while we may not see it at the time, each obstacle and step is leading us to where we need to be.

5. You can experience the extraordinary while still living ordinarily. What this means is you do not have to quit your life and live in seclusion or silence. For most, setting an intention or awareness is enough to begin to see positive changes. You can continue to live your life while embarking on this journey to greater awareness as you blossom into the being you were always destined to be. This is not to say no changes will need to be made, but your life can continue to be your life. As you travel deeper into the journey, however, you may find that you want to live differently than before as you uncover the spark and potential within. The journey and awakening change you in the best possible ways.


Excerpted from Awakening by Taylor Rose. Copyright © 2016 Taylor Rose. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Prologue, viii,
Triggers, 1,
The Path, 9,
Believe, 19,
Light, 26,
Guidance, 32,
Listen, 34,
Guidance, 38,
Trust, 45,
Courage, 52,
Learn, 56,
Truth, 62,
Energy, 65,
Balance, 75,
Visualization and Time, 80,
Visualization, 82,
Time, 89,
Fear, 92,
Fear, 95,
Change, 102,
Miracles, 106,
Open, 110,
Let Go, 113,
Heal, 119,
Perspective, 123,
Ego, 127,
People, 131,
Connect, 138,
Gifts, 142,
Fulfill, 150,
Authenticity, 157,
Live, 160,
Creativity, 162,
Beauty, 166,
Life, 170,
Epilogue, 174,
Note from the author, 178,

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