Awakening to the Holy Light of Christ

Awakening to the Holy Light of Christ


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The Book Awakening to the Holy Light of Christ Touch of Life Meditative Prayer for Inner Peace is a Guide to Silence and the Art of Christian Meditation. It is a method of combining and alternating quiet meditation, and imagery with prayer. You pray in a passive and relaxed state. Peaceful imagery combined with Holy Scripture is used in order to bring about a state of clarity and quiet within your mind. This is a sincerely peaceful and pleasant state of mind. This is where you commune with God in Spirit leading to inner peace.
It is a way or a path to reaching a state of peaceful living and harmony. The Holy Spirit of God is invited into your life through prayer and asked to heal your soul. The Light of Christ is the awareness of the Spirit of God. It is the Word of God that is written on the mind and heart of all; that leads to an elevation in spiritual consciousness and connection with God. The Light of Christ transforms your life by the Grace of God. In God's Holy Light you emerge from the darkness and become aware of a Holy Purpose in your life.
Meditative Prayer gives you an opportunity to truly listen to God's voice in response to your prayer. During meditative prayer you remain conscious and aware of your location but feel peaceful and relaxed in mind and body. You are in a fully composed state of mind and yet awake and aware of all that is occurring. You are in complete control both mentally and physically. You center your attention on the Word of God according to Holy Scripture. Your prayer is guided and shielded by the Holy Spirit of God as it is God's Will. This is a place within your mind where you are inspired only by the Light of Christ, the Light of God's Spirit.
Meditation on scripture is done with pure devotion and reverence. This is the truth of God. Each word has meaning and gives spiritual insight. Prayer is connecting with and talking to God; it is giving praise, reverence, thanks, and requesting guidance. Meditation is quieting of your mind and waiting for an answer or inspiration. God's will or act in response to your prayer sets into action what He has eternally pronounced by law. We pray that God's will be done. The Will of God is only Good. The Word of God is Only Good. Focus and pray that the Holy Will of God be done and only absolute goodness is the result. Complete trust and faith in God's truth leads you on a path to Heaven on Earth.

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ISBN-13: 9781497421813
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/06/2014
Pages: 176
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