Aws Vpc: (Virtual Private Cloud) Beginner's Guide

Aws Vpc: (Virtual Private Cloud) Beginner's Guide

by George Sammons


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This book is an exploration of the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). It begins by explaining to you what the Amazon VPC is and where it is used. The basic aspects of the Amazon VPC are discussed, as they are important for you to get started in using it. You will also learn the difference between the default and non-default subnets. The security of VPC is explored in detail, as well as the various mechanisms which can be used for the purpose of implementing security in a VPC. Security groups are explored, showing you how to work with them. You will learn more about the default security group in AWS (Amazon Web Services) VPC and how to modify it or change to another security group. The security group rules are also explored. You will learn how to create such security group rules, modify them, and even delete them. Network ACLs (Access Control Lists) are also examined. You will learn how to create a network ACL for your VPC. The default network ACL for the AWS VPC is also discussed in detail, along with how to work with it. You will learn how to create, update, and delete the rules of a network ACL. The process of controlling access to the resources of the AWS VPC accounts is described in detail.
The following topics are covered in this book:
- What is Amazon VPC?
- VPC Security
- Controlling Access to the Resources

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Pages: 74
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