Ayeen Akbery 2 Volume Set: Or, The Institutes of the Emperor Akber

Ayeen Akbery 2 Volume Set: Or, The Institutes of the Emperor Akber


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ISBN-13: 9781108067003
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 01/02/2014
Series: Cambridge Library Collection - South Asian History
Pages: 1010
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 10.00(h) x 2.10(d)

Table of Contents

Volume 1: Translator's preface; Part I. Regulations for the Different Offices: The household; Royal treasuries; Jewel office; The mint; Some account of the immortal coins; Of dirhems and dinars; An account of the profit which merchants make; Of the production of metals; Of the specific gravity of metals; Haram, or seraglio; Of the equipage for journeys; Regulations for the encampment of the army; Regulations for the illuminations; Ensigns of royalty; Of the royal seals; Of the camp equipage; Abdar Khaneh; Kitchen; Sufyaneh; Current prices of provisions; Fruitery; Perfume office; Flowers; Wardrobe; Shawls; Current prices of manufactures; Tusweer Khaneh; Painting gallery; Kowr Khaneh; A table of warlike weapons; Artillery; Rules observed in making fire-arms; Barghu; Ranks of the royal Bundooks; Pay of the Bundookchyan; Feel Khaneh, or elephants' stables; Khaseh elephants; Horse stables; Suter Khaneh, or camel stables; Gaw Khaneh, or ox stables; Of mules; Manner in which his majesty spends his time; Bar, or times of admission to the royal presence; Koornish and Tusleem; Of spiritual guidance; Of musters; Pow Gosht; Regulations for the public fights of animals; Regulations for buildings; Part II. Regulations for the Military Department: Army; Regulations for the cattle; Munsubdars; Ahdy; Other cavalry; Infantry; Cheelah; Kahars, or bearers; Pyadeh Dakhely; Dagh, or mark; Kushek, or military commands; Office of Wakyahnavees; Of sunnuds, or grants; Ranks of seals; Manner of receiving pay; Musa-adet, or aids granted to military officers; Donations; Alms; Ceremony of weighing the royal person; Seyurghal; Of machines; Of the ten seers of grain exacted from every beegah of land; Of festivals; Khushroz, or days of diversion; Of marriages; Regulations for teaching in the public schools; Office of Meer Behry; Of hunting; Of hawking; Of games; Part III. Regulations for the Revenue Department: Of aeras; A table of months; Of tribute and taxes; Ilahee Guz; Tenab; Beegah, or Jereeb; Of the division of the lands; Of the nineteen years collections; Of the ten years settlement; Instructions for the officers. Volume 2: Introduction; Bengal; Bahar; Allahabad; Owdh; Agra; Malwah; Dandees; Berar; Gujerat; Ajmeer; Dehly; Lahoor; Multan; Tatah; Chasmeer, including Cabul; Of the Crouh, or Cose; Tukseem Jumma; Abulfazels' introduction on religious toleration; A description of Hindostan; Opinions concerning the creation; Astronomy; Of the deeps, or islands; Other divisions of the universe; General description of the earth; Of the earth's longitude; Of the earth's latitude; Tables of longitudes and latitudes; The extent of the inhabited earth; Numeration; The jehats, or quarters; Of the Hindoos; Of the languages of Hindostan; The birds and beasts of Hindostan; Weights and measures; The learning of the Hindoos; The science; The doctrine of Boodh; Nastick; The eighteen Beddya, or arts and sciences; The art of discovering crimes; The art of predicting future events; The names of some other arts; The art of writing with elegance; Music and dancing; The art of governing a kingdom; The administration of justice; The four Hindoo degrees of discipline; The worship of the deity; The incarnations of the deity; Unclean things; Purifications; Improper dress; Forbidden food; The ceremonies to be observed before meals; Fasts; Sins; Places dedicated to divine worship; Marriages; Dress; Jewels; Workmen; Ceremonies on the birth of a child; Festivals; Ceremonies with the dead; Meritorious kinds of suicide; Explanation of some Sanscrit words; List of subscribers.

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