Ayurveda and Acupuncture: Theory and Practice of Ayurvedic Acupuncture

Ayurveda and Acupuncture: Theory and Practice of Ayurvedic Acupuncture

by Dr. Frank Ros


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ISBN-13: 9780940676244
Publisher: Lotus Press WI
Publication date: 02/16/2015
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Dr. Frank Ros is a Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine and is a qualified Naturopath. He is a founding member of the International Association of Ayurvedic Acupuncture. He resides in Australia and regularly visits the US and Argentina to give lectures and seminars.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgement 4

Introductory note from the author 5

Prologue Drs. Ranade & Lele 6

Introduction Dr. Carlos Chesla 7

1 History and principles of ayurveda 11

What exactly is ayurveda? 14

2 History and philosophy of ayurvedic acupuncture 25

Philosophy of ayurvedic acupuncture 39

3 Energetics of ayurveda 43

The five elements (pancha mahabhutas) 47

The cycles of prana and the five elements 50

The 12 major organs 63

4 The physical and psychological manifestations of prana 67

The trigunas 78

The chakras (energy vortices) 81

Ayurvedic circadian bio-rhythms 88

5 Ayurvedic acupuncture channels in the body 97

6 The 107 major mannas 115

7 The major acupuncture siras 131

The bridge points (setu siras,) 150

The base points (mula siras) 154

The cleft points (antara siras) 157

8 Techniques and treatment of marmapunciurt' 159

9 Marmapuncture treatment of common diseases 171

Appendix 1 187

About the Author 281

Using Marmapuncture in practice 282

Australia 283

Conclusion 279

Bibliography 285

Glossary 287

Index 295

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