AZURE: A Journal of Literary Thought (Vol. 2)

AZURE: A Journal of Literary Thought (Vol. 2)


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ISBN-13: 9780999424322
Publisher: Lazuli Literary Group
Publication date: 12/31/2018
Pages: 116
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.24(d)

About the Author

Lazuli Literary Group is a platform for the cultivation and advocacy of the imaginative faculty through a small publishing press, contests, and an online/print literary journal. At a time when "facts" are so readily available through technological means, it is no longer necessary to invent a solution when you can "search" for one. In this context, the ability to imagine as a form of agency becomes paramount. We believe the value of creative writing and narrative fiction as tools to engage with social opinions, histories, and moral codes is vital to personal, political and social evolution. On the level of craft, we advocate creative writing's ability to reveal interiority and its ability to transform, heal and act as a catalyst for the full self-actualization of individuals and society. We are particularly drawn to writing that broadens the concept of "literary" to one that is about the dexterity of language and the ability to pull from a global pedigree of literary and storytelling technique. Aesthetically, we love work that is explicitly demanding of the reader linguistically, intellectually and emotionally. 

Table of Contents

SHORT FICTION (CONTEST WINNER): Claimed by the Sea by Sam Reese


POETRY: Sister Alone by Janet M. Powers

SHORT FICTION: Century 2.1 by Alan Flurry

SHORT FICTION (CONTEST WINNER): Crosshatching by M.K. Rainey

SHORT FICTION: Lullaby by Barbara Daddino

PROSE POETRY: Housemouth (and other poems) by Anhvu Buchanan and Brent Piller

SHORT FICTION: The Residue in Public Tea and Coffee Cups by V.B. Borjen

POETRY: Syzygy (and other poems) by Malorie Seeley-Sherwood

ESSAY: And Richard Burbage Had a Sister by Freya Shipley

SHORT FICTION: The Watchers by M.K. Rainey

POETRY: Jazz Interaction With Symbols by Sarah T.

POETIC ESSAY: Dragonflies: A Discourse on Anxiety by Lara Lillibridge

POETRY: Spider (and other poems) by Natalie Crick

SHORT STORY: Echoes by Daniel Freeman

POETRY: Maps, guided thought tape #30, & guided thought tape #5,723 by Susan Brennan

SHORT STORY: Edgar's Father's Magic Words by JWM Morgan

POETRY: Lockjaw: In Two Acts, Pyramids of Complex Thought, & A Comet's Return by James Blevins

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