The Bab Ballads

The Bab Ballads

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W. S. Gilbert, renowned author of the Savoy Operas, was also the creator of the Bab Ballads--"possibly the best comic verse--and surely the best illustrated--in the English language," according to James Ellis. Gilbert published these poems, together with his own, grotesque drawings signed "Bab," a childhood nickname, in Fun and other magazines in the late nineteenth century.

In 1898, the older and by then distinguished Gilbert substituted pallid and inoffensive drawings for the originals, which he had come to believe "erred gravely in the direction of unnecessary extravagance." Since then the ballads have been collected and published in various editions, most of which have featured the revised drawings and only a selection of the poems.

This is the only book to offer the complete collection of ballads with all original illustrations, a tribute to the comic genius of a writer known as "the most original dramatist of his generation." This collection will delight readers with its irreverence and wit.

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ISBN-13: 9780674058019
Publisher: Harvard
Publication date: 04/30/2003
Series: Harvard Paperbacks Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 7.12(w) x 9.75(h) x (d)

About the Author

James Ellis has been directing and performing in Gilbert and Sullivan operas for almost fifty years. He was for many years Professor of English at Mount Holyoke College.

Table of Contents

3. Introduction

The Bab Ballads

33. The Advent of Spring

34. The Cattle Show (Fun)

36. The Cattle Show (The Comic News)

37. Sixty-three and Sixty-four

39. The Dream

41. The Baron Klopfzetterheim

51. Down to the Derby

54. Something Like Nonsense Verses

55. Ode to My Clothes

56. The Student

58. Tempora Mutantur

59. The Bachelors' Strike

60. A Bad Night of It

61. To Phoebe

62. Ozone

63. To the Terrestrial Globe

64. The Monkey in Trouble

64. Back Again!

65. To My Absent Husband

66. Musings in a Music Hall

66. Pantomimic Presentiments

68. The Bar and Its Moaning

69. To Euphrosyne

69. The Phantom Curate

71. To a Little Maid

72. Ferdinando and Elvira; or, The Gentle Pieman

74. The Pantomime "Super" to His Mask

76. The Yarn of the "Nancy Bell"

79. Monsieur Le Blond on London

81. Haunted

82. The Reverend Rawston Wright

83. The Story of Gentle Archibald

86. To My Bride

88. Only a Dancing Girl

89. To My Steed

90. King Borria Bungalee Boo

92. Jack Casts His Shell

93. How to Write an Irish Drama

93. General John

95. Sir Guy the Crusader

97. Sir Galahad the Golumptious

98. Disillusioned

100. John and Freddy

101. Lorenzo de Lately

104. The Bishop and the Busman

106. Babette's Love

108. Fanny and Jenny

109. Sir Mackiln

111. The Troubadour

113. Ben Allah Achmet; or, The Fatal Turn

115. The Folly of Brown

118. Joe Golightly; or, The First Lord's Daughter

120. The Rival Curates

122. Thomas Winterbottom Hance

124. A. and B.; or, The Sensation Twins

126. Sea-Side Snobs

127. The Bishop of Rum-ti-Foo

129. The Precocious Baby

131. Baines Carew, Gentleman

133. A Discontented Sugar Broker

135. The Force of Argument

137. At a Pantomime

139. The Three Kings of Chickeraboo

141. The Periwinkle Girl

143. Captain Reece

145. Thomson Green and Harriet Hale

148. Bob Potter

150. The Ghost, the Gallant, the Gael, and the Goblin

152. Ellen McJones Aberdeen

155. The Sensation Captain

157. Trial by Jury

160. The Reverend Micah Sowls

162. Peter the Wag

164. The Story of Prince Agib

166. Gentle Alice Brown

169. Pasha Bailey Ben

172. Blabworth-cum-Talkington

174. The Sailor Boy to His Lass

176. Sir Conrad and the Rusty One

178. The Cunning Woman

180. The Modest Couple

183. The "Bandoline" Player

185. Sir Barnaby Bampton Boo

187. Boulogne

190. Brave Alum Bey

193. Gregory Parable, LL.D.

196. Lieutenant-Colonel Flare

198. The Hermit

200. Annie Protheroe

204. The Captain and the Mermaids

206. An Unfortunate Likeness

208. A Boulogne Table d'Hôte

210. The Railway Guard's Song

211. "The Undecided Man"

212. Premonitory Symptoms

212. Lost Mr. Blake

216. Little Oliver

218. What is a Burlesque?

220. The Phantom Head

222. The Politest of Nations!

223. Woman's Gratitude

225. The Baby's Vengeance

229. The Two Ogres

231. Mister William

234. The Martinet

236. The King of Canoodle-Dum

238. First Love

240. The Haughty Actor

243. The Two Majors

246. The Three Bohemian Ones

248. The Policeman's Beard

250. The Bishop of Rum-ti-Foo Again

252. A Worm Will Turn

254. The Mystic Selvagee

256. Emily, John, James, and I

259. The Ghost to His Ladye Love

260. Prince it Baleine

262. The Way of Wooing

264. The Scornful Colonel

266. The Variable Baby

268. The Ladies of the Lea

271. Hongree and Mahry

274. Etiquette

278. The Reverend Simon Magus

280. My Dream

282. Damon v. Pythias

284. The Bumboat Woman's Story

287. The Fairy Curate

290. Phrenology

292. The Perils of Invisibility

294. The Wise Policeman

296. A Drop of Pantomime Water

299. Old Paul and Old Tim

302. "Eheu! Fugaces"

303. Jester James

307. The Policeman's Story

309. The Thief's Apology

310. The King and the Stroller

311. The Return

313. Notes to the Ballads

365. Index of Titles

367. Index of First Lines

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