Baby Love: Angela Jacobsen's A to Z

Baby Love: Angela Jacobsen's A to Z

by Angela Jacobsen


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ISBN-13: 9781482893045
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/04/2014
Pages: 228
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By Angela Jacobsen

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2012 Angela Jacobsen
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4669-9819-3

Chapter One



- Cup holder (Starbucks size!)

- Bottle holder

- Shopping bag holder hooks

- Rain cover. Keep one in the bottom of buggy just incase!

- Lambs wool insert to keep your baby warm and comfortable

- Insect cover

- Umbrella. Provides rain cover and also protection from the sun

- Toys that clip on to the side

- Books that clip on to the side


Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

Children with ADHD are very active. Children with ADHD are usually very friendly, however easily distracted and thus find it hard to learn in a busy and noisy space.

If you suspect that your baby may have either of these treatable and common disorders please consult your doctor.


Babies should be introduced to new foods one at a time. One new food a day is the way to introduce new foods. This way if there is an allergic reaction sourcing the problem will be easier.

If you or a member of your family have a history of allergies please discuss this with your doctor before weaning.

If you suspect your baby has an allergy please consult your doctor.


Angela's Answers is my business that does exactly what it says, provides answers for your child related problems. If you have any questions regarding your baby, please feel free to contact me at Angela's Answers.

Angela's Answers will also help you find a nanny or other domestic staff member for your family. Angela's Answers works together with other fantastic agencies worldwide to better service your needs. Please see N for Nannies for further information.


Babies love different textures. Some art & craft activities for babies include:

- Finger painting. Always use nontoxic, easy to clean paint

- Sticking/gluing

- Sand/Water play with plastic containers and other objects to play with

- Play dough. Make sure they don't eat it!

- Crayons

- Ink stamping.


Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are good visual learners and they are proficient at things like puzzles and art.

Children with ASD like to follow rules and routines.

Children with ASD find communication, social interaction and imaginative play more difficult.

If you suspect your child may have Autism Spectrum Disorder please consult your doctor.



- Nonslip bath mat is ESSENTIAL for safety

- Bath thermometer. Always test the bath water temperature before placing your baby in the bath.


Get a good bath chair. Mothercare do a fantastic ergonomical chair where there is a piece of plastic between the baby's legs preventing your baby from sliding off. Having both of your hands free will help you to bath your baby.

- Sponges for bath


I like to use two different sponges, one for baby's body and one for baby's privates. If you are going to use two different sponges, it is important to get two very different looking sponges so not to confuse. Also replace the sponges every month or so.

- Face washers. Not just for cleaning faces, they are also great to place over the baby's stomach to prevent them getting cold while bathing

- Oilatum. Oilatum comes as oil for the bath and a cream for after. Oilatum is great for dry skin.


I put a few drops of Oilatum in the bath every day to prevent dry skin.

- Bath toys. There are foam alphabet pieces that stick to the side of the bath. You can make words for your baby. Rubber ducks and bubbles are always winners.


Be sure to clean and replace bath toys often as dirty water can get stuck inside and then contaminate clean bath water.

- Disposable bed/change mats for on top of the towel when your baby is minus their nappy. It is much easier to cleanup if there is an accident!

- Hooded towel. Babies can be wrapped up snug as a bug.


- If you are lucky enough to live near a beach then take your baby

- Make sure you cover your baby with protective clothing, sun cream and a hat

- See Slip, slop, slap for more information

- From birth, babies can be fed on the beach. This is relaxing for you and your baby

Ensure your baby is kept out of the direct sunlight at all times

- Once your baby can sit, they can play in the sand with buckets and spades. Make sure they do not eat the sand!

- A beach is a great place for your baby to learn and practice crawling and walking.


- Nails. Keep your baby's nails short and blunt to prevent scratching. You can get mittens for your baby to wear to stop them scratching themselves. If you are afraid to cut your baby's nails, ask your doctor to do it for you

- Ears. Use special baby cotton buds to ensure you do not go into your baby's ear too far!

- Eyes. Mustela have single doses of saline that are great for cleaning eyes. Use cotton pads to apply. Use a separate cotton pad for each eye so not to spread germs or infection

- Nose. Use special baby cotton buds to ensure you do not go too far up your baby's nose. In addition, a nasal spray is great to help clear blocked noses

- Hair. Make sure you use a shampoo that is made specifically for babies. Mustella and Johnson & Johnson both do great shampoo for babies. Try not to get any shampoo in your baby's eyes. Use a baby comb or soft brush when brushing. Please also see H for Hair.


Place a face washer over your baby's forehead to help prevent shampoo getting in their eyes.

- Skin. See M for Moisturiser

Cleanser. Mustela does a no rinse cleanser. Use cotton pads to apply

Talc. Great for absorbing moisture caused by wipes. Talc hides unwanted smells and makes babies smell lovely. I love the pink talc by Johnson & Johnson Massage. See M for Massage.


Make beauty part of your baby's daily routine. I like to do beauty after breakfast when dressing the baby and again after the bath while baby is still on the changing mat.


- Cot/Crib. See C for Cot/Crib

- Small pillow

- New mattress

- Plastic mattress cover to protect mattress from accidents

- Bed mats. Pampers.


If the supermarket is out of Pampers then you can use the bed mats for the elderly, as they are just as effective!

- Fitted sheets. It is best to have several sets in case of accidents to avoid emergency washing

- Bumper. Use to protect baby's head from sides of cot

- Side rail/barrier to stop baby getting out of bed

- Net. Use when necessary to prevent bites off mosquitoes, spiders and other insects

- Sleeping bag. Babies sleep best when warm and snug

- Warm blanket

- Soft toys. Check they are safe for your baby with no loose eyes that can be removed and swallowed

- Mobile overhead. Mobiles provide music and entertainment for your baby whilst they are in bed

- Routine. Very important for bedtime. See R for Routine

- Room thermometer. Ensure you baby's room is neither too hot nor cold

- Make your baby's bedroom a warm, dark and secure environment. This will help promote more sleep.


- Pampers do great disposable bibs. They are great for on the go

- I prefer over the head or Velcro bibs. They are easier to get on and off your baby

- Tommy Tee does a range of plastic bibs that catches the fallen food. They come in different sizes for different ages. I think the best is their lightweight travel bib as it is not so hard around the baby's neck. With Tommy Tee bibs, your baby must be sitting semi upright or have their head back to be effective

- Dribble ons are a new fantastic product. They are a small triangular piece of cloth that buttons behind the head. Catches all of the dribble! They are very chic.


Some of my favourite books:

- Goodnight Moon. Comes in handy travel size

- Guess how much I love you. Four different books for the seasons

- Golden books. Classic children's books

- Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

- Art for Babies. A great picture book that uses black and white imagery for visual stimulation

- Music books. Babies connect sound with picture

- Lift and flap books

- Touch and feel books.


- Dr Brown bottles. I find these bottles best as they have a natural flow

- Different teats for different ages and stages in feeding

- Bottle brush

- Bottle bag

- Find a corner in your kitchen that can become Baby area. Make sure this area is always clean and sterile.


Give your baby their bottle at room temperature. Your baby will get used to this and you will not need to find a microwave/hot water while on the go.


- 3 levels of play equipment for children up to 11 years old with separate areas for under 2's and under 5's

- Children's parties, toy and gift shop, Bramley's café & toddler activities

- Extra Facilities—Book Swap Club, Kiddie Rides, Pram Park, Lockers, High Chairs, Baby Bouncy Chairs, Nappy Changing, Vending Machines and Free WiFi. Most importantly Safety & Security

- Member of Play Providers Association and The British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions Limited.

Bramley's Big Adventure


- If you are able to breastfeed, I believe breast is best!

- Support cushions. The V shaped pillow is great to use while feeding

- Nursing pads

- Cabbage leaves for sore breasts.


Use cold cabbage leaves from the fridge. Change leaves when you can smell them heating.

- Muslin cloths. Great for over your shoulder while burping. Protection for your pillow or the place you are feeding your baby

- Nipple cream. Lanolin is great because your baby can still drink when you have it on. Paw paw cream is also good

- Nursing bras

- Easy access clothes

- Don't be afraid to breastfeed your baby in public.


- Bugaboo. Bugaboo is fantastic if you live in London and use black cabs often. Bugaboo has awesome accessories. See A for accessories. Bugaboos are great for travelling with your car seat as the car seat attaches to the buggy. This saves carrying two items plus your baby!

- Stokke. Stokke do a buggy that converts as your baby grows. I have never used this buggy

- Maclaren. Maclaren are my favourite buggies. They are lightweight, affordable, easy to use, and easy to clean, great for travelling. Maclaren also now come in trendy denim.



- Car seat. Maxi Cosi are great for newborns through until 6 months

- From 6 month, I prefer forward facing car seats. Brixax do a great car seat. Brixax can be taken on planes. They are lightweight to move. There is less chance of your baby getting carsickness when facing forward. It is also easier to see your baby when they face forwards. Travelling is much more interesting for your baby when they are able to see what is happening out the window

- Window blinds to prevent sun glare

- Child view mirror so you can see your baby

- A mirror for your baby to see itself. You can get mirrors that play music as well as have flashing lights on them. Great for entertaining your baby while you drive

- DVD player or CD player for emergencies!


Use a 'baby on board' sign. This warns other drivers that you may be mildly distracted!


- Bumbo. Bumbo is fantastic for babies that can hold their head up. Your baby can be safely sitting in the chair while strengthening their back. Bumbo comes in different colours and is easy to clean. Bumbo has a table attachment that is great for putting toys on. You can feed your baby in Bumbo. They are great for travelling

- Baby Bjorn "babysitter" chair. The chair is lightweight so easy to move around. The chair encourages your baby to use their stomach muscles. Toys can be easily attached for your baby to play with. The cover slips off easily to be machine washed.


- Change table. Stokke do a lovely change table with plastic sides to store things. There are also two shelves under the change table for storing baby's things. When your baby no longer needs the change table, it can be converted into a desk. Stokke products are made of quality wood and come in various colours

- Changing mats. Pampers. I like to put a disposable change mat over the nice mat so that if there is an accident the top can be thrown out and simply replaced rather than endless washing!



- Basic needs

- Five Vests or bodysuits

- Five sleep suits

- Two pairs of scratch mittens/gloves

- Five pairs of socks

- Two hats

- Slippers

- Ten bibs. See B for Bibs

- Ten muslin cloths.


Buy white clothes, towels and linen for your baby so that if you have a second child they can be reused. White clothes can also be bleached if stained.


When buying clothes for your baby look out for clothes that can go in the tumble dryer.

Tutu Delish is a fantastic new Australian company that sells handmade items for children including tutu, dolls and assessories.

Visit Tutu Delish on facebook.

Kids à la Mode

"Designer kids wear at affordable prices"

Kids à la Mode is a family run company based in Perth, distributing the unique and inspiring range of babies and children's clothing from Effigi Inc, Canada. This wonderful designer label has merged the latest fashion trends with comfort and practicality. The whimsical designs and exceptional quality of the baby and children's wear has captured the hearts of families throughout Europe and North America, and now, finally, Kids à la Mode is bringing it to you, in Australia and New Zealand. The range of products are only available online and a Party Plan structure. Visit to experience the exciting world of Kids à la Mode.

Olga de Polga

From the highly successful vintage inspired label Olga de Polga, now comes the anticipated children's range Luka Duka and Lucy Do. Stirred by designer Olga's own childhood growing up on the sun drenched beaches of Australia, Luka Duka and Lucy Do truly represents the lighthearted innocence of childhood. As with Olga de Polga, this quirky label with its candy colours and retro patterns is sure to inspire playtime!


- Communication with your baby needs to be both verbal and non verbal

- Start communicating with your baby from birth

- You are your baby's first educator. Your baby's learning starts at home

- Look your baby in the eye when talking to them. Answer honestly and with sincerity

- Label objects throughout the day and use word repetition to help teach your baby new words and what objects are

- Encourage all forms of communication with your baby.


- Stokke does a lovely wooden round/oval cot that expands as your baby grows. This cot is suitable from birth until 10 years old. The cot changes from a circle to an oval shape as your baby grows. It then lowers and opens are you child needs to get up and down for the loo. It then becomes a regular bed once your child is old enough.


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