Baby Talk to Me: Spirit Baby Messages for the Journey to Motherhood

Baby Talk to Me: Spirit Baby Messages for the Journey to Motherhood

by Alison Shaloe
Baby Talk to Me: Spirit Baby Messages for the Journey to Motherhood

Baby Talk to Me: Spirit Baby Messages for the Journey to Motherhood

by Alison Shaloe


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This book is a wake-up call to humanity, to our mothers, future mothers and grandmothers. It is a book to support and empower you and our future generations. Baby Talk to Me is a combination of Alison Shaloe's experience of being a midwife who communicates with babies before life, during pregnancy and birth and after birth loss. Alison has brought together her experience, ancient wisdom, midwifery knowledge, birth psychology, and pre-birth communication along with messages from spirit babies, for those on the journey to motherhood. In this book you have direct access to the spirit babies who have so much to share for those who are yet to become pregnant or those who are pregnant. It is also for those who have had a challenging journey to motherhood, who have experienced birth loss or birth trauma. The messages from the spirit babies help to ease any pain and suffering on the journey to motherhood. They are the messages spirit babies want their mothers to know. It is a combination of my story, your story and the stories we have been told. It is a mix of science and spirit, body and mind, ancient and new, awakening and remembering, healing and releasing.

The world is at a turning point and change needs to happen. Spirit babies have some ideas about how we can make these changes, which they're sharing here in this book! Their mission is to heal the planet and to empower their mothers. They offer a different approach by sharing their messages of what they wish to see in the world so that their mothers and future mothers move from disempowered towards empowerment. It includes lifting the veils on truths in relation to being a woman, being pregnant and giving birth. Alison Shaloe's book Baby Talk to Me has been written to support women on their personal journeys to becoming mothers. This book starts with Alison's story of how she has gone from midwife to spirit baby medium. She addresses many topics in this book from preconception right through to the early days of motherhood. She offers insights into the spirit babies' perspective and looks at emotional topics that can have an impact on women.

The book includes:

*Evidence based information

*Supportive channelled healing messages from spirit babies

*Importance of pre-birth communication

*Importance of the womb environment

*Higher perspective on preconception, conception, abortion, pregnancy loss, adoption, pregnancy and birth, birth trauma and breastfeeding.

*Healing modalities

*Guided meditations (Downloadable )

This book is a powerful and timely call to action for women. It will transform the way you see yourselves and your babies.

Alison Shaloe is a registered midwife and lactation consultant in the UK she specialises in supporting women with breastfeeding, tongue tie and birth trauma and has worked with many thousands of women in the postnatal period. She has a good understanding of the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of mothers during pregnancy and birth and in the early months and weeks. Alison is passionate about helping mothers to heal and believes that in order to heal the Earth we must begin to look at what is happening at birth. She also works with women on their conception journey or after birth loss helping parents to connect with their spirit babies, who offer insights and wisdom to help women to heal.

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