Bachelors Of Bond Street

Bachelors Of Bond Street

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An all-new anthology featuring novellas from acclaimed Regency historical authors Janna MacGregor, Shana Galen, and Minerva Spencer. Bond Street is famous for its elite clubs, fashionable shops and successful businesses. Now meet the bachelors who've made Bond Street their domain. Are these gentlemen as lucky in love as they are in business?

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Publication date: 10/11/2019
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Bachelors Of Bond Street 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
mscountrylace 1 days ago
Love by the Letters by Jenna MacGregor One little mistake leads to a romance that will make you giggle with the way things happen between them. They got off to a bumpy start with their first meeting, but it was clear they were perfect for each other. They are a couple that goes about things differently and won’t let anything stand between them. I loved the twist in the end with her family and didn’t see it coming at all! Portia has a way with words and will do anything to help her sister get the man she loves. I loved how she didn’t really care about what others thought and wasn’t shy when it came to Gabriel. Gabriel didn’t know what was missing from his life until he met Portia. He’s a good mix of going after what he wants, but also not hiding his feelings. How to Brew a Perfect Kiss by Shana Galen I’ve loved Thomas since he appeared in An Affair With a Spare and was excited to see his story. There is heat between instantly and not just from the hot coffee on his pants. The dangers of the past weren’t going to keep them apart. Raeni is a strong young woman that has fled from her home and is trying to make it on her own. I loved her right away with how brave she was and how smart she was. Thomas will never think twice about helping someone that he knows needs helps. Add in that he loves the woman and he won’t stop at anything to protect her or help her. A Second Chance for Love by Minerva Spencer I love a bit of enemies to lovers and a second chance at love. Neither one’s story is what the other thought and they will only realize that after striking a deal. It’s clear from that start that they weren’t going to be able to resist each other. Fate brought them together for better reasons. Oona was shocked to see him again and wasn’t prepared to give up her secrets. She did what she had to for her future when agreeing to his deal, but her heart took over. Juss is set on revenge, but being alone with her and telling his story makes him realize that’s not what he wants. The truth will come out and his heart will win. copy provided for an honest and voluntary review
Miriam Kasseris 2 days ago
I am a fan of all three authors in this collection, and I am happy to say they did not disappoint. Often there are side characters in books that are just so interesting that you wish would get their own story. Happily these fine authors agreed, and put together a set of stories revolving around the infamous Bond Street in London. I enjoyed them all, but my favorite of the three was "How to Brew a Perfect Kiss" by Shana Galen. Thomas was a fun character in Galen's "An Affair With a Spare", and I enjoyed getting to know him and Raeni - his heroine. Their story is truly an inspiration. The collection stands well on its own, but it is definitely worth checking out the related books as well. A must for fans of short & sweet romance!
abimus86 3 days ago
I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader Copy of Bachelors of Bond Street and the views expressed are my honest opinions. Shana Galen, Janna MacGregor and Minerva Spencer team up with three novellas featuring three successful businessmen and their chance meeting with love. In Janna MacGregor’s Love by the Letters, Portia Bellingham delivers her sister’s love letter the wrong person, thus meeting Gabriel St. Aulyn. Thus, she must recover it or risk having her sister ridiculed or worse, should the contents come to light. When her initial attempt results in failure, Portia must return to Gabriel’s bookshop, enabling her to get to know the bachelor better. It is then she discovers she has so much in common with him. But will their interests be enough for them to go against everything for a lifetime full of love together? This sweet novella ends with an unexpected twist that readers surely did not imagine. However, it could have been better such as delving into Gabriel’s past, or introducing the alleged fiancé 3.5/5 In Shana Galen’s How to Brew a Perfect Kiss, Thomas Gaines gets his own story. Readers first met Thomas in Shana’s Survivor book An Affair with a Spare, where he plays a prominent part of the storyline. In fact, the readers loved him so much that they demanded he gets his own story. Thankfully, Shana agreed. Thomas moved to London to open business on Bond Street. Raeni Sawyer needed money and accepted a position at his teashop, despite not having the talent for serving. After a mishap, Thomas meets the beautiful Raeni and offers her a different position, that of his clerk. Will the closeness make them realize how perfect they are for each other? I love the little details in the book such as descriptions of Bond Street as they give a realistic perspective to the novella. 5/5 In Minerva Spencer’s A Second Chance for Love, Oona Parker gets reunited with Justin Taylor by chance after they had been employed in the same household ten years earlier. Justin, who held the position of a groom, had been let go for dallying and had believed that Oona, then the governess, had been the tattletale after discovering him in flagrante delicto. Thus, after a decade, he welcomes the opportunity to carry out the revenge he always desired, despite of having done well. Thus, he offers the beautiful but impoverished Oona money to act as his mistress for a week, keeping his reason a secret. Oona, having secrets of her own, accepts. Would she regret her choice, or would this adventure lead to a lifetime of love? This novella is well written and keeps the readers in the dark of all the events until the end. 5/5
FaeScot 3 days ago
This is a delightful anthology, and I'm usually not a big fan of anthologies. Each author gave us a satisfying and engaging story of working class people, merchants or employees of Bond Street. It was refreshing to read stories not about dukes! I wanted to read this book for Shana Galen's Survivors story but the other two authors were equally as good. Janna MacGregor's Love by the Letters was about Gabriel St Aulyn, owner of Bond Street's bookstore The Hungry Mind. Miss Portia Bellingham is a rich merchant's daughter who's had 3 seasons and has been unable to find a husband. She being from the merchant class finds the aristocracy are not going to be enticed by her father's substantial dowry to gain the family connection to a title. She doesn't want them either but her parents insist. Her younger sister is going to debut soon and both want to save her the horror of a season. Portia has a gift for words and pens a love letter for her sister but the letter finds itself in the wrong handsome man's pocket, Gabriel's and not Mr. Hugh Merritt, his best friend. This is an engaging story of how Portia tries to retrieve the letter and they fall in love in the process. This story is a "con" as in the movie Sting and it was surprising in the end. Shana Galen's How To Brew A Perfect Kiss is the story of Thomas Gaines, the black merchant and former Virginia slave, from Affair with a Spare that aided the Rafe and Collette. He's opened A new business, a Coffee and Tobacco shop on Bond Street. Raeni Sayer is the daughter of a slave and a plantation owner in Jamaica. Her Dad sold her to another plantation owner and she didn't want to repeat the life her mother had. Her brothers are being sent to England to be educated and help her escape to England. She helped her father out with plantation business and was educated with her brothers so find she is not equipped to manual labor. After she crashes into Thomas with a loaded coffee tray during the morning rush the coffeehouse manager dismisses her but Thomas is intrigued by her and finds a position for her in the back. She takes over his filing for him and their story progresses as he finds out the utter squalor she's living in. I adored this guardian-protector story! Minerva Spencer's A Second Chance For Love was a vengeance story that went sideways. Justin Taylor was a former groom that worked at the same estate 10 years ago as Oona Parker who was the governess. He was attracted to her but she balanced a difficult line between the Viscount's family and the servants. As a governess she was in neither world and the servants didn't like her. Both she and Juss fell on hard times after being dismissed from Viscount Venable's Compton Abbey. He because he was tattled on about being intimate in the house with a maid and she for getting pregnant with the Viscount's child. Juss thought she was the tattler but later finds out he was wrong and spent ten years directing his anger at the wrong person. When he stumbles on her 10 years later he's become a wealthy merchant and she is a newly dismissed drudge working for the Bond Street Modess. He offers her an obscene amount of money for her to pose as his mistress at a house party for 7 days. Turns out it's a plan to gain revenge on her and Viscount Venable. After being caught in a blizzard that slows down their progress giving them time to share their stories. Juss discovers his vengeance is empty and not what he wants. I really enjoyed this story of finding out thing
Barbed1951 4 days ago
Love by the Letters, by Janna MacGregor: A comedy of errors, Portia helps her sister write a love letter and then she delivers it to Bea's beau, at least that’s what she tried to do, but the wrong man gets it. What she goes through to try to get the letter back gets her into some sticky situations, but after everything, she’s found the man of her dreams. I thought some of the situations that Portia got herself into were a bit silly and unlikely, but it all worked out, with a fun twist at the end. How to Brew a Perfect Kiss by Shana Galen: Thomas Gaines is a successful businessman, and his success is all the more sweet because he escaped from a life of slavery in America to England, where slavery is illegal. When Raeni Sawyer is hired at his new coffee and tobacco shop in London, he’s taken with her, even as he wonders how she came to be in London with nothing. He finally learns that she is the mulatto daughter of a plantation owner who has escaped to freedom in London from Jamaica. She was robbed of her money and belongings as soon as she came to London, and is need of some help. Of course there is some conflict and a bit of danger, but I was happy to see this unique couple figure out how to make it all work, since they were made for each other. This was definitely my favorite of the three stories, I loved it. A Second Chance for Love by Minerva Spencer: Justin Taylor and Oona Parker have both had their share of troubles, but Justin has managed to rise above his past and become a wealthy man. When he sees Oona again, he decides to get revenge for what he thinks she did to him long ago. Poor Oona has fallen on hard times and is just scraping by, trying to raise her daughter alone and taking what work she can find. When Justin proposes that she pose as his mistress for a week and offers a great deal of money, she can’t turn it down. It doesn’t hurt that she’s always been attracted to him, and it seems that the attraction was mutual. If Justin can get over the past, they just might have a future. I received an advanced reader copy of this book in return for my honest review.
krazymama_98 4 days ago
I have just finished reading a new anthology called Bachelors of Bond Street. There are three stories. One each from Shana Galen, Janna Macgregor and Minerva Spencer. My favorite is called How to Brew a Perfect Kiss by Shana Galen. Thomas Gaines is a successful business man. He is opening a new shop on Bond Street. And his newest employee is Raeni Sawyer. He finds that she is in need of help. Thomas has been there. He is glad to offer help. Raeni is hesitant. She is afraid to put Thomas in a dangerous situation. Will she allow his help? Does he have the resources to give Raeni the help she needs??
RWBrock 4 days ago
I enjoyed this anthology more than I thought I would. I normally find novellas leave me feeling rushed or let down because of their brevity. These were well-written stories featuring merchants (rather than aristocracy) and featured two authors I hadn’t read before (MacGregor & Spencer). Well done! Galen’s is a sweet love story between a former slave who now owns a coffee & tobacco shop on Bond Street and a Jamaican runaway whose white father wants to sell her to another. 4/5⭐️ MacGregor’s features a love letter that lands in the wrong (right) hands. Funny and endearing and involves a bookstore on Bond Street. 4/5⭐️ Spencer’s is a second chance story with a ten-year interval between a down-on-her-luck heroine and a self-made, rough and tumble owner of a tavern. A bit spicier than the other two, and my favorite overall. 4.25/5⭐️
MoniqueD 5 days ago
Love by the Letters by Janna MacGregor This is a quick, light read, with some twists. It's a fun if somewhat predictable story, but it felt rushed. I think this is Janna MacGregor's first novella, and it is a tricky format to master. It is well written, but I feel it would have been better to flesh out the romance rather than have Gabriel's extensively detailed backstory because the love seemed to come out of nowhere. If felt a little unbalanced, but I loved the characters. I give 3 stars. How to Brew a Perfect Kiss The Survivors: a Novella by Shana Galen At last, Thomas Gaines' story! Even though I was impatiently waiting for this story, Shana Galen captured my attention right from the start with her realistic and vivid depiction of Bond Street, its atmosphere and activities. This novella is very romantic but also very informative as we learn of various aspects of slavery and the black population who thrived in nineteenth century London. Once again, Shana Galen has written a compelling romance steeped in history and with secondary characters so intriguing that fans might beg for additional novellas. I'm thinking perhaps Madame Renauld, Alice, and two brothers... I give 5 stars. A Second Chance for Love by Minerva Spencer I have read Minerva Spencer's previous three books, and because she writes those sweeping sagas, I wondered how she would fare with this shorter format. I am surprised and delighted to say that this is my favourite book of hers! It's really a condensed novel, with fully fleshed out characters, a meaty story, great dialogues, a wonderful romance, and superb secondary characters; I loved Mrs. Cantrell and I hope we get to see more of her in the future. I give 5 stars. Overall rating: 4.3 stars, rounded up to 4.5 because of the excellence of the two latter novellas.
121667 5 days ago
I love anthologies. These three stories are all loosely connected by having a character work on Bond Street. You do not have to read them in order, in fact you can skip one and the others still make sense. The second and third stories are much better than the first. In “How to Brew a Perfect Kiss,” by Shana Galen, two escaped slaves make a new life in London. The story was wonderful but a bit rushed, as to be expected in a short story. Our hero is a strong man both physically and morally, who went out of his way to help others. Our heroine was of course a great beauty and I loved the descriptions of her since black regency heroines are few and far between. I did enjoy it and would love if they popped up as secondary characters in another story. The third story, “A Second Chance For Love,” by Minerva Spencer was also really good. The lead up to the steamy bits was so well done, you almost didn’t know it was a short story. The first story, “Love by the Letters,” by Janna McGregory was off to a good start and then all of a sudden they are romantically involved. I had a hard time with this story since their actions seemed so out of character and appeared out of the blue. All in all, I enjoyed the anthology, I have read nearly all of Shana Galen’s works and received this as an advanced reader copy in exchange for my review.