Back in the Day: Tales from NZ's Own Paradise Island

Back in the Day: Tales from NZ's Own Paradise Island

by Mike Johnson


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780994101570
Publisher: Lasavia Publishing
Publication date: 09/28/2015
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.74(d)

Table of Contents

The 52 Tales
MoJo Mayhem and the Dope Patch
Horrowitz and the Furious Fantail
How Sid Vicious got his Name
Bobby and the Bunkin
Wally and the Wolf Spider
A Theatrical Production
Garrison Ford and the Merry Mercenary
Ricky and the Rowdy Rooster
Kendell and the Killer Chemicals
A Queer Rooster
Art is a Way of Looking
Houdini and the Holiday Hotties
Stumpy and the Bunny Rabbits
Millie Millicent and the Spider Man
Chainsaw Travis and the Sleeping Ugly
Charlie and his Chop Suey Wife
Tricksy Claw and the Demon Rat
Dennaray Darko and the Primordial Twins
Petrolhead Pinkie and Stock Car Sally's Last Ride
Short Cuts
Willard and the Wine Tasters
Xena and the Zombie
The Artist and the Apple Tree
Pippa and the Placenta Tree
Harry the Hobbit and the Hidden Treasure
Hettie Harper and the Indigo Children
Polly and Playcentre
Little Thieves
Cess Claw and the City Slicker
Revenge of the Dish-Dog
Suzie, Sarah and the School Uniform Shemozzle
Manny and the Men's Group
Petra and the Peculiar Painting
The Man who Couldn't Stop Walking in Circles
Lady Nicotine and the Nicolettes, or, Last Gasp gasps his Last Gasp
The Suitcase that Walked by Itself
Standing or Squatting?
Crusty and the Canny Cat
Tina and the Taniwha
Kendell and the Talented Typewriter
Northrop and the Frog Man
Sammy and the Septic Tank
The Man who Mistook the Moon for a Street Light
Sue Lake and the Sizzling Sausages
Tina and the Ten Cents
A Place Apart
How Greedy Nan got her Name
A Mortgage and an Orange Tree
Pear Shaped in Paradise
The Recluse
Boatie Ben and the Mists of Unbeing
Garrison Ford and the Morning After

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