Back Off! I'll Lose Weight When I'm Ready: A Weight Loss Guide for Teens and Their Crazed Parents

Back Off! I'll Lose Weight When I'm Ready: A Weight Loss Guide for Teens and Their Crazed Parents

by Debi Davis


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Back Off! Is the perfect combination of information and empowerment. The short, easy-to-read chapters will enable the reader to learn about themselves while mastering their ability to create behavior and nutritional changes that fit into their personal family lifestyle. It can provide a source of information on a variety of topics that can be referenced by specific challenges.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780883911044
Publisher: Frederick Fell Publishers, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/28/2004
Pages: 313
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Debi Davis is the founder of Fit America Weight Loss and Wellness Stores. She personally lost 85 pounds and has helped countless numbers of others to achieve their weight loss goals. Debi is a recognized speaker on radio and TV on the subject of weight management. Sitting on the Board of both Boys and Girls Clubs and Junior Achievement, Debi recognized the need for helping overweight children of all ages.

Table of Contents

So...You Think You Have A Weight Problem?v
Chapter 1Why Do I Have a Weight Problem?
Who's Body Is It Anyway?3
Understand The Facts And Lose The Excuses7
Check It Out13
Why Do We Do What We Do?15
Feeling Happy, Feeling Sad... Understanding Your Emotional Comfort Zone18
Creating Beliefs That Make Things Happen22
Making New Emotional Files24
Willpower Doesn't Cut It27
So, What Do I Do Now?29
Chapter 2Yes You Can and You Will
You Are Your #1 Priority33
Be Your Own Cheerleader36
Expand Your Life's Path39
Beware Of Self-Sabotage41
Time For Self-Evaluation43
Chapter 3Kids Need Stress Management, Too!
Problems? Keep Your Mind Fit47
Stress & Food Cravings55
Chapter 4Think Yourself Thin
Make A Picture Of Your Goal61
How Do I Make My Picture Become Real?63
Chapter 5Plan Your Changes
Planning For Your Picture69
Planning Your Vision71
Visualization Exercise80
Chapter 6Don't Make Eating a Disorder
Diet Myths85
Feeling A Little Confused?91
Binge Eating Now Recognized As #1 Eating Disorder93
The Dangers Of An Overweight Condition97
Why Do People Have So Much Trouble With Weight?101
Chapter 7Dieting Makes It Worse
Fad Diets & Weight Problems Go 'Hand-In-Hand'105
Diets Don't Work107
Chapter 8Eating to be a Dude or a Babe
Set A Goal And Don't Go Crazy113
Easy Eating Guide117
Food Categories123
Menu Guides124
Think About Your Food Plans For The Day127
Watering Down Fats129
Eats Lots Of Mini-Meals133
Don't Freak Out...You May Be "Trading Pounds"135
How Much Can I Eat?138
101 Ways To Cut Fat & Calories140
Chapter 9What's a Food Group and Why You Care
Eating For A Balanced Day151
What Are Proteins, Carbohydrates And Fats?157
What Is Hydrogenated Fat Anyway?161
Chapter 10You've Got Options
The Choice Is Yours165
America's 10 Most Popular Foods Are Dangerous!169
How To Stop Sugar Cravings179
Ten Superfoods183
Bring On The Beef186
Keeping The Fat Out Of Your Meat188
Snacks Under 100 Calories190
Chapter 11Make Fast-Food Fast, Not Fatty
12 Classic Fat Rules195
Quick Fat Facts198
Can Fatty Foods Make You Stupid?200
Fast-Food Breakfast Doesn't Have To Be Fatty202
The Best Of Your Fast-Food Options204
Learn To Calculate Fats209
Chapter 12Eat For Your Body, Too
Feed Your Face...Foods To "Glow" On213
"Growing Pains" May Mean Calcium Deficiency215
Get A Fix On Fiber216
Get Tired?219
It May Be In Your Head...Headache Triggers221
It's Never Too Soon To Fight Diseases223
Do You Have Diabetes And Not Know It?227
Chapter 13Eating at School
Cafeteria Food Isn't Your Only Option231
Chapter 14It's Cool to be Smart
Foods & Moods235
Unbelievable Nutrition Facts239
Metabolism & Thermogenesis241
What Is A Plateau?243
Chapter 15Label Wise
Be Label Wise247
How To Read Food Labels249
Label Dictionary250
Chapter 16Get a Grip When You Party
Party Without Panic257
Eating Out Guide260
Before "Take-Off" Travel Tips264
Chapter 17Puking Isn't Sexy
Purging Isn't Fooling Anyone267
What Can You Do?271
Chapter 18Unorganized Exercise
What's The Big Deal About Exercise?275
Making Exercise Fun281
Mini-Workouts May Be All You Need282
Chapter 19Smoking & Weight Management
Smoking Tied To Weight Fears287
Second-Hand Smoke Is A Problem Too290
You Can Quit If You Want To292
Chapter 20Putting the Program All Together
Let's Put It All Together295
A Letter To The Reader297
Chapter 21My Special Note to Parents
A Letter From The Author301
Weight Control For The Whole Family303
Make It Happen309
From the Author310

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