Back Pocket Coach: 33 Effective Communication Strategies for Work & Life

Back Pocket Coach: 33 Effective Communication Strategies for Work & Life

by Diane Brennan, Alexandra Ross


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ISBN-13: 9780692817155
Publisher: Alexandra Ross LLC
Publication date: 01/06/2017
Pages: 106
Sales rank: 1,292,791
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.22(d)

About the Author

Diane Brennan is a consultant, coach, author and speaker. She is passionate about leadership in all types of organizations. She enjoys working with leaders and teams in the fields of healthcare, aerospace, engineering, science, academics and business. Diane's expertise in organizations includes strategic thinking, navigating change and creating a learning culture. Diane holds a doctorate in behavioral health, an MBA and is a Master Certified Coach. She brings calm to the chaos in organizations and life. Contact Diane at

Alexandra Ross is an entrepreneur turned coach working with leaders and managers in aerospace, technology and industry. As an entrepreneur she launched three businesses, including an ad agency, which she later sold. Retained as a managing executive, Alexandra discovered the challenge of balancing success, effectiveness and authenticity. When she began coaching in 1998, her passion was to help clients balance these three factors in their professional lives, as well as develop skills to support self-empowerment. Contact Alexandra at

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii
How to Use This Book xv

Part One
One-on-One Conversations 1
1. I would like to appreciate you for... 3
2. What outcome do you want? 4
3. We both want the same thing here. 5
4. Help me understand... 6
5. What is your understanding of our agreement? 7
6. What are your expectations for...? 8
7. May I give you some feedback? 9

Part Two
Conversations On-the-Fly 11
8. Can we continue this conversation later? 13
9. Let me take some time to consider this. 14
10. What's the priority here? 15
11. Who is accountable? 16
12. What expectations do you have of me? 17
13. I may need to renegotiate our agreement. 18
14. Just keep breathing! 19

Part Three
In Meetings 21
15. May I make a request? 23
16. I want to be sure we're clear. Will you please clarify...? 24
17. Let's each summarize our actions and agreements. 25
18. Please...let's not interrupt each other! 26
19. Hold that thought! 27
20. May I ask a question? 28
21. Time out! 29
22. How does this relate to our bigger goal? 30
23. What are we thinking but not saying here? 31
24. Be bold. Ask a question! Make a comment! 32

Part Four
Self-Reflection 33
25. What if I don't have all the facts? 35
26. Assume positive intent. 36
27. Who else needs to know or be included? 37
28. Notice and acknowledge successes. 38
29. What could I have done better or differently? 39
30. What am I learning? 40
31. What am I holding onto here? 41
32. Tell the truth respectfully. 42
33. Shake it off! 43

Part Five
Situations and Issues 45
When you value someone's work or contribution 47
When the objective is unclear 48
When you find yourself in disagreement with others 49
When you're just not connecting 50
To make sure you're on the same page 51
To avoid making assumptions 52
How to diplomatically critique another 53
When you need to buy time 54
When your role is unclear 55
When you can't deliver as promised 56
When you're feeling overwhelmed 57
How to step up when the situation calls for a leader 58
When the discussion gets heated 59
When everyone's talking at once 60
To get a meeting back on track 61
When someone is rambling 62
To make sure someone is ready to listen 63
Making it safe to speak the truth 64
Realize that your contribution is valuable 65
When you're angry and think you have a reason to be 66
How to bring your "A" game every time 67
When your ideas are met with resistance 68

Part Six
Game Changing Conversations 69
Game Changing Conversations Context and Methodology 71
Game Changing Conversations Worksheet 75
About the Authors 77
Acknowledgments 79

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