Back to December

Back to December

by Heather McCoubrey


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Thanks to an abusive mother and an absent father, Anna Blackhurst has only known the love of two people: her Gram and her best friend, Niki.

When Anna meets Cooper Reed in a smoky club, she's immediately drawn to his good looks but isn't prepared to open herself up to a relationship. As time passes, Anna finds herself falling in love with Cooper and she begins to rethink her future. Maybe, despite her childhood, she can have a happy-ever-after.

But when her mother is in a terrible accident, she again sinks her claws into Anna and Anna's world is thrown upside down. Despite Cooper's unwavering support, Anna walks away only to regret it immediately. In order to heal, not only herself -- but also her broken relationship, Anna must stand up for herself and accept that the only way she's going to be happy is if she grabs hold of it herself.

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ISBN-13: 9781499593907
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/16/2014
Pages: 372
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.83(d)

About the Author

Heather McCoubrey is a native of Maine but having moved all over the U.S. as a child, she doesn't sound like one. She's been writing since middle school when a teacher taught her she could create her own stories instead of just reading them. That year she had some of her first poems published in the school magazine and from there she graduated to writing a full-length novel in high school (which has been collecting dust on her shelf ever since!). She is the self-published author of To Love Twice, her debut novel. Her second novel, Back to December, is scheduled to be released in June 2014 and the novel that's been collecting dust on the shelf, Emily's Choice, is scheduled to be released in October 2014. Heather resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, two children, Rex the chihuahua and Fatty the goldfish. When she's not being super-mom and wife, she ekes out time to write, watch football, practice her British accent and dream of living on an island where it's eighty degrees year-round.

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Back to December 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
lifeasleels More than 1 year ago
This was an amazing romance. I started and finished this book in just a few hours – I couldn’t put it down! The level of dysfunction and abuse that Anna experienced touched me personally giving this book an all too realistic journey for me. This wasn’t your typical boy meets girl, girl falls in love, they live happily ever after romance. This is a full journey of a young girl trapped in an adult body trying to navigate her way out of her confused and unloved childhood. This book had its own therapeutic qualities and is definitely a book I will read again (something I don’t generally do!)
lewaah More than 1 year ago
First off, let me admit that I am biased due to being friends with the author for almost 20 years. I am a huge supporter of her writing and am so proud of her for putting her words out there for everyone to read. That having been said, I really liked this book. I can see definite growth in Heather's writing from her first book to this one. Her descriptions were wonderful. In fact, her descriptive prose is probably one of her biggest strengths. She was writing locations she knows, and it showed. It felt like you were really there. The Bar Harbor scenes in particular stood out for me. The characters had visible growth throughout the story and I was interested to see how the various plot arcs resolved. Heather built her story well, and the progression felt just right. The plot twists weren't as abrupt and shocking as in her first book, but they didn't need to be. This wasn't that kind of story. Her first book was more of a thriller. B2D is closer to what I think of as a "typical" romance novel. I told my wife it reminded me of one of the Hallmark movies she loves so much. I hope that's not a slight; it's not meant to be. I just mean that as a person who doesn't usually read romances, to me, B2D felt like what I always think a romance novel should feel like. That's a good thing. If you are a fan of romances and heroines who have to deal with their demons on the way to love, this is a book for you. A great second book from one of my favorite new authors and old friends. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I became invested in this book from the very first chapter. Anna has survived a treacherous childhood, escaping her parents’ horrific treatment of her due to strength and determination of her grandmother. Though Anna is able to find comfort and stability in her new life, the scars left by her parents are far from healed. Anna works hard to get her life in order and with the arrival of the gorgeous and kind Cooper, it looks like she is finally on the path to happiness. However, when her mother gets into a car accident, Anna is sucked back into the very worst of her early life experience. It is then that the roller coaster ride begins! I found myself desperately hoping that Anna would find the strength to let go of her demons and move forward. I am thoroughly impressed by the range of emotions that Ms. McCoubrey was able to invoke in me with the creation of her life-like characters - compassion, joy, frustration and even anger! Back to December is a beautifully written tale of loss and love. I highly recommend this book. Once you pick it up, you have a very hard time putting it down!