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Back To Myself: Or My Way Towards Happiness

Back To Myself: Or My Way Towards Happiness

by Anna Iourenkova


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"Anna Iourenkova has certainly taken her place in the world of contemporary poetry. Through these poems, we follow her on her journey towards happiness and self-enlightenment. Guided by nature and the Universe, Iourenkova writes about her own personal experiences, how she got through them, and what she has learned from them. From her darkest hour to a mindful awakening, she adeptly turns her words and thoughts into stunning images and beautiful metaphors. Iourenkova's poetic musings on nature, healing, travel, the Universe, relationships, women and society share a keen insight on the many ways in which the world works. The way she paints and depicts life on her canvas will certainly serve as an inspiration to all those who read it." - Danica Hawkins

"My poetry reflects my inner evolution going from the NDE till plenitude of happiness, the result of my introspective search and of my will to find it through my personality's liberation, self-expression, creation, observation and appreciation of life, whatever happens. It's not a theory, but happiness in practice, not always in ideal conditions, as it's frequent in our life. For the first time I open up about my most intimate feelings and thoughts on humanity, relationships between women and men, love, life, death, nature and the Universe, as I never have before. But since I'm a professional hypnotherapist, my poetry is not just a book of my heart, but also a therapeutic talk meant to help readers find their own way, think and modify their vision on some subjects in life and especially to inspire positive emotions. Some of my poems can be used as mantras or self-suggestions." - Anna Iourenkova

"...I fill my space with rainbow's iridescent colors.

My paintings reflect them as a mirror of my heart.

I fill my space with blossoming white flowers,

excising every day a happy life's fine art.

I realize my dreams one by one

without waiting for a better future.

I create it by filling the present with more fun.

It's present happiness which makes a happy future.

I live right now. My life, each day I savor,

inhaling, tasting its incomparable unique flavor,

taking from life, where nothing can be fake,

whatever I can take, enjoying for my sake..."

(Extract from the poem "I want to live right now)

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ISBN-13: 9781519148704
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/23/2015
Pages: 234
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About the Author

Born in Russia and living in France, Anna Iourenkova is a certified practicing hypnotherapist, a painter and video-meditation creator. Creation of all kind is an important part of her life, poetry is its most recent child, but it has already been noticed in Russia, having been nominated for two Russian National competitions "Russian Heritage 2016" and "Poet of the Year. Debut 2016".

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