Back to Nature & Breathing

Back to Nature & Breathing

by Nhu Nguyen


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"Back to Nature and Breathing" by Nhu Nguyen, is a wonderful handbook bearing her dream. It is a simple dream with a simple method; that humans will escape the pain of illness, live without depression, and be truly happy every moment of their lives.

"Back to Nature" is the translation of Vietnamese words "Hoan Nhien," a theory of Vietnamese qigong training to achieve a good life in both mental and physical fields. This theory has been handed down from generation to generation in Viet Nam.

“Hoan” means return, to be back. Attune. “Nhien” means nature. “Hoan Nhien” means “Back to Nature,” attune to the flow of Nature's energy; Heaven and Earth. “Back to Nature” is a way of living, for a normal life of each person. “Back to Nature” is a way of training in order to attain a peaceful life for the whole Body and Mind. “Back to Nature” is a way to activate a natural healing source hidden in the human connection to natural energy while training the body and soul, aiming at recovering the living force of body and soul that been exhausted by time.

Heaven, Human, and Earth are basic elements of the philosophy of life of Vietnamese Ancestors. Humanity is the bridge between Heaven and Earth. Earth is the supporter of the Human physical life. Heaven is a spacious spirit of humanity. Humans cannot be whole without the connections of Heaven and Earth.

“Back to Nature” balances our physical and mental conditions by our will of training in harmonizing and using the miracle energy ready in Nature.

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ISBN-13: 9780988748729
Publisher: Nhu Nguyen
Publication date: 09/05/2017
Pages: 162
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword ix


Chap 1: The Theory of “Back to Nature” 3

Chap 2: Vegetation 8

Chap 3: "Back to Nature" and Negative Electricity 11

Chap 4: Cell, Negative Electricity, and Life 16

Chap 5: The Benefits of Bare Feet in Training 20

Chap 6: Hands in Training 32


Chap 7: The Very Breath 41

Chap 8: Breathing 44

Chap 9: Two Basic “Back to Nature” Breaths 47

Chap 10: Activities in Breathing 50

Chap 11: Types of Breathing 65


Chap 12: Breathing With or Without Sounds 77

Chap 13: “Roar” Breathing 78

Chap 14: Pronouncing Sounds in Breathing: Vowels or Consonants 83

Chap 15: Breathing Rhythm per Minute 87

Chap 16: Using Nose or Mouth to Exhale or Inhale 90

Chap 17: The Difference Between Exhale and Inhale Timings 95

Chap 18: Breathing With or Without Emptying the Volume of Our Lungs 97

Chap 19: Retaining Time Between an Inhale and an Exhale 102

Chap 20: Breathing With or Without Body and Limb Activities 106

Chap 21: Breathing With or Without Weight 108

Chap 22: Breathing With or Without Guided Brain Activities 112


Chap 23: Breathing Music 123

Chap 24: The Benefits of Coordinating Your Breathing With the Breathing Music 125

Epilogue: The Path of Training 133

Appendix A: Frequently Asked Questions 135

Notes 1 - 11. 143

References 144

About the Author 146

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