Back to Square One: Conversations with Sabyasachi Guha

Back to Square One: Conversations with Sabyasachi Guha

by Sabyasachi Guha


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Driven by the desire to express the stark reality we find ourselves in, and the physical and transformative impact of his contact with U.G.Krishnamurti, Dr. Sabyasachi Guha passionately shares his point of view with those interested in discussing these matters. He expresses to others what is activated in him by their questions and state of being. His responses are entirely spontaneous and unrehearsed and there is intense energy and passion stimulated by the presence of an interested "other". He can talk for hours, or withdraw into silence. He makes no claims of "enlightenment" or being in the "natural state"; he merely expresses what flows from his heart and being.

All our lives we try to run away from who and what we are. Our sight is always on the ever-receding horizon of aspirations and conditioned concepts of who we should be. We endlessly engage in refined and novel sensory stimulations to ward off everyday anxieties, stresses and disappointments. But the temporary happiness leaves behind only frustration and yearning for more. Some of us try to find solace in religious and spiritual pursuits.

According to Guha, it is only when this concept generating faculty of the mind is caught red-handed justifying its pleasure movement, purpose and self-aggrandizement that it starts to lose its grip on our life principle and we return home into our bodies. He says we still have hope that some knowledge or some effort on our part will help bring us out of this sense of discomfort but categorically adds that nothing will!

Like his (non teacher) teacher U.G. Krishnamurti, Guha is uncompromising in his approach while his grasp of human behavior, mental functions and neurobiology leave one spellbound. He exudes peace and calm. I feel fortunate to have him as a friend.

—Dr Shujaat Qayyum, M.D.
(Child & Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist)

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