Back to the Drawing Board: The Future of the Pro-Life Movement

Back to the Drawing Board: The Future of the Pro-Life Movement

by Teresa R. Wagner


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Back to the Drawing Board: The Future of the Pro-Life Movement is an unprecedented collection of thoughtful and sometimes painfully honest essays, evaluating the pro-life cause thirty years after Roe v. Wade. Contributing writers are the movement's most respected leaders, including Dr. James Dobson, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, Nat Hentoff, Dr. Mildred Jefferson, Congressman Chris Smith, Phyllis Schlafly, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Paul Weyrich, and Jean Garton, among others. They are statesmen, scholars, doctors, lawyers, judges, activists and mothers. They are Evangelical Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Jewish, and Catholic. They are men and women, young and old, liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican - and third party. Many are veterans, some are new; but all have labored in the effort, and care about its future.

The book is intended for the next generation of pro-life leaders, who will learn from its pages of the movement's history and current predicament. The collection's many and varied views, about the future as well as the past, invite readers to go back to the drawing board and contemplate: What now?

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ISBN-13: 9781587310607
Publisher: St. Augustine's Press
Publication date: 03/28/2003
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Pages: 256
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Table of Contents

Foreword: Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, Editor-in-Chief, First Things
Introduction: Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson, a Founder and Past President, National Right to Life Committee
Part I: The Legal Arena
  • 1. The Legal Profession and the Law Schools: Should We Blame the Lawyers? by Charles E. Rice, Professor Emeritus, Notre Dame Law School, Visiting Professor, Ave Maria School of Law
  • 2. The Judiciary: Only Liars Need Apply by Terence P. Jeffrey, Senior Editor, Human Events
  • 3. Litigation Strategies and Democratic Deliberation: Let the People Decide by Clarke Forsythe, President, Americans United for Life
  • 4. An Appreciation of Justice Byron White (1917-2002): Seeing the Dragon Cloud by John Manning Regan, Sr., retired Judge and Past President, St. Thomas More Lawyers' Guild (Rochester, New York)

Part II: Medicine and Science
  • 5. The Medical Profession: Reflections of the Abortion King by Dr. Bernard Nathanson
  • 6. A View from Clinical Psychiatry: Abortion Wounds by Dr. Philip Ney, The International Institute of Pregnancy Loss
  • 7. Long-Term Physical Complications of Induced Abortion: Breaking the Silence by Dr. Elizabeth Shadigian, Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
  • 8. Pregnancy Help Centers, Abstinence, STDs, and Healing: Putting It All Together by Margaret Hartshorn, Ph.D.,President, Heartbeat International

Part III: Politics and the Movement
  • 9. A History of Pro-Life Leadership: For Better or Worse by Dr. Jack Willke, President, Life Issues Institute
  • 10. Political Engagement: An Honest Evaluation by Paul Weyrich, President, Free Congress Foundation
  • 11. A Defense of the Republican Party: The GOP Must Do More by The Honorable Chris Smith, United States Representative in Congress (4th District, New Jersey)
  • 12. A Critique of the Republican Party: The Republican "Lesser Evil" by Joe Sobran, Author & Columnist
  • 13. The Party or the Movement?: Principle or Pragmatism? Phyllis Schlafly & Colleen Parro, Founders, Republican National Coalition for Life
  • 14. The Democrat Party: Casey's Heirs and the Fall of Pro-Life Democrats by Mark Stricherz, Writer, and Raymond L. Flynn, President, Catholic Alliance
  • 15. Another Party? Time for Constitutional Fidelity: The Constitution Party by Howard Phillips, Chairman, The Conservative Caucus
  • 16. The Base: Letter to the Troops: The Grassroots of the Pro-Life Movement by James Dobson, Ph.D., President, Focus on the Family
  • 17. The Liberal Voice beyond the Base: There's More to Abortion than Abortion by Nat Hentoff, Writer
Part IV: Religion
  • 18. Religious Leadership: Where Are the Shepherds? by Jean Garton, Litt.D., Founder, Lutherans for Life
  • 19. The Pro-Life Movement and the Jewish Community: LeChayim - To Life! Judaism Is for Life, How about Jews? by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President, Toward Tradition
  • 20. A Muslim Perspective: An Islamic View of Life Issues and the West by Dr. A. Majid Katme, Spokesman for the Islamic Medical Association, and Muslim Liaison for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (London)
Part V: The Culture
  • 21. Hollywood: The Problem with Selling Half the Story by Barbara Nicolosi, Director, Act One: Writing for Hollywood
  • 22. The Kinsey Culture: Sex-on-Demand, Abortion-on-Demand by Judith Reisman, Ph.D., President, The Institute for Media Education
  • 23. Motherhood and the Movement: Crisis of Life? Crisis of Love! by Mary Hasson and Miki Hill, Mothers, Writers
Part VI: The Future
  • 24. Bioethics and the Status of the Human Embryo: Two Traditions in Tension by John M. Haas, Ph.D., President, National Catholic Bioethics Center
  • 25. A New Federation for Life: Learning from Our Adversaries by Chuck Donovan, Executive Director, Family Action Alliance
  • 26. The International Scene: Dangerous Mischief at the United Nations: Abortion as the Law of the World by Austin Ruse, President, Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute Teresa R. Wagner is a former Lobbyist with the National Right to Life Committee, and a former Legal and Policy Analyst for Family Research Council, both in Washington, D.C.

What People are Saying About This

Gary L. Bauer

Never before in the history of the pro-life movement have scholars, states-men, judges, activists and others combined their insights to provide a com-prehensive look at the movement's history and its future. Yet, that is exactly what this book does. Back to the Drawing Board: The Future of the Pro-Life Movement is a remarkable collection of essays by distinguished professionals and is must reading for anyone seeking to understand the pro-life movement, its successes, failures, and the challenges it faces as it enters the 21st century.
President, Campaign for Working Families

George Weigel

The courageous tenacity of the pro-life movement has been the great untold story of American public life for three decades. This timely and important book demonstrates that the pro-life movement - which will be the great civil rights movement of twenty-first century America - has the courage to be self-critical as well as the courage to be tenacious.
Senior Fellow, Ethics & Public Policy Center, and Author of Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II

Laura Schlessinger

A very welcome review of a vitally important mission ...
Author, The Ten Commandments

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