Back to the Zone: Sport and Inner Experiences

Back to the Zone: Sport and Inner Experiences

by Damien Lafont

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Back to the Zone: Sport and Inner Experiences by Damien Lafont

For athletes in any sport � A guide to entering �The Zone� at will.

�The Zone� is that quasi-mystical state achieved only rarely by athletes, when everything flows effortlessly and you can do no wrong. Unfortunately, we enter the Zone seemingly at random, when it is least expected.

The great hope of all competitors is to be able to summon the Zone at will. Toward this end, �Back to the Zone� breaks the Zone down into its many components and helps the athlete optimize each one: balance, absorption, clarity, feedback, concentration, control, loss of self-consciousness, imagination, positive thoughts, energy, self-esteem, meditation, and quiet mind.

Damien Lafont shows us that reaching the Zone is more about freeing our mind from the unnecessary rather than learning new techniques and concepts.

This is a short, clear, practical guide for athletes in all sports. With it, the golfer or the baseball player, the runner or the swimmer, the tennis player or the cyclist will all reach new levels of performance, and will find themselves �in the Zone� more often.

� Praise for Back to the Zone �

�Damien Lafont is comfortable wearing many hats: scientist, philosopher, mental trainer, vision expert, and elite-level tennis player. His tireless investigation of flow continues to shine a light on this extraordinary experience of human peak performance we call The Zone.�
�Scott Ford, tennis pro and author of Welcome to the Zone

�A literary symphony about sport that takes a peek at the elusive world of an athletes� inner experience. A book that can ease a professional athlete in knowing that our peak states are much more than a cocktail of chemicals. It helps do what is needed in sport � dismantle the notion that sport is purely mechanical and embrace a more fluid and natural approach to our innate abilities.�
�Caitlin Cunningham, Women�s National Basketball League, Australia

�Words often feel inadequate to describe the quasi-mystical state of �being in the Zone.� Back to the Zone remarkably achieves a new level of understanding; it insightfully uses the voices of those who experienced it, blending them as in a Bach fugue, as in a collective jazz improvisation. Reading this book, we feel closer to it, we feel it.�
�Marco Iacoboni, author, Mirroring People: The Science of Empathy and How We Connect with Others

�Every athlete must go beyond; transcend the barriers of pain, mind and fear. Here, they reach a holy land within themselves that gives the athlete the gift and power of feeling oneness � a connectedness. Every athlete and person has the ability to experience this grand unity and I applaud anyone who reads this book and is inspired to allow this true and natural experience for themselves.�
�Catherine Louise Birmingham, International equestrian rider and coach and author of Ride for Life: Three Golden Principles for Riders

�Back to the Zone is a must-read for any athlete wanting to gain that extra edge to take them to the top in any given sport or hobby. An excellent read, interesting and informative with simple instructions on reaching your potential. Hugely recommended for artists and performers or anyone wanting to achieve mental clarity.�
�Freya Prumm, surfer, ASP Women�s World Tour

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About the Author

Damien Lafont, Ph.D., is a Certified Mental Trainer� based in Southern California. After working at the prestigious NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Dr. Lafont decided to commit himself to performance enhancement. He has worked with Olympic, professional, college, and amateur athletes. He trains any performer who seeks excellence and harmony between mind, body and spirit. He is also author of�several books about sport, consciousness, and spirituality. Visit his website at�

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