Backpacking from Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite Valley: California Natural History and Biography of Laurel Marie Sobol

Backpacking from Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite Valley: California Natural History and Biography of Laurel Marie Sobol

by Laurel Marie Sobol


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The Little House of Miracles Journal Book Series~ Soli Deo Gloria Forever
Laurel Marie Sobol Amazon Bookstore

The Little House of Miracles Book Series
Laurel Marie Sobol Amazon Bookstore

Laurel Marie Shanahan Sobol had gone backpacking before with her Pa, eighteen month older brother John, and twin Uncles Tom and Eddie. They had gone to the Yosemite Valley area and were about to venture there once again to backpack for another adventure of a lifetime together. Laurel was a little older now and more aware of her surroundings.
Laurel would take to the trail, let the wind and the weather weave a tale in the crevices of her mind, heart, and her soul. She would carry this story to the world and share the glory with everyone who would hear. The miracles, the magic, the wonders and thrill, the music and memories woven in the fabric of her soul...

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Publication date: 10/29/2011
Pages: 96
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About the Author

About the author:
Laurel Marie Sobol is an inspirational author and illustrator of fine art. She believes that a healthy world equates to healthy inhabitants. Thus her art and literary works are geared toward the appreciation of earth, sustainability, green, recycling, reducing waste, and using natural forms of energy that don't contaminate the earth for thousands of years like nuclear energy.
Laurel is an advocate for wildlife and nature for it is these innocent creations that can't speak for themselves to better their circumstances on this earth. The animals and plants need protection just as humans do for healthy living and longevity.
The ideal world involves human and nature interaction and appreciation. If you take one away from the other neither will be fully functional and adjusted. Humans without a healthy natural environment can't be at their best. Nature without human assistance can't be at its best either. Join a cooperative effort and appreciation of humans, wildlife and nature and voila the ingredients are there for a healthy relationship for everyone and everything in the world.-Laurel Marie Sobol

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