Backward Compatible: A Geek Love Story

Backward Compatible: A Geek Love Story

by Sarah Daltry, Pete Clark


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WARNING: There is no sex in this book. Your Kindle or other device will remain at a pleasant room temperature. At no point will your panties drop. Your significant other will be allowed to snore in peace as you read.

Not too long ago, in a town that, depending on your current location, is either not super far or actually quite close...

It is a time of chaotic hormones.
Two nerdy gents home for winter break have discovered a female gamer at a midnight release.

During the break, the gamer trio manages to reveal the game's secret boss, a hidden enemy with enough power to destroy anything in its path.

Pursued by other gamers who want to be the first to beat this boss, George and Katie race to level up, and, in so doing, restore decency and sexual activity to their personal galaxy...

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ISBN-13: 9781494430573
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/10/2013
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.66(d)

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Backward Compatible: A Geek Love Story 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Raymond_Mathiesen More than 1 year ago
 Time is passing and the Y Generation have now become young adults.  During this social period computers and the Internet have become household items, at least in the Upper and Middle classes.  Online gaming has now become a subculture complete with language, social activities and dress. The word 'geek' has become more a description of an alternate subculture than a derogatory term.  Daltry and Clarke take us on a wacky trip into the world of computer geeks, as they follow the hectic lives of Katie Garretty and George Lindell.  Will this young woman and man come together in a sweet romance, or will they be doomed to remain single forever?  Does being a computer geek mean you can never have self-respect, or can these young people grow in self-confidence?  Will the pair ever battle their way to the end of Fatal Destiny, the game which dominates their young lives? Backward Compatible is a romantic comedy that will entertain those who enjoy reading New Adult or Young Adult fiction. Right from the start it should be pointed out that this book is a comedy and much of the humour revolves around politically incorrect views.  This book is full of foul language, sexual references and biases against minorities.  If you are looking for a book that will expand your social and political ideology you would do well to go somewhere else. If, however, you are looking for something that will make you smile, this is the book for you. In tune with the gaming ethos of the book, the novel is divided into 15 "Levels", reminiscent of computer game levels in which each new stage represents a higher degree of complexity and difficulty.  The plot of Backward Compatible can roughly be divided into two halves.  The first half, Level 1 – 7, revolves around the issue of whether Katie and George will actually get together, and the complication of a possible relationship between Katie and Jeff Browning ("Seynar").  The second half, Level 8- Boss Level (15), covers Katie and George's budding romance and a gaming hunt for hidden keys, in order to win a $10,000 prize and a trip to Montréal. Both halves each contain an extended description of gaming play, so it should be pointed out that this novel is particularly designed for those interested in online games.  If you are not so interested, these sections may seem a little dull.  Most of the book, however, is of general human interest and so will appeal to a wide range of readers. The chapters are written alternately from Katie's, then George's, point of view. As a result we gain a look into both the female and male minds and lives of young adults. This book, then, should appeal to both male and female readers.  At 356 pages Backward Compatible is of average length, however, it is just a little too long for the content.  It could have benefited from some minor editing.
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Katie meets George as she goes out to buy a copy of a game at the midnight release. They both grab the game and both try to buy it. Only one can buy it. As they start off on the wrong foot. They keep running into each other and they start teaming up to play the game. They along with their friends team up to win a prize as it is hidden in the game. Katie and George have a few dates and they begin to fall for reach other. They are joined most of the time by their friends and the game remains in the front of their minds.  Katie is a gamer and home on winter break. Her mom has given up on her being girly. She loves to play games and that is how she would prefer to spend her time. Before George she goes out on a date with a jerk and you see she may be a game nerd but she isn't a loser. I really liked her and how real she is. George is a great guy who at times can be clueless. He says some odd things that may make you think he is weird but he really doesn't know what to say at times. Lanyon is another character you will meet and love. He is very nerdy but he tries his best to pick up woman. He has a host off lines that will have you rolling around on the floor laughing. I am not a gamer but from the first chapter I knew I would love this book. The characters seem so real to me and I enjoyed getting to know them as they tried to beat the game and as they fell into love and also the friendships that come from the love of a game. Katie and George are so great together. They have that awkward thing most of us go through as younger adults as they learn about each other. There is so much laughter as well. I laughed through a lot of this book from Katie having a bad date, to Lanton trying to get girls, even George's car will have you laughing. I really can't describe how awesome this book is. You don't have to be a gamer to love it. I think this is a book anyone who as an inner nerd will love as you feel you are following along with these great characters on their journey to defeating the game to falling in love.
RelaxingwithaGoodBook More than 1 year ago
Laugh-out-loud FUNNY! Hilarious 1-Liners! A must read! First I would like to say this is the funniest book I have EVER read. I could not stop laughing, the tears from my laughing would hinder my reading and I would have to take a moment to contain myself. The one liner’s that the characters would spit out on command were down right laugh-out-loud hysterical! I am not a gamer by any means, unless you consider Super Nintendo Mario a gamer. However, a geek/gamer romance I thought would be something new and fun to read! Boy was I wrong, it was AWESOME! George and Katie are two very avid gamers that meet while fighting for the same game at a midnight opening! If you think this is a love at first sight story, you are wrong…it is more of an “I will kill you at first sight, if you don’t give me my damn game story!” LOL! The two immediately think the other is “interesting” (I use this word, because sexy is not the correct word) but there was a game to purchase and start playing. George and Katie eventually run into each other again and end up becoming friends and playing hours of Fatal Destiny X. Eventually their friends turns into more, which does not happen without a lot of interruptions from Lanyon (who is so funny). I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but this is a must read! You will laugh uncontrollably and will not want it to end!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a wickedly funny book. I received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review. It is chalk full of laughable moments, gamer geeks, and a truly sweet budding romance. This is not your typical romance in that there is no hot passionate scenes to sweep you away, but it is a wonderfully crafted story of young love, true friendship with a lot of twisted gamer humor chalked in between all of it. I loved Katie and George’s story from how they met to how they interact with all of their other nerdy friends. The dialogue is fun throughout. I found myself getting caught up in what they were saying and calling each other, sometimes just laughing out loud. I just couldn’t put it down.  Pete and Sarah make a great writing team and I look forward to more from them in the future. I am not a gamer at all and I had no problems understanding the dialogue. In the words of Yoda, read book, love it you must!! Go now and let your inner geek out! You won’t be sorry that you purchased this book!
KatieT92 More than 1 year ago
Hilarious and completely different.