Backyard Race Horse: The Training Manual: A Comprehensive Off-Track Program for Owners and Trainers

Backyard Race Horse: The Training Manual: A Comprehensive Off-Track Program for Owners and Trainers

by Janet Del Castillo, Lois Schwartz

Paperback(Fifth Edition, Fifth edition)

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ISBN-13: 9781884475078
Publisher: Prediction Publications
Publication date: 04/01/2013
Edition description: Fifth Edition, Fifth edition
Pages: 520
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Janet Del Castillo has trained racehorses for more than 30 years. She lives in Winter Haven, Florida. Lois Schwartz has owned race and pleasure horses and has written numerous articles on equines. She lives in Crossville, Tennessee.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents iii

Acknowledgments x

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! xi

Dedication xii

A Word About the Fifth Edition xiii

Foreword xiv

Let the Games Begin xv

The Impossible Dream xvi

To Begin the Great Adventure xx

The Horse… Where to Get Him… What to Look for xxii

Sales and Bloodlines 1

The Catalog, a Typical Sales Page

A Word with the Experts On - Sales 4

Claiming - Another Alternative 6

A Few Thoughts on the Claiming Dilemma 10

Syndicated Racing Partnerships 12

Conformation 14

Specific Conformation to be Aware of 16

From legs with tied in tendons, Over at the knee, Back at the knee, Long pasterns, Short upright pasterns, Straight or shallow in the hind end, Cow hocked

Inefficient Flight Pattern 18

Traits to Beware of 19

Brown Bag, Double Dexter, Epidemic, Red Filly, We Can't Lose with this One

Farm Layout and Friends 30

Farm Layout 31

Barn or Stall Area, Paddocks, Fences, Starting Gates, Bathing Horses, Wash Rack Area, Blanketing

Farm Friends 40

Chickens, Goats, Dogs

A Visit from the Vet 42

Coggins Test, Vaccinations, A Comment on Vaccinations, You and Your Vet, The Anatomy of a Horse, Two of the Most Common Equine Ailments, Some Less Common Equine Ailments, Deworming, Equine Dental Care, Teeth Determining Age

Alternative Therapies 54

To Medicate or Not to Medicate 56

Equipment 58

Equipment for Training 59

Helmets, Flak Jacket, Leads, Bridles, Bits, Reins, Side Reins, Martingales and Yokes, Saddles, Whips

Equipment for the Track 63

Blinkers, Shadow Rolls, Tongue Ties

Check List for Trips to the Track 65

Feeds and Supplements 66

Introduction 67

When and How to Feed 69

Hay, Pat, Extruded Feeds, Supplements

Del Castillo Feeding Schedule 76

The Science of Carrotology 77

Legs, Bandages, and Shoeing 78

Introduction 79

Bandaging and Leg Support for Racing 81

Solutions for Specific Leg Problems 82

Shoeing 84

The Effect of Hoof Angles on Joints 87

Footlore & Truth 88

The Duck Foot 89

What is a Quarter Crack? 90

A Word with the Experts on - Shoeing 91

Speaking of Farriers 95

A Word with the Experts on - Race Horses at Risk 96

Hauling and Shipping 98

Introduction 99

A Few Suggestions From An Experienced Hauler 101

Equipment for Horses Being Hauled 104

Prepare to Haul Horses 105

Commercial Hauling & Shipping 106

A Few Suggestions on Loading 108

Yank & Shank 111

A Word with the Experts on - A Practical View of Training Philosophies 112

Suggestions on Loading 113

Training Aids 114

Treadmills 115

A Sample Chart 116

Chart Keeping 117

Swimming 118

Heart Rate Monitor and Interval Training 120

Hot Walkers… 123

Exercise Machines 124

Basic Training 126

Weanlings to Eighteen Months… Groundwork 127

Yearlings Eighteen to Twenty-Four Months 128

Two-Year-Olds at Twenty-Four Months 132

Goals of Basic Training 136

Mr. Bluejeans 137

The Three Phases of Incremental Training 138

Introduction 139

The Program 141

Phase I - Trail Riding 142

Goals - Phase I 145

Phase II - Aerobic Fitness 146

Goals - Phase II 149

Training Routes 150

Phase III - Speed Development - Breezing 151

Goals - Phase III 157

A Word About Quarter Horses and Other Races 158

Useful Restraints Diagram 161

The Transition-Farm to Racetrack 162

Introduction 163

First Option-Weekend Haulers 164

Track Breezes 171

The Rules of the Track 172

Advice from the Outriders 175

A Word with the Experts on - Pony Horses 176

Cowboys on the Racetrack 178

Race Day 180

A Word with the Experts on - Shipping-In to Race or Work and Go 183

A Word with the Experts on - the Starting Gates 184

Janet's Comments on Starting Gates

Race Day Grooms 187

A Word with the Experts on - the Professional Groom 188

The Ebb and Flow of Daily Training 195

How Can You Get Any Clients with Such Terrible Racing Stats? 209

The Tale of Nine Two-Year-Olds 212

The Tale of Five Yearlings 217

Second Option - to the Track to Stay 224

Should You Train Your Racehorse at a Racetrack? 229

A Message to Farm Owners and Managers 233

A Message to Track Trainers 234

The Relationship Between Veterinarians, Owners, and Trainers 235

A Word on the Business of Training 238

Partnerships, Syndicates and Deals 239

A Model Training Contract 242

Insurance 244

Tax Considerations 245

Where are the Little Owners and Trainers? 246

A Word with the Experts on - Syndicates, Partnerships and Variations 248

Medications at the Racetrack 250

Introduction 251

The Informed Owner 257

Vet Bills from a Leading Trainer 260

Another Vet Bill 268

One More Vet Bill - Would You Like this Done to Your Horse? 273

Standard Operating Procedure for a Twenty-Two-Month-Old? 277

Common Medications: Their Uses at the Racetrack 278

Common Medications: What They Are and What They Do 279

Anabolic Steroids, Corticosteroids, DMSO, Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents (NSAIDs)

A Few Other Medications You Should be Familiar with 286

Sulfa Drugs, Calcium & Vitamin B, Lasix, Glycopyrrolate, Robaxin, Hyaluronic Acid

A Word About The Current Buzz on the Backside ESWT & EPO 289

A Word with the Experts on - the Dope on Lasix 294

A Word with the Experts on - Clenbuterol Use in Racehorses 297

Ask Doctor Sue 300

Ethics in Racing 302

Putting the Horse Before the Purse 303

What Won't They Think of Next… the Ethics of Racing 304

A Word with the Experts on - Old Time Horsemanship Versus Modern Medications 305

Racing Economics Collide with Veterinarians' Oath 309

Bladerunners on the Use of Medications in Horse Racing 314

Setbacks 316

Introduction 317

Paralyzed Flap 318

Soft Palate Displacement 319

Entrapped Epiglottis 319

Coughs and Colds 320

Bleeding (Epistaxis) 321

A Word with the Experts on - the Bleeder's List 326

Bucked Shins 329

A Worst Case Scenario

Bowed Tendons 333

Laminitis/Founder 335

Tie-Up 336

The Bag of Tricks 338

Solutions to Various and Sundry Problems with Horses and Training 339

Feed, Health, Behavior, Equipment

Useful Information and Track Terminology 346

Insight into the Frontside and the Backside 347

The Daily Racing Form, Equibase Company, the Overnight

A Page from the Overnight 351

A Page from the Condition Book 348

Track Publications 349

The Condition Book

Official Track Personnel 352

The Clerk of Scales, Clocker, Horse Identifier, Licenses, Paddock Blacksmith, Paddock Judge, Patrol Judges, Video Tape Patrol, Placing Judges, the Racing Secretary, the Starter, the Stewards

A Word from the Experts on - Stewards 356

Track Bookkeeper, Track Superintendent, Valet 363

Track Distances 365

How Do I Get My Racing Colors? 366

Racetrack Veterinarians 367

Backside Personnel 368

The Authorized Agent, Farriers, Jockeys 368

A Word with the Experts on - Jockeys an Interview with Rudy Turcott 370

The Jockey's Agent, the Exercise Rider 373

A Word with the Experts on - Jockeys and their Agents 374

Owners, Trainers 377

Obtaining Your Trainer's License 378

Pony Horses 380

Racing Entities 381

Horse Racing Boards or Racing Commissions, State Racing Commissions

Types of Racks 382

A Word with Our Readers 384

Letters and Stories We Had to Share 385

A Pat on the Back, Conversations From the Shedrow, the Czech Republic, Australia, Malaysia, Experiences In the Trenches, A Family Affair, the Economics of Racing Horses, Vic & Sturmy, A Backward Backyard Tale, Doing it His Way, Making the Transition From Backyard to Backstretch, Major Parker - A Grand Colt Who Earned His Retirement

A Word with My Children 408

Victoria… Coming Home Again 408

Jacki Hanks… From Blue Eagle Ranch to Rancho Del. Castillo 413

Nando… My Childhood Training Racehorses on the Farm 415

Alex… Riders… A Family Affair 420

As We Say Good-Bye 428

Saying Good-Bye to Your Backyard Racehorse 429

A Word about Euthanasia 431

As We Say Good-Bye 432

Glossary 414

Recommended Reading 452

Books & Videos 453

Magazines 454

References 455

Useful Websites 457

Useful Associations 457

The Jockey Club Directory of 459

Days of Glory 476

Contact Us and Order Form 520

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