BACKYARD REVIVAL: Experience the supernatural power of God in your own backyard

BACKYARD REVIVAL: Experience the supernatural power of God in your own backyard

by Leona Campbell


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I live in Idaho. I was born and raised here so I know it's a dry desert place with no fresh word of God. In 1989 my mother had just passed away from Leukemia and my father had been killed in a motor vehicle accident. I felt lost and alone.

I was trying to remain strong but it was hard. The world around me was changing rapidly and it was spinning out of control. I'm a fighter because growing up was a struggle for me. My family was very poor and my mother and father fought constantly (domestic violence).

I graduated from high school and got as far away from home as possible. I met my soul mate, fell madly in love and got married just after high school. But instead of fleeing poverty my husband and I were living pay check to pay check and struggling to make ends meet.

God miraculously got us out of that mess. We found a new church, began to tithe and things turned around. We sold our home and God helped us find a better one.

Then in the early 90's I met an outgoing woman at work who was also longing for more of God. We formed our own prayer circle right there in my kitchen. The sink became our prayer Alter. We laid our lives down for Christ right there on the kitchen floor.

When we did that the power of the Holy Spirit filled the entire house! There is nothing to compare with being filled with the Holy Ghost! His presence is unlike anything in this world. He came to us so strong that at times it felt as though a bolt of lightning had struck the house.

Shortly after that the visions began. Everywhere I went the Holy Spirit showed me a great and mighty thing. One day I was at the grocery store pushing my shopping cart up and down the aisles when a vision suddenly "flashed" before my eyes.

I saw a woman sitting on the floor next to her shopping cart having a seizure. Just as I turned the corner to go down the next aisle, there she was, just as I'd seen in the vision. God had shown me a glimpse of the future in the blink of an eye.

Then I started having dreams about healing. In one dream I saw a small child. The child's body was covered with sores and so diseased the skin had turned black. This child reached its arms out towards me.

I didn't hesitate. I ran over and embraced the child with so much love and compassion that I began to cry. My tears washed over the infant's skin. To my amazement the sores disappeared and the diseases were gone. God was saying he wants to heal the body of Christ.

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Leona Campbell lives in Meridian, Idaho with her family. She is passionate about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and God's power to heal. A survivor of domestic violence, Leona shares her stories through writing. She is the author of The Tap Paper Shack available on

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