Bacterial Gene Regulation and Transcriptional Networks

Bacterial Gene Regulation and Transcriptional Networks

by M. Madan Babu (Editor)


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Gene regulation at the transcriptional level is central to the process by which organisms convert the constant sensing of environmental changes and intracellular fluxes of metabolites to homeostatic responses. In recent years, a wealth of data from structural studies, sequence analysis, and comparative genomics has led to a greater understanding of bacterial gene regulation and transcriptional networks. Contributors from around the world have joined forces in this book to review and discuss the latest research observations and current theories in this highly topical and important area of microbiology. The book describes the components required for transcriptional regulation, elucidates their complexity, and discusses the genome-scale theories that currently prevail, by investigating a large number of completely sequenced microbial genomes. It discusses how transcriptional regulation and gene circuits can be used by bacteria to sense signals and generate phenotypic variation. It also introduces experimental and computational methods for investigating transcriptional regulatory networks on a genomic scale. Additionally, the book explores the transcriptional complexity of specific organisms, and it discusses the current understanding of the genome-scale regulatory networks and the importance of key transcription factors. The specific organisms covered include Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, Helicobacter pylori, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Cyanobacteria. This book constitutes a major work on bacterial gene regulation and is a recommended purchase for all institutions and organizations interested in microbiology.

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ISBN-13: 9781908230140
Publisher: Caister Academic Press
Publication date: 01/01/2013
Pages: 280
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Table of Contents

Contributors v

Preface ix

1 The Bacterial Transcription Apparatus L. Aravind Lakshminarayan M. Iyer 1

2 DNA Structure and Bacterial Nucleoid-associated Proteins Georgi Muskhelishvili Andrew Travers 37

3 Structure and Evolution of Prokaryotic Transcription Factor Binding Sites Rekin's Janky 53

4 Operons and Prokaryotic Genome Organization Sarath Chandra Janga Gabriel Moreno-Hagelsieb 67

5 Small-molecule-mediated Signalling in Bacteria Aswin Sai Narain Seshasayee Nicholas M. Luscombe 83

6 Transcriptional Circuits and Phenotypic Variation Ákos T. Kovács Oscar P. Kuipers 97

7 Genomic Approaches to Reconstructing Transcriptional Networks Stephen J.W. Busby Stephen D. Minchin 111

8 Structure and Evolution of Transcriptional Regulatory Networks Guilhem Chalancon M. Madan Babu 121

9 Operation of the Gene Regulatory Network in Escherichia coli Agustino Martínez-Antonio 139

10 Bacillus subtilis Transcriptional Network Yuko Makita Kenta Nakai 155

11 Helicobacter pylori Transcriptional Network Alberto Danielli Vincenzo Scarlato 167

12 The Transcriptional Regulatory Network of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Gábor Balázsi Oleg A. Igoshin Maria Laura Gennaro 185

13 Transcriptional Regulatory Network in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Deepak Balasubramanian Senthil Kumar Murugapiran Eugenia Silva-Herzog Lisa Schneper Xing Yang Gorakh Tatke Giri Narasimhan Kalai Mathee 199

14 Transcriptional Regulation Network in Cyanobacteria: a Comparative Genomic View Xizeng Mao Fenglou Mao Zhengchang Su Yi Li Ying Xu 223

Appendix 247

Index 277

Colour Plate A1

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