The Bad Always Die Twice

The Bad Always Die Twice

by Cheryl Crane
4.2 10

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The Bad Always Die Twice by Cheryl Crane

In the first of a wildly entertaining mystery series set amid the bright lights, big egos, and Botoxed brows of Hollywood, Cheryl Crane--daughter of legendary movie star Lana Turner--introduces a smart, hilarious, and utterly loveable heroine in realtor-turned-amateur sleuth, Nikki Harper.

For Nikki Harper, realtor to the stars and daughter of 1950s screen goddess Victoria Bordeaux, Hollywood is home--an albeit dysfunctional home populated by a cast of crazies. While Nikki's no stranger to scandal, she's shocked to receive a hysterical phone call from her business partner, Jessica Martin, saying that seventies sitcom star Rex March has been found dead in Jessica's bed. More shocking is the fact that, as far as anyone knew, Rex was already dead. . .

Six months ago, Rex was supposedly killed when his plane crashed in the Mojave Desert. Nikki and Jessica recently sold his mansion on behalf of his widow, Edith. Obviously, Jessica is being framed, but by whom? And why? And how can Rex be dead again?

"Cheryl Crane has written a superb mystery: rich in milieu, deep in plot twists, constant in the exercise of suspense and surprise. This book is a veritable primer on why people read and love crime fiction."--James Ellroy

"There's a good plot with a twist and some very clever Hollywood insider bits." --The Globe and Mail

"Plot twists keep the pages turning." --Booklist

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780758258878
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 07/31/2012
Series: Nikki Harper Series , #1
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 4.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Cheryl Crane is the daughter of Lana and restaurateur Stephen Crane. After attending Cornell University, she went to work at her father’s world famous Luau Restaurant in Beverly Hills. Since 1979 she has been a successful real estate broker, and in 1988 authored the book Detour: A Hollywood Story, her New York Times bestselling autobiography. She lives in Palm Springs.

Cindy De La Hoz is a film historian and author of the books Lucy at the Movies and Marilyn Monroe: Platinum Fox. She lives in Philadelphia.

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The Bad Always Die Twice 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars. An o.k. read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. I thought the characters were as much fun as the plot. I loved Nikki and her mother Victoria and the relationship they had. They obviously loved each other, but like most mothers and daughters, the relationship was complicated. The way Ms. Crane set the murder mystery in the Hollywood settings made for a great read. I have to admit, I enjoyed seeing what designer clothes different characters were wearing. I'm pre-ordering the next book in this series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved The Bad Always Die Twice by Cheryl Crane. It isn't what I usually read but a friend told me to buy it and it was top notch. I was fascinated by the time period and the characters Ms Crane created. I would purchase another book by this author. This is suitable for all audiences, and is great entertainment. Don't miss it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
52chickadees More than 1 year ago
Nikki Harper wears many hats; Beloved Daughter of Screen Star, Victoria Bordeaux, Real Estate Broker and Partner of promiscuous Jessica Martin, and Girlfriend of widower, Jeremy. After the sale of wealthy Edith March's Outpost Estates Mansion, due to the death two months earlier of Edith's philandering Husband and former TV Star, Rex March in a plane crash, Edith threw a lavish Farewell Party to bid goodbye to her old life, mansion and .Rex. Nikki ,Jessica and Victoria all attended the celebrity-studded affair. It was later that evening, while at her Mother's home, that Nikki received a hysterical phone call from Jessica, saying Rex March's dead body was not missing in the desert, but was in her bed!! And the police have her pegged as a prime suspect!! Nikki responds to Jessica's distress call and "dons" another cap-that of amateur P.I. and digs for clues to prove Jessica's innocence and to discover who did murder the now-truly-deceased Rex March and why. Nikki leaves no stone unturned as she investigates many mysterious, dark avenues concerning Rex and his acquaintances. She wanted to make sure the police didn't miss a clue like they had in her late Father's murder. But who wanted Rex dead? Who would benefit the most? Who would want to frame Jessica? Edith March? The woman scorned more times than you have fingers, as well as being the widow trying to start a new life with a "New Love"?? Edith's "Boy-Toy", Thompson Christopher, who everyone wondered about his ulterior motives where Edith is concerned? Tiffany Matthews; the Southern Belle/Waitress who had received promises of love and tropical island life from Rex?? Rex's unscrupulous lawyer and agent, Alex Ramirez, who only had his own interests at heart, instead of his clients'? Ms. Crane has woven a tale of intrigue with a generous sprinkling of the elegant "Golden Age of the Silver Screen", that will keep you guessing right up to the last chapter. I'm truly looking forward to the next Nikki Harper adventure. Nancy Narma
NoraAdrienne More than 1 year ago
The Bad Always Die Twice By Cheryl Crane Copyright August 2011 Publisher Kensington For Nikki Harper, realtor to the stars and daughter of 1950s screen goddess Victoria Bordeaux, Hollywood is home. A completely dysfunctional home populated by a cast of crazies, true, but home nonetheless. While Nikki's no stranger to scandal, she's shocked to receive a hysterical phone call from her business partner, Jessica Martin, saying that TV has-been Rex March has been found dead in Jessica's bed. More shocking than Rex's death is the fact that, as far as anyone knew, Rex was already dead. Six months ago, the star of the seventies sitcom Shipwrecked Vacation was supposedly killed when his plane crashed in the Mojave Desert. Nikki and Jessica recently sold his mansion on behalf of his widow, Edith. It's obvious to Nikki that Jessica is being framed, but by whom? And why? And how on earth can Rex be dead a second time? In search of answers, Nikki turns to the one person she can always count on. From her pink boudoir in her Beverly Hills mansion, the ever-glamorous Victoria suggests Nikki focus her sleuthing on Rex's not-so-grieving widow. And there's a veritable casting couch full of other candidates, including Edith's boy-toy lover, Rex's scheming lawyer (like there's any other kind), and the diner waitress with whom Rex was having one of his numerous affairs. But with the killer readying for a repeat performance, Nikki will have to act fast-before her own screen fades to black. . . Nicolette Harper was raised in the middle of the Hollywood hype, her mother a world famous movie star. Now, Nikki Harper, all grown up, and not needing to work for a living, spends her time selling high end homes in the Hollywood and Beverly Hills Real Estate business. She partners with her best friend Jessica Martin and between them they enjoy their work and the people they meet. Nikki and Jessica are at a party hosted by Edith March, the widow of TV has - been Rex March, whose house they had sold for her. Nikki is not a party person and as soon as she's talked to her hostess, and seen her mother make her famous entrance she's off and heading home to take care of her two dogs. Little knowing that she is going to be drawn into a murder that will dredge up her feelings about her own father's murder years ago and her distrust of the police in finding the killer. The biggest question of course is Rex died in a plane crash, how can his newly dead body turn up on Jessica's bed. This is the first book in Cheryl Crane's new real estate murder mysteries. I wouldn't quite call them cozies. I would call them well written, reader involved, and a book you won't want to put down till you finish it. FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher with their hope that I would read it and write a review.
TSteiner More than 1 year ago
I'm giving "The Bad Always Die Twice" 3.5 stars. Mystery is normally not my normal read, but I thought I would dip my toes into the water anyways. I was very pleasantly surprised! While mystery will not likely be my favorite genre, I did enjoy "The Bad Always Die Twice". With every page I had a new suspect in my head and Ms. Crane kept me guessing all the way up to the end. Not too many people missed Rex March when he died the first time around and even less the second time. He was a philanderer and the world basically said good riddance. He was a one hit wonder who was living off an old 1970's family comedy. Ego is the only thing Rex had and he had that in abundance. His first death was ruled as a freak accident, but his second was murder. It's up to Nikki Harper to figure out who did it, because she knows her friend Jessica sure didn't do it. Nikki is the daughter of the fifties screen goddess, actress Victoria Bordeaux. Always in her mother shadow, Nikki is just fine with that and enjoys her life as a real estate agent to the stars. Being the daughter of the actress does have its perks though and sales are one of them. Jessica Martin is a known man eater. She is a love them and use them type, not a murderer. So when Jessica comes home after a daylong real estate seminar and finds Rex, dead in her bed, she calls her best friend Nikki for support and help. Suspects are endless; Edith March - the wife, Thompson Christopher - the wife's new boy toy, Alex Ramirez - the slimy lawyer, Tiffany Mathews - the young jilted lover and countless others. Nikki has her hands full discovering the truth. "The Bad Always Die Twice" is a well written mystery. Ms. Crane will keep you guessing and I enjoyed how she intertwined current events and celebrities into her story. I'm not sure if it was Ms. Crane's intention, but the constant noting of product name dropping, stood out to me. It said to me that L.A. was extremely materialistic and in the end almost was a subplot all its own. I really enjoyed the interaction between Nikki and her mother, Victoria. She made Victoria a real person to me. While Victoria was all glimmer and glamour, I relished in her human side. I had several laugh out loud moments with her antics. I can see myself continuing to read about Nikki's adventures just to see what her mother is up to. "The Bad Always Die Twice" is a decadent decent into the underbelly of glamorous Hollywood. Gossip is never ending and secrets never stay hidden for long. So grab a drink and put on your Jimmy Choos, because you want to be styling when you step into Ms. Crane's world.
harstan More than 1 year ago
1950s TV star Rex March is found dead in the bed of realtor Jessica Martin. Known for her sexual proclivity with living hunks, Jessica is stunned to have a corpse of her former lover in her bed. Rex was reported dead six months ago. The police name her the prime suspect. Jessica's partner Nikki Harper, daughter of movie legend Victoria Bordeaux, investigates the case as she knows her friend would not kill anyone. Nikki is extremely nice to those she interviews as she drops her mom the siren's name on start struck Hollywood and charms information out of those she feels might have a motive to see Rex dead twice in under a year. This is a fun entertaining amateur sleuth as Nikki tosses her DNA as the opener to meet suspects and then deploys her considerable charm (more DNA) to obtain info. The mother-daughter relationship brings jocularity and warmth to the well written story line. However, this is Nikki' tale as she makes the murder mystery fun to read with her gutsy ballsy feminist inquiries. Harriet Klausner
Brittany_M More than 1 year ago
Despite her privileged childhood as the pampered daughter of a movie star siren, Nikki Harper refuses to let her wealth and upbringing stop her from leading a normal life. She prefers vintage clothes to designer apparel, works as a real estate agent, and spends her free time at home with her two beloved dogs. When her friend and business partner Jessica finds one of their former clients-an aging, philandering, has-been celebrity named Rex March--dead on her bed, Nikki shoulders the task of clearing her friend's name. Jessica was sleeping with him, after all. The only problem is that Rex supposedly died in a fiery plane crash six months earlier, so who killed him the second time? His long-suffering widow? Her new boy toy? Or maybe one of his former lovers whom he abandoned when he supposedly died? Nikki uses her brains, her charm, and her social connections to try and clear her friend's name in an interesting romp around Hollywood. Some of Nikki's suspects were stereotypical (i.e. the loyal black servant, the ditsy southern blonde), and the lack of development or emotional connection between Nikki and her boyfriend was frustrating. The relationship between Nikki and her famous mother, however, was humorous and endearing, and the mystery of who committed the crime will leave readers guessing until the very satisfying conclusion.