Bad Moon On The Rise

Bad Moon On The Rise

by Katy Munger


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When the young basketball star and his drug addicted mother disappear without a trace, the boy's ailing grandmother begs a reluctant Casey to find him before she dies. But even the normally unflappable Casey Jones is thrown for a loop when she discovers evidence of a murder in their wake and uncovers the shocking secret about the identity of the boy's father. When the case gets very personal, Casey has a difficult time separating her professional and personal judgment - with disastrous results that put her freedom at peril and endanger the boy's well-being. In this sixth Casey Jones mystery, kick-ass PI Casey is back with her trademark irreverence and a cast of supporting characters her fans have come to love including her whale-sized boss Bobby D, the ever intrepid Marcus Dupree, Bill Butler, an old country boy flame and a new man in uniform who may just eclipse them all in Casey's heart. Bad Moon On The Rise offers readers plenty of action, plenty of humor and plenty for Casey fans to enjoy.From Publishers Weekly:Raleigh, N.C., gumshoe, 160-pound Casey Jones (first introduced in Legwork) has more than her usual hassles. Her current beau, a cop, is berating her for agreeing to look for evidence that could overturn a woman's death sentence. The woman supposedly killed her husband, another cop. Not only does Casey run smack into several police departments who won't help her, but someone tries to kill her. And whenever she seems close to getting a break on the case, she turns up near a dead body and the police are certain she's involved. All the while, Casey tries to fortify herself with doughnuts, fried chicken and just about anything else, at least until she can sort out her case and her love life. Casey's size and tough manner belie her Southern roots; in fact, she wants a man to wait on her and woo her but only on her terms. ("I've kept telling him that he's going to have to kiss my .45 caliber ass for the next twenty years in order to atone.") The atmosphere is thick with greasy foods and pervasive corruption, but Casey makes this is a delightfully funny read, perfect for a rainy afternoon or long train ride.

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ISBN-13: 9781477572382
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/10/2012
Series: Casey Jones Mystery Series , #6
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Katy Munger is the author of fourteen novels, all published by major traditional publishers, writing under her real name as well as her pseudonyms, Chaz McGee and Gallagher Gray. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, raised in North Carolina, lived for a number of years in New York City and now calls North Carolina home. She is a former book reviewer for The Washington Post, a co-founder of Thalia Press and an original author of Thalia Press Author's Co-op, which seeks to connect established writers with new e-book audiences. All of her work is also available in e-book format. You can learn more about the author and her work at

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Bad Moon On The Rise 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Jim53 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Through five books, Casey Jones has been one of my favorite mystery protagtonists. I can't call her a detective or a private eye; having taken the fall for her ex-husband on a drug charge, Casey isn't eligible for such positions. However, she manages to act the part in one adventure after another, abetted by her large-and-in-charge boss, Bobby D, a man who puts away a box of Krispy Kreme donuts as a pre-dinner snack. Casey's forthright style and occasionally questionable judgment tend to get her into trouble, but she always comes through in the end. Hey, would you want this lusty, bodacious babe to grow up into Deborah Knott?In Bad Moon on the Rise, Katy Munger's sixth Casey Jones mystery, Casey is up to her old tricks. She is approached by an elderly black woman, Corndog Sally, a fixture in downtown Raleigh. Sally begs Casey to locate her grandson, Trey, who has disappeared from his high school, along with his mother, who has been in prison on drug charges and has apparently resumed her old habits after her release. Casey begins her search for Trey and is shocked to find out that his father is one of her former lovers. This begins a pattern in the book: Casey's investigation leads her into contact with several former colleagues and lovers.Casey finds out that Tonya, Trey's mother, served her sentence at Silver Top prison in fictional Bartow County, in the Appalachian mountains of western North Carolina. She and Bobby head to the area to investigate. Casey calls another former lover for a report on the local sheriff. By the time he calls back to tell her that Shep, the sheriff, is a stand-up guy, Casey has already determined, using her usual method, that he's one of the most standing-up guys she's met.Shep finds out who Casey is and why she's there. He tells her that there's something ominous going on at Silver Top, but he hasn't been able to crack the case. She reluctantly agrees to go undercover as a prisoner, hoping to help Shep and also find out what happened to Tonya and Trey. She adopts the name Debbie Little, in honor of Bobby's favorite snack cakes. Not surprisingly, Casey remains herself, making friends and enemies with her bold, outspoken ways while trying to find out what is going on with the guards and some female prisoners. Her time on the inside gives us new information about her previous prison experience and its profound effect on her. Fearful that Shep will be unable or unwilling to extricate her, Casey asks Bobby to get her out. He can't do so legally, but as always provides an ingenious, offbeat solution. Casey calls on yet another old flame for more assistance. To say more would entail spoilers. I will reveal that yes, we do learn the origin of Corndog Sally's name. I must confess to one disappointment: had I written this book, at some point one character would have said to another, "There's a bathroom on the right."As the wag said, those who study history are doomed to knowing that they're repeating it. Casey is self-aware enough to recognize that once again she is getting a little too personally involved in her new case--and if she were to forget, Bobby would remind her--but that's part of her charm and arguably a big part of her success. She succeeds as she always has, by knowing her strengths and not being afraid to play to them. As in the previous volumes, Casey tells her own story, and Munger's style fits well with her characterization. Humor and bawdiness are blended nicely with a serious adventure. There is definitely a valedictory sense to this novel, a revisiting of old relationships and settling of accounts. I wonder if we'll see Casey again. If not, Munger has given her a fine send-off, with appreciation for the experiences and relationships she has had and the suggestion of attractive new possibilities. Obviously, the book will be of more interest to those who have already met Ms. Jones and her well drawn cast of supporting characters. If you have not yet encount
Anonymous More than 1 year ago