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Guest More than 1 year ago
I keep this absolutely hilarious, loving skewering of big budget, big star Hollywood films right alongside Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide for fast reference. Why? Imagine Maltin's Guide, only with malicious wit and outrageous humor, and you have a rough idea of how pleasurable this book is. Movie-mad friends of mine quote the book all the time, it's that full of good one-liners. But every entry whether it's a movie starring Sharon Stone, Diana Ross, Lana Turner, Mickey Rourke or Nicolas Cage is written wonderfully, with sharp wit and deadly satiric accuracy. The authors never spoil the plot, they just bring you in on the fun of why movies with high intentions sometimes go skidding right off the rails. Their write-ups on movies like Mommie Dearest, Valley of the Dolls, The Oscar, Sliver and Zandalee are howlingly funny. But, they're ALL funny! There's a really nice introduction by bad movie queen Sharon Stone (she must be a very good sport!) and a teasing promise of a second volume. Boy, do we need it now! If this book doesn't make you laugh out loud, you'd better have your sense of humor checked.