Badass Babe Workbook: Creative Exercises, Drawing Activities, Empowering Stories, and Fuel for Your Personal Revolution, Inspired by Over 100 Trailblazing Women

Badass Babe Workbook: Creative Exercises, Drawing Activities, Empowering Stories, and Fuel for Your Personal Revolution, Inspired by Over 100 Trailblazing Women

by Julie Van Grol


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Channel your inner lady badass by harnessing creativity with the Badass Babe Workbook! 

This empowering art book highlights the accomplishments and messages of over 100 badass babes with prompts, art activities, and writing exercises that will encourage you to unearth, fuel, and cultivate your own inner superpowers, unleash your creativity, and find your voice.

Get details on trailblazing, badass babes — scientists, artists, athletes, writers, activists, poets, entertainers, and boundary breakers — and you will see how creativity and self-expression combine to energize change in yourself, and in the world. The Badass Babe Workbook is a playground for you to tap into your ideas, find your voice, and be reminded of the difference each of us can make when we are unafraid and assured in what we envision and express.

In these complex, sometimes bewildering times, the Badass Babes Workbook keeps you engaged and connected with phenomenal women. Dig deep into yourself, polish up your gifts, fight injustice, and be your biggest, best, badass self!

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ISBN-13: 9781631594892
Publisher: Quarry Books
Publication date: 01/30/2018
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 1,220,869
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Julie Van Grol is an illustrator and instructor based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her clients include the St. Paul Public Library, Health Partners, Vestiges, Inc., and Saint Olaf College. Her work has been featured on Huffington Post and AJ+. She is a part-time instructor at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where she teaches courses in both the history of illustration and studio courses in illustration practice. Van Grol earned her Masters degree in Illustration from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and has since focused her practice both storytelling and social justice. A firm believer in the power of images and visibility, she devotes herself to telling stories and depicting characters who have historically been kept in the margins. When she isn't hunched over her laptop or have pencil in hand, Van Grol is outside as much as the Minneapolis climate allows; usually running around a lake, or biking around her beautiful city.

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

What Is This Book For? 12

Who is This Book For? 14

Hearing and Telling Stories 16

What Will You Find in This Book? 18

Assembling Your Toolkit 20

How Do You Do Your Best Work? 24

Self-Care, Creativity, and Our Stories 29

Starting with Self-Care 31

Art Changes the World 39

Art Facilitates Understanding 44

Art Connects Us Through Common Experience 46

Steps to Empowerment 53

Groundbreaking Women 54

Babes in Math and Science 55

Drawing Parts of the Face 58

The Portrait Spectrum 60

Funny Babes (Part 1) 64

Babes in Sports (Part 1) 68

Writing Tips 72

Learning From the Wisdom of the Greats 74

Activist Babes 78

Musical Badasses 84

Expressive Drawing 88

Redefining "Feminine" 93

Challengers of Gender Constructs 96

First and Boundary-Breakers 98

Defying Conventions with Fashion 102

Going Head-To-Head with Dudes 106

Expanding What We See As Possible 113

Funny Babes (Part 2) 114

Babes in Sports (Part 2) 116

Drawing the Figure 118

Miscellaneous Badassery 122

Overcoming Impossible Odds 128

More Tales of Badassery 135

Advocates for Education 138

Spreading Awareness 144

Challenging Arbitrary Beauty and Body Standards 150

Lady Business: Babes Changing the Workplace 158

Judiciary Babes 160

Contemporary Activists 164

Closing Words of Wisdom 170

Babe Index 172

About the Author 175

Acknowledgments 176

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