by Dave Thompson


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Burnout...some wear it as a badge of pride.

Others "exist", teetering constantly on the edge, ever threatened by the possibility that they could fall off the path and crash and burn.

Nature, and indeed life, has a natural rhythm and balance to it. There is night and day, dark and light, up and down, in and out, fast and slow. We cannot ignore one side of the coin, else we risk it sneaking up and biting us in the butt!

In this new book, Balance After Burnout, you are presented with a brand new methodology that Dave created this year, called "Balance Dynamics"

The central concept being, that IF we feel balanced, THEN we can move forward dynamically, and create the results we desire in business, personal life, as well as in health and relationship contexts

Sure, if stuff is a bit out of balance, you can still move forward, albeit in a slower, less sustainable way

But if you know what to change, then ideally, balance allows the hero to progress FAST along the hero's journey

This book contains 55 "checkpoints" of balance that allow you to quickly determine WHERE you may be out of balance, and WHAT you need to do, to return to balance and keep progressing

Given that a huge percentage of business people (and coaches especially) do not make it through the "maintain" phase of business building, this Balance Dynamics methodology will be a hugely valuable concept to integrate into your way of life.

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ISBN-13: 9781508725497
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/19/2015
Pages: 166
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