Balance is B.S.: How to Have a Work. Life. Blend.

Balance is B.S.: How to Have a Work. Life. Blend.

by Tamara Loehr


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ISBN-13: 9781119550402
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 04/09/2019
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

TAMARA LOEHR is a leading wellness entrepreneur, mother of two young daughters, and married with a stay-at-home dad. She started her first business at age 19, and went on to win countless global business awards. Tamara speaks internationally on how to rapidly grow your business without compromising your health, family, and self. Tamara's passion is empowering entrepreneurs to drive positive change in the world. Leading by example, all of Tamara's brands are committed to profit and purpose, entrenching giving into every sale as a "cost of goods."

In Australia, women now earn more than men (and that"s while being paid 20% less). Tamara's proud to be one of them, having achieved over $10M in revenue in 2 years with no capital. Her unique approach to business, now applied to her range of cruelty-free, vegan, and ethical products, is revolutionizing the beauty industry in America. Tamara shares how she makes it work so that more women can have a 'blended' life without compromises.

Table of Contents

Disclaimer ix

Acknowledgments xi

Part I Balance Is Bullshit

1 Rising without Compromising 3

2 The Myths That Keep Us Down 9

3 Balance Is Bullshit: Blend Instead 15

Part II A Workbook for Rising Women

4 “Moving Up” versus Rising: How to use this book to lift up every area of your life 21

5 V Squared: How to know your values and know your value 27

6 Vision Boards Are Bullshit: How to set effective goals 43

7 It’s All About the Journey: How and why to write your bucket list 55


8 Filling Up Your Soul: How to stay stable and ride the roller coaster 61

9 Breaking Out of Your Bubble: How to keep growing into the person you want to be 89


10 Choose Your Own Adventure: How to make career moves that match your values 97

11 Work-Life Blend: How to ditch balance and get people on board with blending 109

12 When Breadwinning Doesn’t Feel Like “Winning”: How to cope with pressure and keep your financial promises 123


13 “Thanks for asking”: How to name expectations, make agreements, and carry your own bags 135

14 “Mommy, don’t go!”: How to get over guilt and be the parent you want to be 149

15 The Business of Family: How to build culture and be a leader at home 173

16 Territory versus Tribe: How to foster friendships that bring out your best 185

17 Why Blending Matters: How to get laser focus to create your legacy 195

Part III Keep Blending for Life

18 Things to Do Because I Want To: Build your own blended life 211

Conclusion: What’s Next? 215

Index of Coaching Exercises 217

Index 219

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Balance is B.S.: How to Have a Work. Life. Blend. 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
SarahJane99 15 days ago
Tamara is a very inspiring woman. I was lucky to get an advanced copy of Balance is’s about time we were told that you can actually have it all and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Balance is BS shows you how, it's entertaining, real and surprisingly practical. You structure your ideals, make it work for you, with your values. It’s not a one size fits all instructional. I think anyone trying to juggle family and career should read this, throw away the guilt that society has conditioned us all to feel, and get on board with this movement
Anonymous 16 days ago
This book is an absolute must-read for anyone struggling with juggling a career, family and wanting more, or in fact everything. Look no further, here are the answers you've been looking for. It is possible. And no it's not wrong to want or aspire to fulfilling your dreams. For those of your not familiar with Tamara, she is a down to earth country girl, who has risen to become a powerhouse global entrepreneur, and really a true leader in the design and development of conscious companies. She has challenged herself and the modern industry with an incredible vision for companies. Tamara prides herself on not only providing amazing products and services but also to set the benchmark for flexible "blended " work/life and giving back with her buy one give one efforts. Not only does Tamara give first-hand insight into how she manages this life, but she's also provided many invaluable exercises to give the reader the tools to implement and make real changes in their own lives. I say "Their" because although this book at first glance is tailored to women, there is as much to be gained from reading for men. This book gives men an opportunity to see how a solid loving couple are navigating the entrepreneurial journey together. It's also a great example of how men are assuming different roles in the household and not only loving doing so but also thriving and "kicking it out of the park." Guys, if you have an ambitious woman in your life, then here is some excellent advice for how to support and thrive with her. I have thoroughly loved every page of this book and I couldn't recommend it highly enough for today's driven, women, men, and couples. Here is a woman that lives by what she preaches and "drinks her own champagne." Cheers to you Tamara! Great job on your debut book. I look forward to reading many more in the future.