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Bald Is Better with Earrings: A Survivor's Guide to Getting Through Breast Cancer

Bald Is Better with Earrings: A Survivor's Guide to Getting Through Breast Cancer

by Andrea Hutton

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The breast cancer guide every woman needs for herself, her best friend, and her sister—a warm, practical, relatable handbook, that dispels the terror, taking you step-by-step through the process, from diagnosis to post-treatment.

When Andrea Hutton was diagnosed with breast cancer, she wanted to know everything. She voraciously read books, articles, and websites and talked to everyone she knew. But nothing prepared her for what the surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation would feel like. Were there tricks that could ease her pain and discomfort? What was “fatigue” and how would it affect her? At what exact moment would her hair fall out and how? Hutton wanted what she could not find: a clear how-to guide for the cancer girl she had become.

Bald Is Better with Earrings is Hutton’s answer for women diagnosed with breast cancer: a straightforward handbook, leavened with humor and inspiration, to shepherd them though the experience. Warm and down-to-earth, Hutton explains what to expect and walks you through this intense and emotional process: tests, surgery, chemo, losing your hair and shaving your head, being bald, radiation treatments.

Hutton offers a wealth of invaluable advice—from tricks for surviving chemo, to treating your skin during radiation, to keeping track of meds—and includes a practical list of tips for each stage of the process at the end of every chapter. Compassionate, friendly, and shaped by Hutton’s first-hand knowledge, Bald Is Better with Earrings is the comprehensive, essential companion for anyone dealing with breast cancer.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780062375674
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 07/07/2015
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
File size: 397 KB

About the Author

A graduate of Duke University and an interior designer, Andrea Hutton was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 at the age of forty-one. Andrea is now five years out and cancer-free. In addition to continuing her interior design career for select clients, Andrea is a marketing and management consultant. She lives in Santa Barbara, California, with her husband and two children.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

1 My Story 1

The Lumps

Top 5 Tips for When You Are Diagnosed

2 Tests 8


Top 5 Tips for Your First MRI

Pet Scan

Top 5 Tips for Pet/Ct Scans

Bone Scan

Top 5 Tips for a Bone Scan

3 Results 21

Telling Your Family and Friends

Sharing the News

Choosing a Surgeon

Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Surgeon

4 Surgery 34

One Lump or Two? and Other Agonizing Choices


Top 5 Tips for Choosing Your Surgery



The Drain


Getting Dressed

Postsurgical Follow-Up

Top 5 Tips for Before and After a Mastectomy

Bra Shopping

Lymph Nodes and Your Arm

Top 5 Tips for Preventing Lymphedema

The Port

Accessing the Port/Lab Work

Port Whines - Top 5 Tips for Dealing with a Port

5 Chemotherapy 73

Day One

What to Bring

Top 5 Tips During Chemo

The Chemo Room

Top 5 Tips After Chemo

The Side Effects

Top 5 Tips for Handling Chemo

Complications-And More Side Effects

Hot Flashes

Top 5 Tips for Dealing with Side Effects


Top Tip for Steroid Side Effects

Drug Allergies and Adverse Reactions

Top 5 Tips for Understanding Your Treatments

6 Bald Is Better With Earrings 114

To Shave or Not to Shave

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Top 5 Tips for When You Are Going Bald

Getting Wiggy and the Art of Scarf Tying

Top J Tips for Wig Wearers

Growing Back

Top 5 Tips When Your Hair Starts Growing Back

Scarves and Hats

Top 5 Tips for Wearing Scarves and Hats

More Hair

Top 5 Tips for the Growing-Out Stage

7 Radiation 143

Planning and Plotting

Top 5 Tips for the First Radiation Appointment



The Afterburn

Top 5 Tips for Protecting Your Skin During Radiation

8 How "Normal" Is the New Normal? 157

Top 5 Tips for Dealing with People

Dealing with Your Self-Image

Top 5 Tips for Dealing with Your Self-Image

Dealing with Others' Images of You

9 Sex, Drugs, and No More Rock and Roll 171

Top 5 Tips for Handling All the Medications


Top 5 Tips For Sex and the New You

Partners and Caregivers

Top 5 Tips for Helping Your Caregiver

No More Rock and Roll

Top I Tip for Dealing with Cancer Girl

10 The End of Treatment 183

Chemo Brain

Continuing Treatments

Scar Tissue

Why Doesn't He Call?

Looking Forward


Fear of Dying

Top 5 Tips for Getting on with Your Life

Acknowledgments 205

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