Baldev Weds Padma

Baldev Weds Padma

by S. K. Uppal


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Set in the 1960s, this intriguing novel portrays the struggle of a young North Indian couple who want to marry, but are denied the support of family and friends. The conflict stems from the traditional belief that marriage partners should belong to the same caste.

The middle class Indian family in the 1960s did not know how to compromise, especially when it came to caste distinctions. Caste is associated with the standing of the birth family, while individual aspirations and actions are unrelated to caste.

Baldev and Padma believe the choice of a partner should be based on love and personal preference that reflects similarity of attitudes toward important matters.

The characters have their own strong views they wish to sustain at any cost. The young lovers' story captures the flavor of the existing traditions and norms of society during that time in a very enticing way. Older Indians will feel nostalgic of this period of Indian society. Younger readers will gain a better understanding of marriage traditions and the decisions put into this lifelong commitment.

Overall, the novel makes an important contribution in bringing emotional and cognitive richness to the marital life of persons of Indian origin.

- Reviewed by Mahesh Gupta, Ph.D.
Savannah psychologist in independent practice

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