Ballers from Street Hustlers to King Pin

Ballers from Street Hustlers to King Pin

by Desemer L Robinson Jr


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Ballers from Street Hustlers to King Pin by Desemer L Robinson Jr

I spent twenty years of my life in the game. I made a lot of money, had more cars than one man could ever dream of having, and went to all the parties. Man, those were the good ol’ days. Now all that’s left are the stories I have to tell.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have lots of money, but as I sit here now at the age of forty-eight, I wonder if God understands the things I’ve done. I wonder what he’ll say to me when I meet him face to face and try to explain it all. There are many other stories like mine, but my story has a twist to what I had done and why I’ve done it.

I went from rags to kingpin with the help from some good friends. The reason I am telling you my story is so you can get a feel of what my life has been like. And why I had to start a new one.

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ISBN-13: 9781524642143
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/21/2016
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Ballers from Street Hustlers to King Pin

By Desemer L Robinson Jr


Copyright © 2016 Desemer L Robinson Jr
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-4214-3


In life we all do shit that we are happy with and some we are not. But in the end you have to deal with it all. So as I sit here looking into the sky thinking back on my life I ask myself.

Was it worth it?

Would I do it all again?

I spent twenty years of my life in the game. I made a lot of money, had more cars then one man could ever dream of having, and went to all the parties. Man, those were the good ol' days. Now all that's left are the stories I have to tell.

Don't get me wrong, I still have lots of money but as I sit here now at the age of 48 I wonder if God understands the things I've done. I wonder what He'll say to me when I meet him face to face and try to explain it all. There are many other stories like mine, but my story has a twist to what I had done and why I've done it.

I went from rags to kingpin with the help from some good friends. The reason I am telling you my story is so you can get a feel of what my life has been like. And why I had to start a new one.

Now I will use a lot of names in this book. If your name is one that I use I am sorry. I am not talking about you. And so you know I will be calling myself Hev and yes that's still is my street name. Also I have to let my mother know that I love and respect her for all that she has done for me. I know that it had to be hard doing it all by herself. So thank you for putting me out I know that it had to be hard, but it was the right thing to do. You had other kids you had to take care of and you didn't need no one else with this life-style.

As I sit here I don't know where to begin. Let me start with my father he left around the time I was born and in my lifetime I only seen him twice. Now I don't know if that was a good or bad thing. What I do know is that more then 60% of us in the game comes from single family homes. So if you are a true man take care of you kids. He just left my mom with me and my brothers and sisters.

So with out him my mom didnt have a lot of money so times was hard and as I got older they got harder.

So when I turned the age of 15, like a lot of the kids I know, I had to get a job to help out with the bills. So I did what anyone my age would do I got a job at this hamburger place, but with school and all the bills I was paying I needed to find something that would pay me more money, and fast.

Not before long all I ran into a man that would take care of my money problems. This person I will call Jake. Jake was a big white guy 6'4" 285 lbs to be exact. The reason why I am telling you this is so you can get a feel for who he was. Some people said that he could have went pro but he didn't think so and he was also the one who introduced me to the game. Before we get to far in the book let me explain "the game" because I know some of you wont know what the hell I am talking about. The game is nothing but a code word for being a drug dealer. For me, I never considered myself as a drug dealer, although I was, but I never consumed any narcotics. That's what separates me and my team from all the others who bought and sold narcotics. Most of them was in it to get high we were in it to get PAID.

Now I need you to understand one thing. I think it is important that no one should get wrapped up in this shit. This is not the way to go. I know that having that burger job might not look good at the time, but trust me it is. So stick with it and you will be alright.

Now back to me. I knew I had to make money for my mom, and it didn't take long for me to know who to turn to, that person was Jake.

Jake was the big man on campus, so to speak. He had money, had cars and girls. He gave me the life I have now by letting me come work for him. He also understood that a fifteen year old kid was great for his crew and he put me to work right away. Now I really didn't do too much buying or selling at that time because I was new and I had to work my way up. But it only took me two years before I learned the ins and outs of his operation.

In the game there are lookouts, runners, and dealers. You see Jake had a lot of real astate that he ran. About fifty blocks, so he needed all of those people working for him. Now with that much real astate you would think that he would be worried about the cops. He wasn't. Because he knew the only thing they could do was lock him up. And being locked up don't put you out of business sometimes it makes you more money. No he was more worried about the other dealers because they took life. You see to a dealer the more real astate you have, the more money you make.

So it was kill or be killed and in this game to stay alive you kill.

Because of my age I started out as a lookout so the only thing I had to do was to stand on the corner of the block and yell "five-o" whenever the cops would enter the block the runners were working on. This is not an ordinary nine to five job, more like a twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. It's a business - and a lifestyle.

You have to keep your eyes open as a lookout not only for the cops but also for other dealers because they are always looking to take someone out. That's how you move up, in this game you kill the person with the most and take over his real astate. And if his crew put up a fight then you get rid of them too. So in order for Jake to stay on top he had a lot of people in his crew.

There were fourteen other people working for Jake as well. He had ten runners, two lookouts, and two other men but at that time I didn't know what they did. One was James who he sometimes called "little guy" because he was smaller then both of them. He was 511" 185 lbs and the other was Brent who was 6'3" 225 lbs. They were white as well and sometimes you would think that they were made men but I never found that out. It took me sometime but I found out the way things worked. James was really nothing but the driver for Jake and Brent was his right hand man. You would always find Brent alongside Jake. Brent took care of the day-to-day tasks and would be the one to make sure you got paid your share at the end of each week. Yes, everyone got paid at the end of the week. It made it feel like a real job plus by paying you at the end of the week no one wonder where the money was coming from. That's how he kept the moms off of him as well by making it look like you had a real job.

Every pay scale was different based on what you did and my pay was $250.00 a week. At the time that was a lot of money. He was also the one who made sure you did your job and only your job. That's how he could keep everyone happy. When I was hired, he made sure the only thing that I did was my job.

Now you have to understand that in this type of business there are people who are always striving for the top position. James was that type of character. He always wanted the top position. You see he always knew that as long as he was working for Jake he would be number three and he didn't like that at all. But he didn't have the heart to kill him. He was a little bitch but I did not care because he kept money in my pocket.

When you are not the biggest in the group and you know that there are people a head of you then you do what you can to get ahead. So he was always doing things behind Jake's back. He understood if Jake found out, he would end up dead. Because that was money that he was taking from Jake. Not only that it was very disrespectful. He knew if Jake would find out what he was doing he would kill him, just to send a message to the rest of his team that no one will make money behind your back.

Even with knowing all that, James did not care. The reason I know is because James would have me do other odd jobs while Brent and Jake would "go out of town". I never said a word for the same reason and because I was making more money.

Let me explain what "go out of town" means. Whenever Jake would say that he have to go out of town that meant he was going to re-up on supply. Jake's number one rule was for everyone to do their job and ONLY their job. He would never expect anyone to do more for less. That was one thing that stuck with me throughout the years.

I worked for Jake for three years as a lookout being paid anywhere from $250 to $350 a week, standing on a street corner just yelling "five-o". And when my mom found out what I was doing she kicked me out. Once again I am not mad at her. I knew it was only a matter of time. To some people that would seem strange but this was my job. And I did not worry because I was making money on the side with James.

But I was getting tired of being a lookout, so it wasn't long before I wanted to do something else. Without even asking, they knew it was my time to do more. One day Brent had to take care of some family members who lived out of state which opened up an opportunity for me. Although Jake did have James, he needed him to run the day-to-day operations while he went out of town. Jake needed someone to go out of town with him and this is where I got the chance to see the full operation first hand.

I remember that phone call like it was yesterday.

"Yo Hav I need you to ride wit me in the a, m" Jake saided.

"Ok bro."

I was so fuckin happy I called and told Big Tony the news. All he had to say was that's great, because he knew if I moved up I would find a way for him to move up as well.

The only thing street level people see are the small things such as nickels, dimes, quarters, ounces and sometimes, maybe, a pound. When you go out of town, you're picking up pounds at a time to distribute on the streets. As a street level person, I knew what types of drugs we sold - weed and cocaine - but I didn't know how we had got it or how much we paid for it.

And by going out of town this was also the opportunity for Jake to own you. He would make you get your bones and it was no different for me. Before we got to the place where he picked up we went to Bob's house. Bob was one of his runners and his money was always short. After telling him about this for weeks he still was coming up short Jack felt that it was time to do something about that, and to send a message to the rest of the team.

Although he had all of Jake's money when we got there, it was a little too late. We walked into his living room. Jake asked him if he was the only one there and when he said yes he pulled out two guns. Now at this point I didn't know what the hell was going to happen.

"Come on man you don't have to do this" Bob said as he sit down on a chair in his living room.

"Yes I do what would it look like if I let you keep fuckin wit my money" he told him.

Then he handed me one of his guns and said kill him.

"What you are joking right!!"

"No and don't let me tell you again" he told me.

Now it took me a moment to understand what was going on. I never held a gun in my life and this guy wants me to kill someone. I stood there and to me it felt like an hour had pasted but it was only minutes. In my heart I just couldn't do it, but by seeing that other gun I did what I was told. You have to understand it's kill or be killed and I was not ready to die that night. So I slowly put the gun to his head but I could not shoot him. He kept telling me that I didn't wont his blood on my hands. He was right this man did nothing to me at all and I was going to kill him. I lowered my gun and just stood there. Then I looked back at Jake and then his gun and that was enough for me to rise my gun back up and pull the trigger. Their was blood everywhere on me and even on Jake. And when I seen little pieces of his brain on the floor I fell to the floor and Jake had to help me to the car. I could not walk for some reason.

When Jake got back in the car he gave me a beer and told me to drink it, he told me that would help but it didn't. Killing him was the only thing I could think about as we drove to pick up the supply for the week. Jake was on his phone the whole ride down like nothing happen. That night and going forward all I could think of was to never cross him. I was also asking myself what if he fines out what I was doing for James now I knew that I could never say a word. All I was wondering was how in the fuck did I get mixed up in this shit, but now it was way to late to turn back. Not only was I a drug dealer I was also a murder. That's what He wanted that way he knew that if you got picked up you couldn't run your mouth. What he didn't know is he was making me into a person who didn't care.

Jake was a brilliant man. He knew how to get his product as cheap as possible so he could maximize on his profits. Not only was it cheap, it was also top of the line. This is why he had a very lucrative business. Although he made a lot of money, I seen ways that I could improve on. So when I would become like Jake, I would make even more profit. I had to keep this to myself. These are types of things you can't go around sharing with everyone, especially people who are above you. They don't take it as advice; they take it as a sign of disrespect. I learned very early not to be disrespectful. Back when I was a look out, that's what I did, kept my eyes open and my mouth shut. All those times James would send me on side jobs, I remembered what to do, where to go, whom to make connections with, and how to make even more money then what they have ever made.

I found out that Jake was paying his whole team overall $11,000 a week. Jake had to be bringing in around $25,000 a week. To the rest of the team, that was a lot of money, but when you start seeing the things the way I did, you would understand that there was so much more money to be made.

I went with Jake for about four months and,(yes we killed two more people on those trips)until Brent came back, and when he did Jake told me to go back as a lookout. At this point just being a lookout just wasn't enough. Jake knew this; therefore he put me with Big Tony. Now he was the biggest of us all. He was 6'6" 325 lbs black guy. He was an ex football player and did not take shit from no one. Now this was the best thing that could have happen to me. Big Tony knew a lot of shit and we hit it off right away. After hanging out for awhile he told me that he was getting tried of Jake's shit but you never trust anyone enough to say anything. Now he could have been setting me up so I had to see if he was being real. So one day when I was doing a side job for James I took Big Tony with me. Their was this asshole Tim who was always running off at the mouth so it was time to show him who was the boss. And it would let me know if Big Tony was real or not. As we walked over I told Big Tony about Tim. I let him know that he was not anyone to worries about because we could not let Jake find out what we were doing he knew but he told me that it was time to stop worrying about Jake and think about yourself. By the time we got done talking we heard someone yell.

"Yo Hev didn't I tell you to stay the fuck off my block" It was Tim.

"Look I told you that I don't have time for this shit"

"Look bitch" and before he could say another word he was on the ground. Big Tony punch him in the face and then kicked him. He picked him up and told him never again will he talk to me like that and then thew him back down. After that day I knew that we were going to make a great team.

I still did some pick-ups with Jake, but not nearly enough to keep me occupied. I knew it was time to branch out on my own. This was a risky move for me. One reason was because where Jake picked up, those were his suppliers. Its not like any Joe-Shmo could walk up and order a kilo. So I had to develop a slow relationship with my own supplier and I had already did that with this guy from down south. You see when I would go out of town with anyone I did my thing so that when the time came I was ready. Now it was going to cost me more then it would cost Jake because this business is also based on trust and that is earned and paid for. I was willing to do that just to be on my own. I also needed a place to set up shop. There are only two ways to get rid of product. One way is to take over the area that you are already working in or move to a new area. If I had to move, I would need someone that I could trust to help me get started. That is what slowed me down. I knew that Big Tony was ready to move on but we didn't have nowhere to sell so I had to wait until we could find a place to get rid of our product.

Three weeks went by, Jake, his crew and I were all out at a local fast food joint when I heard someone yell.


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