by Don Pendleton
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Some people in life say or do mean things cuz other things in life are bothering them. Talk with her and tell her how you feel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dear my problem, <p> Heres wat i think i think u should prove ur mother wrong hey sometimes bad fights happen and sometimes u get in a really bafight with ur parent and nt want to talk to them there are days were u sometimes dont like ur parents or ur day isnt going as planned and there are days wen ur day is great and ur excited ut life rings on challenges that one day ull have to face i think u shouldnt listen to wat she said (i dont mean to stop listening to wat she tells u) i mean like just block the bad things that she said out of ur head not all days are sunny and happy some days are cloudy and not happy she was probaley really mad and didnt mean any of those things i think that u guys should apoligze face to face if u dint wanna do face to face then write it on a pice of paper she still loves u though she dosent mean any of those things its just that shes mad ~from advice girl
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My mother and l usually fight. Today we had a very big fight, and she canceled my extracurricular activities and the awesome camp l wanted to go to this summer. I'm homeschooled, and she took away my schoolwork and refused to teach me, saying that if l wanted to be schooled l would go to regular old public school like everyone else, or she would call the police on me. Then she told me she wished she'd never had me, and that it would be okay if l committed suicide because l don't have a purpose on this earth anyway, and that l'm lazy and spoiled rotten, and that l'll never be successful in life. She added that l should run away from home, too, so she wouldn't have to see me. I'm only in seventh grade. I'm crying uncontrollably right now. (By the way l'm not making any of this up. I've seen people make stories that are obviously fake, but this is for real)