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Bandits by LM Preston

Daniel's father has gotten himself killed and left another mess for Daniel to clean up. To save his world from destruction, he must fight off his father's killers while discovering a way to save his world. He wants to go it alone, but his cousin and his best friend's sister, Jade insist on tagging along. Jade is off limits to him, but she insist on changing his mind. He hasn't decided if loving her is worth the beating he'll get from her brother in order to have her. Retrieving the treasure is his only choice. But in order to get it, Daniel must choose to either walk in his father's footsteps or to re-invent himself into the one to save his world. see trailer and reviews

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An intriguing world where only the strongest survives. A forbidden romance – Bandits is a Fast-paced adventure that is filled with Great Details and non-stop action. * LovLivLife Reviews

Right from the start this book was filled with none stop action and was jam-packed with adventure. This book had me fighting sleep so I could stay up and finish it faster. * Bo0ki3

The dialogue between the guys feels realistic, which is rare for YA. There's tons of danger from vicious animals, carnivorous plants, crazy monsters and regular bad guys, plus the main villain is very disturbing. And as a reward at the end of all this hair-raising peril, the characters discover something truly cool and surprising. Bandits will work fine for female readers, especially since Jade is a great character and her interaction with Daniel is so fun, but it'll probably be even more appealing for guys, what with all the action-adventure and the strong male lead. * All Consuming Books

In a nutshell, this story is an action-packed adventure for any energetic teen who's ever been lost, misguided, or betrayed. With sprinkles of the Pirates of the Caribbean to Star Trek, the thrill-ride is endless. * Writer's Alley

The author's son wanted "a gritty pirate tale." Wow! I'd say he got that and more! After all, this pirate tale is not only gritty, it is out of this world--Merwin! * Book Reader's Heaven

If you are a fan of science fiction and adventure, you really must check this book out. It has a wonderful storyline that you will surely want to sink your teeth into. Grab a copy and pull up a seat. I don't think you will be disappointed. * Eva's Sanctuary

One of the main reasons I found why I could read Bandits is because of the images she weaves, the creatures and world she created, and how they all work together. I have a healthy respect for a writer who can create a whole new world with creatures you’ve never heard of and have it all fit in together. * Bookish Ardour

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BN ID: 2940011297939
Publisher: LM Preston
Publication date: 04/30/2011
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 3 MB
Age Range: 12 Years

About the Author

LM. Preston was born and raised in Washington, DC. An avid reader, she loved to create poetry and short-stories as a young girl. With a thirst for knowledge she attended college at Bowie State University, and worked in the IT field as a Techie and Educator for over sixteen years. She started writing science fiction under the encouragement of her husband who was a Sci-Fi buff and her four kids. Her first published novel, Explorer X - Alpha was the beginning of her obsessive desire to write and create stories of young people who overcome unbelievable odds. She loves to write while on the porch watching her kids play or when she is traveling, which is another passion that encouraged her writing.

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Bandits 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow. Out of 12 reviews, 9 contain plot spoilers. Thanks to the rude plot spoiling posters here is another booj that i cant buy. Why buy the book when they have revealed everu detail? Bn, just lost another sale.
JenniferWarrickDavis More than 1 year ago
Out of this world! Bandits is written for ages 12 and up, it had the adult in me interested and the kid in me excited for the adventure from beginning to end. It is sci-fi genre, which isn't my norm, but I am a sucker for pirates of any type. Daniel's father Rayne is always leaving messes for him to clean up, but this time, Rayne got himself killed. Daniel and his brother Nickel now on the run from the kings officials and whomever killed their father for an unknown treasure. The only thing they have to guide them is the journals their father left for them. They set out to find this treasure and are accompanied by their cousin Faulk and Daniel's best friends sister Jade. They soon find that this treasure not only got Rayne killed, but may be the end of them and their planet Merwin. There are many obstacles for them to overcome and their time is running out. The book is filled with adventure, twists, and turns. The characters and storyline are amazing and the descriptive details are out of this world. This authors style is beyond creative. I am a proud owner of an e-copy and print of this book.
Beverly_Stowe More than 1 year ago
What would you do if you heard arguing and laser fire and when you ran to investigate you found your father dead, a knife in his heart in addition to the hole in his leg left by the laser? Even though your father was a Zukar, a faction of thieves on the planet Merwin, and you’ve lost all respect for him, he’s still your father and you also care for him? Add the knowledge that the murderers might be after you next and you have major problems. Author LM Preston’s novel, BANDITS, follows Daniel, his 10-year-old brother, Nickel, and their cousin Faulk as they flee from the men that killed Daniel’s father before they become the next victims. With their dad’s journal and the secrets inside it, the boys set off not only to save themselves but their world as well. Along the way they meet a cast of unique creatures that you wouldn’t want to encounter on a moonless night. Vivid descriptions place the reader with the characters as they face one danger after another. Both Daniel and Faulk take a fancy to Jade, adding romance, along with more conflict to the novel. BANDITS is not only an adventure and fantasy story, it’s a story about family and how those we love are not always who we think they are. Because of the rough language and the romance scenes I would not recommend this book for teens under 16. Several grammatical errors, such as “Jade, Nickel, and me (I) will lead them...” and “The fetid order (odor) of the…” also, “…to think the lost (loss)…” drew me out of the story. That said, if you like a fast-paced adventure, with a well-constructed magical world, then you should enjoy BANDITS. L M Preston has created a world that’s dangerous and full of interesting characters. You might want to lock your doors and turn on all the lights before you read BANDITS. ###
Kelly_Hashway More than 1 year ago
Wow. Talk about an exciting read. LM Preston creates such a vivid world, I felt like I lived there. Daniel has a really tough time since his father died and he's left to not only take care of his younger brother but also save his world. And with his father's killer targeting him next, the task is more than a little difficult. I loved the setting, and I'm not big on book settings. I give LM a lot of credit for creating such a vivid world that sucked me right in. And the character relationships were really strong. There are crushes, competition among friends, unlikely pairs working together, and so many great action scenes. This is a fun read that will keep you on the edge of your seat from page one until the end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book and i am going to read the pack. At first i thought this book would be boring..... but it got adventerous ever since page 3. Shes very digiptuve and every time i read i fell as if i am in this adventure. The characters are so lufe like its hard to believe that this isnt happening on earth. I am so lucky she is going to signing books iver in my area i am si ecxited
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. It is a book about a teenaged pirate who's father gets killed for a treasure he hid. The boy, Daniel tries to find out where the treasure is and also has a romantic dealing with Jade his best friend's sister. There is a lot happening in this book always something to fight, or figure out and it was about 300 or so pages but I finished it in two days.
DeAnnNative More than 1 year ago
Bandits By: L.M. Preston Step into a world within the pages of “Author L.M. Preston’s” Novel, that is liken unto a futuristic “Pirates of The Caribbean”, “Star Wars”, and a major splash of “Battlestar Gallactica” …… Main Character “Daniel” finds himself in a very precarious situation as he now becomes not only responsible for his younger brother “Nickel”, but also in the hard place within himself as a result of their father’s untimely death, for which he will revenge…..But also a wet behind the ear cousin “Faulk” and a 16yr old girl named “Jade”……..Life for Daniel was always rough, now it is about to become even more adventurous….. I Love “Author L.M. Preston’s” way of detailing each and every character…..The storyline’s that she so creatively builds around each character’s life and within each chapter…..I really don’t think “Pirates of the Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow” had anything on Daniel, sonrisa….. A truly riveting other world space ride that will keep you on your toes, and hurrying to the next page….. A definite Must Read!!!! Reviewed By: De Ann “Native” Townes Jr. Author of: “Peer Inside My Soul and See Me” Note: Was given a copy for reviewing purposes
Nikkayme More than 1 year ago
Bandits is a sci-fi adventure that takes the reader to an entirely new planet and introduces a society unlike anything we'd know on earth. LM Preston has a way with developing and describing the world of Merwin and dangers inherent with being a Zukar - the gangster-like thieves that populate the planet. Daniel, the main character and a Zukar himself, is a far cry from what one would expect a thief and almost-assassin to be. The word thief invokes a shady sort of character, but Daniel is young loving, but quite a serious young man. He adores his younger brother Nickel and even though he harbors a great deal of bitterness towards his recently murdered father, he still cares for him. The characters surrounding Daniel, including Nickel, the boys' cousin Faulk, Daniel's best friend Gabe, and Gabe's sister Jade, all add a little something extra to the story. Faulk has more than a few comedic moments and he also helps to get a bit of romantic tension going. Gabe and Jade add depth to Daniel as a character, with the history the three of them share, but they, themselves, don't have as strong a voice as the lead. The group's interactions range from being humorous to saddening, but at times, the dialogue between them felt forced and stilted. The strongest sections are most definitely when the action comes into play though. I don't want to say Bandits is a 'boy book,' because it really isn't, but it will certainly appeal to male and female audience. Where many YA books focus a great deal on a love story, Bandits focuses on the action, the adventure, and the search for answers. A romantic aspect is present, but never the entire focus. The gizmos and gadgets fascinated me, as did the creatures the group encounters. Learning exactly what Daniel and Nickel's father died for was both a surprise and a pleasure. Bandits features pirates, thieves, insanely weird, yet awesome creatures, and a group of wonderfully insane, but heartfelt characters. The book is published by a small press, and it could have used a bit more editing to tighten it all up and eliminate some repetition, but th issues I had didn't detract too much from the overall story. If you are/know a teen who loves a good adventure with some great action sequences, then Bandits is the one for you/them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tribute_Books_Reviews More than 1 year ago
First of all, I have to say I am so proud of LM Preston. "Bandits" is her third young adult novel, and her writing continues to improve. She is voracious in spreading the word about her work from attending the BookExpo America in New York City to interacting on a daily basis with her fans on Twitter. I highly recommend following her @LM_Preston. As a small, independent publisher, I cannot commend LM enough for the amount of time and level of dedication she puts into her promotional efforts. LM reached out to me to review "Bandits" as a part of the online launch party in celebration of the book's June 1st release. After reviewing LM's previous titles "The Pack" and "Explorer X-Alpha," I readily agreed to participate. LM is a rarity because she writes for teenage boys. So many young adult titles are aimed at a female demographic, and it is refreshing to see an author go after an audience that is not considered "book-friendly." It is an uphill battle to connect with potential readers who are not known to frequent bookstores or libraries. However, LM carries the torch for young guys who are looking for something to read on their Kindles, Nooks and iPads. What is great about LM's creative approach is that she intertwines a meaningful message amid the fistfights and verbal posturing common among most adolescent guys. In "Bandits," she examines the damaged relationship between Daniel and his father, Rayne. The narrative begins with the murder of Rayne, a known criminal mastermind. However, before his untimely death, he was desperately trying to extricate himself from such a dangerous lifestyle. Daniel resented his father's show of weakness in this most macho of cultures. Needless to say after this act of violence, Daniel's emotions are sent into a tumultuous upheaval. He hates his father. He loves his father. He misses his father. He doesn't understand his father. He is his father. Throughout the course of the story, Daniel tries to work out his interior confusion while unknowingly becoming a better man in the process. If his feelings weren't enough to deal with, he also has to save his planet from utter destruction. Luckily, he has help along the way. His cousin, Faulk, is a runaway pilot who wants to put the family back together. He is a source of undying support for Daniel, but also an ego-centered rival when it comes to affections of Jade, a sharp-tongued beauty attracted to both boys. Not to mention, Daniel's intrepid little brother, Nickel, plays a vital role in restoring his sibling's psyche. While the supporting cast is there for Daniel in his quest, ultimately the responsibility for their fate rests with him. LM excels in the world of science fiction. There are many references to classic archetypes. The power to restore a planet - the pakeet - is reminiscent of Star Trek's Genesis project. The creepy, crawly vines are a nod to the devil's snare in Harry Potter. The aliens on Purgas remind me of those encountered by Star Wars' Obi Wan Kenobi on Kamino. While the whole pirate aspect is a nod to the adventures of Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow. As always, LM brings her own unique twist to the spectacular imagery of the genre.
BookishInABox More than 1 year ago
Bandits is a fun-filled, action-packed, off-world, pirate-y adventure. Along with strange creatures, science fiction and evil villains, it has endearing characters, blossoming relationships and loyal friends. Bandits is such a cool conglomeration of genres and themes. It's sci-fi, mixed with fantasy, mixed with romance, and of course, it's YA (although there is quite a bit of mature language so be warned). I loved the idea of the book--treasure-hunting--and it's made even more exciting by adding in the element of space travel and colonization. LM Preston's imagination really shines in all the cool gadgets and neat new species. My favorite was the gelfish, which can be used to make anyone or anything flame-resistant. Her imagination also sparkles with the trials that Daniel and his friends are forced to go through to save their planet and the pakeet. Every twist and turn had something new and unique waiting to challenge them. From the first chapter to the last, Bandits is filled with page-turning action, and I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. While most of the characters (and their relationships) are very natural, I had trouble wrapping my head around Jade. For the first few chapters, I thought she was 12 and was concerned about the older boys' interest in her. When she announced she was 16, I couldn't believe it, although I was quite relieved regarding the boys' attraction. Her personality finds a more even keel in the last third of the book, but her vacillating maturity in the beginning was distracting. At the end, when everything comes together, she really rounds out the group as an awesome character, and she proves her worth as a fighter. Bandits is a great book for all YA readers (albeit the older ones due to the aforementioned language). With a little romance and a lot of action, there's something for everyone. (An advance copy was sent to me for review by the publisher.)
salarsen More than 1 year ago
In a nutshell, this story is an action-packed adventure for any energetic teen who's ever been lost, misguided, or betrayed. With sprinkles of the Pirates of the Caribbean to Star Trek, the thrill-ride is endless. The world of Zukar control is one of danger and fear. Merwin is a planet of all (or most) that is not good, roaming thieves and criminals. All do what they must to survive, including parents raising children. Fast-paced and energetic, the story is set in a time where space travel is not just possible, but is the norm, and among the first generation of kids whose parents' original home was Earth. I found that dynamic an interesting spice, giving the teens' pasts even more depth for the author to work with. There was always two sides to every issue: the way the kids believed their current world would handle it, and the way it would have been handled back on Earth. It was easy to see the generational difference between parent and child...teenager. There was also wonderful character growth, primarily with the main character, Daniel. Feeling lost since the death of his mother, Daniel wants nothing more than to be loved, to love, and to be safe. None of which his father is supplying. How often do teens feel this isolation from a parent because they interpret a parent's actions a certain way. But in most stories (as in life), things are not always as they appear. As the inner story progressed, it became clear that Daniel must undergo certain relationship struggles in order to gain the wisdom essential to saving his world. He needed the characteristics of a true man--willingness to put others before himself without regret. Lacking such wisdom, his decisions would be selfish and juvenile, and most probably the end of his world. (Just like real life.) I love it when life lessons can be taught through a fictional story. His father actually set up his growth perfectly, believing in his son despite seeming like he was hurting him, betraying their family in ways I won't mention here for fear of spoilers. What I can mention in brief is the journal entries from Daniel's father. In my opinion, these were genius. I was able to connect with the dad and the relationship Daniel believed he had with him. The sci-fi world building kept me guessing at every turn, from funky contraptions to hidden locks, as well as eerily strange animal species of the planet. All the action and grit built nicely until the climactic last stand, as Daniel and his teen group struggled to save their world. With each obstacle, the group gained strength and trust in each other and love of their world...or a world they hoped to live in. And of course, being YA, there was a sweet romantic twist. And a special note: it appears this in not the final journey of these brave group of teenagers. I believe it was the first of many.
KikiD870 More than 1 year ago
I am not generally a huge science fiction fan, but Bandits had me thoroughly engrossed from the very beginning. Set mainly on a planet populated by futuristic pirates and killers, it was a unique twist on the traditional high seas pirate tales I have read. The planet Merwin is a planet unlike anything we Earthlings could ever know. There is technology of which we know nothing, creatures unlike anything we could know, and an environment completely unlike our own home planet. Yet the author somehow makes it all completely relatable. Some of that is probably due to her skill in creating wonderful, full of life characters. With them, the author is able to fully transport you to a world so very different from our own, and change your thinking to accept the things we wouldn't accept in our own world. For example, on the surface, Daniel is an unlikely hero to fully relate to, with a lifestyle completely at odds with what we know as socially acceptable. He has been trained since a very young age to be a pirate, fully capable of killing to get the coveted treasure. But set in the world that he is, that is a perfectly acceptable way of life. All of the core group of characters (Jade, Faulk, Gabe, Nick, and Daniel) are very unique in their personalities, and together they make for a very rich story. My main reason for not loving science fiction is that generally, I just can't vividly picture the unknown worlds in my mind. I most definately didn't have this problem with this book. Preston's descriptions were so well done that I had perfect graphic images of the creatures, of the environment, of everything. That brought me into the story in a way that science fiction rarely does for me. I highly recommend picking this up and giving it a read!
VampireVixen More than 1 year ago
Daniel's father has been murdered and Daniel is intent on finding the treasure his father died for and the person responsible for his death. Daniel has been brought up as a Zukar and wants this for his future. As far as Daniel is concerned, his father's loyalties were not as they should be. This caused a heavy rift between the two for years. Now he is intend on finding the killer and saving the world from destruction. Daniel's plan is to go it alone; but his cousin Faulk, younger brother Nickel and his best friends pesty sister Jade, tag along. Intent on ignoring Jade, Daniel finds himself developing feelings for her. Is she worth the sure fired beating he will receive from his best friend? They are on the run from the king's officials and his father's killer. Their journey takes them from their planet of Merwin to planets unknown. Will Daniel be able to find and destroy the killer and save his planet from impending destruction? Everything Daniel has been taught and learned to believe in will be put to the test. I have to say I am really developing a taste for YA reads. That is what I have mostly read the last couple of weeks. This is truly an awesome YA, sci-fi, fantasy with some romance thrown in for good measure. This is my first read from LM Preston and it will not be my last. I actually purchased her other two books which are waiting on my TBR pile. This book really stirred my imagination and had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next. There is everything in this book that you could hope to find in an adventure story. It was packed with adventure, ugly crawling and slimey creatures, battles packed with murder and mayhem, jealousey and love, greed and treasure. One thing that boggles my mind. Why do guys feel they can't go after their best friend's sister? I guess that is a mystery that only a guy knows the answer to. I sure don't understand it. If you are a fan of science fiction and adventure, you really must check this book out. It has a wonderful storyline that you will surely want to sink your teeth into. Grab a copy and pull up a seat. I don't think you will be disappointed. I don't know if there will be a sequel; but I certainly hope there will be. The story ends in such a way that it is a definite possibility. Read it for yourself and see what you think. Maybe we can convince LM Preston to do a sequel or maybe even a trilogy. I am certainly up for it. What about you? I want to thank Phenomenal One Press for providing me with an ARC to review. I was not compensated in any way except for the privilege of reading the book. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own.
buoyread More than 1 year ago
Ever wondered how a video game would translate into a novel? Well, wonder no more because Bandits, the new novel by LM Preston, is coming out in June of this year! Bandits is about a young man - Daniel - whose father was killed because of a particular treasure that he has stolen and kept away in some hidden treasure trove. Upon his father's death, Daniel, along with his younger brother Nickel, his best friend's sister Jade, and his cousin Faulk, decides to find the treasure in the hope that it will reveal to him who killed his father and commit revenge. Little did he know that the road is treacherous and full of adventure, and the treasure itself will test his limits and challenge his views of his world, his heritage, and of his own self. Part science fiction, part mystery, part young adult fiction, and part love story, once you prop yourself up to read this book you will find yourself in for a very intense and action-packed ride into exotic places, scary and intriguing planets, and death-defying situations. Bandits is not for the faint of heart, as every chapter is riddled with flesh-heating trees, deadly beasts, and even more deadly traps. You will not be given a minute's rest as if playing a video game where you advance to a higher level as you turn the pages. Make sure to check your pulse rate before, during, and after reading this book to see if your heart can still take the hard-hitting, fast-paced, and dynamic scenes that will assault your brain and confront your imagination. I really think that the elements of this book - the characters, the voice, the plot - all these combined to make a really fantastic, unbelievably believable story. Each character contributed to the uniqueness of the plot and they were all very credible and responsive to the demands of the story. Daniel and his brother Nickel's characters were very strong and dominated the novel's entirety. The voice was also able to convey the appropriate feel for each character's point of view. One concern I have though is the too-quick coming together between Daniel and Jade. It felt like their love story was too hurried and a bit unemotional. But maybe that's just me. It's probably because since I got too used to this book's intense scenes, I had too high an expectation for the romantic angle that I was unable to fully appreciate the simple approach that the author used to bring Daniel and Jade together. Overall, I would recommend this book to almost everyone else, especially those who love to play video games, as well as those who read fantasy, sci-fi, and dystopian stories. But for the faint of heart, better steer clear from this book - unless you are willing to risk a cardiac arrest.