Bang Boy, Die Boy

Bang Boy, Die Boy

by J. Lewis


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ISBN-13: 9781450218573
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/11/2010
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

About the Author

J. Lewis was born and raised in
Paterson, New Jersey. He experimented with drugs and served time in jail before going on to earn a diploma in engineering and production. He recorded multiple albums for a record label, and he lives and works in New Jersey.

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Bang Boy, Die Boy

A Novel
By J. Lewis

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2010 J. Lewis
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4502-1857-3

Chapter One

"The beginning"

A group of kids walk up to a little girl and her sister. The little girl is drawing boxes on the concrete; the older sister is standing there, playing with her hair. They are talking back and forth. I wanna go first, you went first last time. No I didn't you did. Aunh! Aunh! You did! I don't want to play then. Quietly a little boy walks up and points an enormous 44 magnum at the girls shoulder point blank range and pulls the trigger. "BOOM" When the little girl falls, he shoots her again. "BOOM" Then he shouts, laugh now bitch! Oh it ain't funny now is it? Is it? The little girl is crying frantically screaming "Daddaa". The little girl's sister screams, "I'm telling my mother" and starts to run, but falls. The other gang of kids' run after her catches her and starts to beat on her, she continues to cry and screams for her life.

Computer Graphics

(Credits roll) A brick wall is being shot at by many weapons. Names are forming creating the credits. Dual 44 magnums pump shotguns, AR-15s, Glock nines, Machine guns, AK 47, all types of Weapons.

4 guys are sitting at a table bagging up drugs. A lady walks in and starts begging for more drugs. 'T please give me another hit the other one didn't burn right. The dealer at the table refuses to give them to her and starts to argue with her. Vick don't start that bullshit, you know my shit is always poppin! You just greedy as all hell. Then he sees her daughter walk in from school, he looks at her like a tiger looks at its prey before the kill, he says to her you don't want no mo a dis. She says yes I do, you got that banger right there. He says well let me get it in with treec. She says that's my baby! I can't do that shit! He says I knew you ain't want it. She looks at him for a minute as he kept running the slick shit on her. So he coherses the mother into letting him have sex with the daughter for more drugs, she agrees. She goes in the room and talks to her daughter, baby! You know mommy is sick right! Well! 'T' has the medicine to make me better, but I don't have no money to pay him, so he wants to spend a little time with you and he'll give it to me free. Treecy says no!!! I don't like him; I don't want to spend no time with that boy. The mother starts crying frantically, treecy I need the medicine bad baby! I can't do right without it please! Help me baby please! The daughter starts crying because she sees that her mother is hurting, she feels sorry for her, and she loves her, so the daughter agrees to the sex. The drug dealer goes in the room and haves his way with the innocent minor.

Chapter Two

"The Crush"

Two girls walking to the corner store, they see Omega and start talking amongst each other, girl! Omega sure is fine and he's nice as hell too, he be lookin out for real though. Ms Brown was having a problem paying her rent because she lost her money and Omega paid her rent for two months. The other girl blurts out 'say word' she says "word" Omega looks over and he recognizes them and calls them over. Yo Mira, Sheeka, come here for a sec and he starts to conversate with them. What's poppin? They say 'nothing, just chillin.' One of the girls likes him, however, she beats around the bush about letting him know it, so she uses another approach. She asks him, 'Mega' when are you going to let me braid your hair? He responds one of these days, I be real busy trying to eat, gotta stay on my grind feel me. Sheeka says 'ah hah' no doubt and they continue to conversate for a while. Then Sheeka says o.k. Time for us to be out, if I leave it up to y'all we'll be here all day and we got somewhere to go. Then the girls say goodbye and walk off to the store. Omega's right hand man says to him, man I don't know why you just don't go ahead and smash that. Omega responds I don't want to have to get into any drama with her fool ass boyfriend K'mar, because I would have to kill him.


"A few minutes later" Monty and his sister Treecy are walking home from school. They are talking amongst each other; 'Treec I got an 'A' on my test today! Treecy says that's good Monty keep up the good work if daddy was here he would take us out to eat and shopping for your good grade. Monty says I know, I miss him, I wish he was here. Treecy says me too Monty, me too. Omega sees them, stops them, and asks how are ya'll doing? And how is your father doing? Then he notices that they are wearing beat down shoes and clothes. Where is all ya'll new clothes at? He is concerned about them and all of the nice clothes they use to have; and why they are dressing the way, they do recently. They explain to him, sometimes we don't have no food in the house, so we sale some of our clothes to our friends to get money to eat. Then they explain to him that some of their clothes end up missing along with other nice things that they have had. So Omega's first thought was that their mother is selling her kids shit off for drugs. Therefore, he digs in his pocket and hands both of them a one hundred-dollar bill each and says 'here go get something to eat and to come back around later on, so I can take ya'll to go get some new gear. They respond with big smiles and say "thanks Mega" and gives him a hug then continue to walk up stairs to their apartment in the projects.

Chapter Three

"Beef Starts"

Omega knocks on Mira's door to holla at her and to get his hair braided. Sheeka lets him in and says Mira is in the shower; you can come in and have a seat. Sheeka yells through the bathroom door, 'Mira Omega is here to see you! She yells back 'o.k.' and finishes her shower and gets dressed. However, she only puts on Vicki Secrets and a robe, smelling good enough to eat. She approaches Omega and says "hey baby it took you long enough to come see me! He is pleased with what he smells and his mind is running wild with what is under the robe that she has on. Then he says with a smile on his face 'if I knew you was doing it like this I would've been! Up here. She gives him a hug to greet him and he asks her can you braid my hair? She says of course, she tells Sheeka to bring her a comb and the hair food grease. She tells Omega here sit on these pillows. She sat a few on the floor by the coach, and he does. He sits between her legs, and she starts to braid his hair. They make small talk, Mira says 'Mega' so how you doing? He says im I-Iight, you know same ol shit, different day trying to get hood rich or die trying. She says word! I feel that and they continue to converse and about half way through braiding his hair, there's a knock on the door. Sheeka goes to the door and looks through the peek hole. She sees that it's K'mar and she panics. She whispers and tells Mira yo! Its K'mar as K'mar shouts through the door; Mira! open the fuckin door, I know you're in there, I seen someone come to the peek hole, so open this fuckin door! Mira shouts out, "I'm coming" and scared out of her mind she scrambles for her clothes. She remembers how K'mar told her not to have any other nigga's up in her apartment, no matter who it is. So she tells Omega 'go sit at the table and act like Sheeka is doing your hair'. Mira opens the door and greets K'mar with a kiss, hey baby! He kisses her back reluctantly; however, he's suspicious about why it took so long to open the door. She says I was in the bedroom and didn't want to disturb Sheeka from doing Omega's hair. He doesn't believe her and starts to scream at her, what is that nigga doing in here? What did I tell you? She says he's just getting his hair braided, he ain't doing nothing! Omega hears the commotion and gets up to explain, yo! Mira and Sheeka grew up with me and we just cool like that. However, K'mar doesn't want to hear it and continues to argue with Mira Therefore, Omega decides that he's leaving and starts to walk out the door. He knows how K'mar get down and he didn't want any drama around his projects to bring heat to himself to slow down his money flow. However, K'mar took it as he was shook. So as he was walking down the stairs, he hears him say, 'I'll push that nigga right now' and he hears him coming. He starts to run down the stairs, because he remembers that he left his ratchet in his car. And as he gets to the front door, he sees K'mar's boys in a van parked out front, next to his C.L. Benz, therefore, he walks by calmly. He remembers that he doesn't have his burner, but he does have a grenade on him. So he takes the pin out and throws it under the van, then he starts to run. The nigga's in the van don't notice what he does. Now K'mar is out of the building shouting to his boys, "get that nigga." Omega shouts to his boys, "ride or die." They start to reach for their heat. Omega yells to them yo! Blast that nigga K'mar he's out to push him. Shim Shawn lets him know yo! K'mar boys are strapped heavy in that van. All of a sudden, the van explodes and Omega says sarcastically, what van? Then a shootout ensues. Bullets flying everywhere, however, no one else gets hit. K' mar and a few of his boys get away; and the "Angel of Death" claims a few more souls from the van.

Chapter Four


A dealer is at Vicki's apartment bagging up. He knows about Vicki prostituting her daughter off for drugs. He runs game on Vicki, he says, this is that FIRE!!! Right here Vick ya' heard! "I'll hit you off decent if you let me get it in with Treecy." She looks at him and says "hit me off lovely nigga cause that's my baby you getting and she don't come cheap" He gives her a bundle of dope and she looks at it and says "keep it coming nigga I know you got that 'Rik' He grilled her for a minute, then he gave her a few dimes of base (crack cocaine). So she calls her daughter to the room and demands her to have sex with the dealer. However, Treecy is screaming no!!! I don't want to do that no more! It hurts me. The dealer approaches the door and asks Vicki "is there a problem"? She replies no. You gave me the stuff now handle your business. The dealer smiles with a devilish grin, "that's what I'm talking bout" then he closes the door and starts to man handle the girl. Treecy starts to scream for dear life. Help! Get off of me! Stop! Her brother walks in the front door and sees two men with big guns sitting at the table bagging up drugs. One of the dudes says what up shawty? He says what up! And continues to walk toward his room and as he does he hears Treecy screaming. He busses open his sister's bedroom door and yells "leave her alone" He sees that Treecy clothes were being ripped off her body and the dealer standing over her. Her brother goes to her side and says she doesn't want to do it, so keep your hands off of her. The dealer looks at him with a killer grill and says; "get the fuck up out of here. I paid for this, so I'm a get mine". The brother Monty starts to argue back and forth with the dealer. Monty gets upset and starts crying. The dealer looks at him and says; look somebody is going to take care of me, I don't care who it is, her or you. Cause I ain't just gonna get beat for my 'shit'. Somebody is gonna do it, or I'm shooting everybody up in here, starting with your mother. Monty is tired of seeing his sister being sexually abused, so then Monty starts to scream out, "I'll do it! I'll do it! Just leave my mother and my sister alone". The dealer agrees yeah! Somebody is gonna hit me off. Then tells Treecy "beat it" I'll hit that some other time. She screams no! I don't want you touching my brother; crying her eyes out. Monty tells her its o.k. I'll be all right. She still fights with him saying no! However, he walks her to the door and closes it. She stands by the door crying, and after a while you can hear her brother Monty making low painful noises. "Owe! Unh!" And softly crying because he's getting man handled by the dealer with no remorse.

Chapter Five

"Throwback Thoughts"

Treecy and Monty are sitting in one of the bedrooms alone; their mother is out tricking or getting high somewhere? They are talking about how they use to live when their father was home. They are reminiscing about how happy all of them use to be and how affectionate and loving their mother use to be. How they use to go on family trips all the time, all the nice cars their father had, the mini mansion they had. And since their father had so much money and power; how he had paid the man that ran the housing projects, a bundle of money to have the whole top floor of building 5, done over and renovated to be one big penthouse apartment that only his family stayed in 'besides the dogs' when they didn't want to stay in the mansion. They had plenty of friends in the projects. Some out of fear of their father and some out of love for their father. Before he got locked up, he was "that dude". He had Alabama housing projects on smash. He supplied everybody in the projects as well as the other blocks. He has mad respect for his elders, so what he did was had all the elderly moved to one single building, so they wouldn't have to put up with the young bucks hanging out front, selling drugs in front of where they lived. And if you made sells in, around, or in the circumference of the building, you got dealt with right away. Their father big Dixie had a small army called "DEATH-BEFORE-DISHONOR" or D.B.D. And all of them were loyal to him to the death, because he took very good care of them. He was fair, however, he ruled with an iron fist. He took his family to church every Sunday and always blessed the church with a substantial donation; therefore, the preacher was always pleased to see him. The preacher use to try to talk some sense into him about getting out of the game. "Dixie when you gonna stop sinning and come do the lords work, it's your calling". However, when he started talking like that, Big Dixie use to tell him "Rev I really can't talk about it right now, I have some important business to take of, but we'll talk soon o.k. And rushed off. Big Dixie liked the preacher because he did a lot for the children and the community. And was a messenger of the lord. Dixie believed in God, he just wasn't beat for the enlightening spills the preacher dropped on him. He would get out, when he was ready. He also had money in other things, such as supermarkets, gas stations, and liquor stores; however, he was a silent partner with the owners. He made sure business stayed good and that none of the businesses were ever robbed. He also had ties to a few police officials and several people in city hall including the mayor. Most people didn't know that. He kept all of his business affairs just that, business and silent.

Chapter Six

"Time to Celebrate Get your swagg on"

In the club, Omega is celebrating his birthday. He buys out the bar. Music banging, he's kicking it with his homies, saying it's been a good year. Ladies passing by greeting him. One say's hey! Omega this party is what's up. He says back "what's poppin shawty? You know I gotta ball out for my b-day". Niggas and homies salute him. Its new years and Omega's birthday. Omega has a big reputation, so everybody and their momma was at his party. They party hard, then after a certain hour upstairs in V.I.P. They have a lock door; male and female revue. Woman on one side of the club, and on the other side men. In addition to that, anything goes threesome's, foursome's fivesome's and then some. Omega looks across the room and spots K'mar. Then he taps J'Gun and say's "What is this fool doing in here" So him and his homies step to K'mar and Omega says to him, "K'mar, I don't want no shit at my party. We are trying to have a good time, so don't fuck it up!" K'mar says, "I ain't fucking up your party homey. I just come to fuck with some of these hoes, pop some cryst and that's it." Omega nods his head, "I-Iight then, be easy." K'mar responds, "I-Iight then," and spins off. Omega tells his boys, "keep an eye on that fool," they nod. On stage VS. Is spittin & rippin' hot shit. The crowd goes crazy when he's on stage. A lot of people want to wild out from his lyrics; however, they keep their composure. Omega is feeling VS. Style and he says to J-Gun, "I don't know why that nigga just won't go in the studio, lay some shit down and get a deal with a record company." J-Gun replies, "Man that nigga loves the streets too much and he loves that paper. The nigga stay huggin' the block. The only reason he here now is because it's your birthday." Meanwhile, on the other side of the club, two of K'mar's boys try to holla at two girls sitting in a booth; Zee and Carla. K'mar's homie Fury says to Carla, "dig right, me, you, sip on something, ride, go eat, ride, my spot, smash, then you, OUT!" Carla replies, "Excuse you! Nigga please! Act like Michael Jackson and spin off ." Fury replies, "What!" Then they get into an argument. Sweets notices the drama and goes to Carla's aid. Him and Fury exchange a few words. Sweets says calmly "Ayo you need to fall back on the bullshit homeboy, this my homie birthday we don't want nothing poppin off tonight. Fury say's "this bitch tryna act all stuck up and shit like she all that, I don't want you anyway bitch". Carla say's I can't tell Then Omega sees the confrontation. He approaches with J-Gun. He calms Sweets down and asks, "What's the problem?" Carla explains to Omega what happened; She say's "this nigga trippin" and at the same time, Clipse whispers something in fury's ear. Then Omega asks Fury, "What's the problem?" Fury replies, "Naw ain't no problem," and as he walks off, he says to Carla, "ya breath stink anyway, I can smell it from here." Carla says, "yeah whatever nigga, you smell your ass. Spin off creep!"


Excerpted from Bang Boy, Die Boy by J. Lewis Copyright © 2010 by J. Lewis. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


"The beginning"....................1
"The Crush"....................3
"Beef Starts"....................5
"CRACKED OUT"....................8
"Throwback Thoughts"....................10
"Time to Celebrate Get your swagg on"....................12
"WATCH OUT FOR PO-PO"....................15
"SUMMERTIME IN THE HOOD"....................17
"Sex me"....................20
"He's Free"....................24
"Good Eaten"....................32
"Knuckle up fool"....................34
"LAY EM DOWN"....................36
"The Payoff'"....................38
"Street Ball Legends"....................40
"Secret Assassin"....................43
"Lost of a Soldier"....................46
"TAKIN CARE OF B.I."....................49
"AMERICAN GANGSTA"....................57
'TAKIN CARE OF B.I." cont ....................60
"TAKIN CARE OF B.I." cont....................68
"ON THE D.L."....................75
"BIG BOSS SHIT"....................78
"4,5,6, Murda"....................83
"TAKIN CARE OF B.I." cont ....................86
"TAKIN CARE OF B.I." cont ....................89
"BACK IN THE HOOD"....................93
"THE LETTER"....................106
"BE ON POINT"....................116
"YOU'SE A DEAD MUTHA'FUCKA"....................125
"SHOOK ONE'S"....................129
"IT'S GOING DOWN"....................134

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Bang Boy, Die Boy 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The grammar in this book is horrible.  the storyline is interesting but there are alot of grammatical errors that shouldve been corrected before publication.