A Banqueter's Guide to the All-Night Soup Kitchen of the Kingdom of God

A Banqueter's Guide to the All-Night Soup Kitchen of the Kingdom of God

by Patrick T. McCormick

Paperback(New Edition)


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A Banqueter's Guide to the All-Night Soup Kitchen of the Kingdom of God by Patrick T. McCormick

When Jesus spoke at the tale he provided instructions for his disciples to follow. A Banqueter's Guide to the All-Night Soup Kitchen of the Kingdom of God views those teachings as a set of guidelines for us to follow in all areas of life. Through the study of metaphors commonly used to describe the Eucharist, this book connects the Eucharist and Jesus' words and actions with current issues in society. Each chapter defines a metaphor associated with the Eucharist and explores its moral, social, and ethical implications. Readers will become more aware of the need for social justice as they identify with the parables and guidance of Jesus.

Chapters are: Take and Eat," *Breaking Bread, - *This is My Body, - and *An Unbloody Sacrifice. -

Patrick T. McCormick, STP, is associate professor of Christian ethics at Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780814629550
Publisher: Liturgical Press, The
Publication date: 02/28/2004
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Patrick T. McCormick is professor of religious studies at Gonzaga University. He is the author of A Banqueter's Guide to the All Night Soup Kitchen of the Kingdom of God (Liturgical Press, 2004) and has written a monthly column on Christianity and culture for U.S. Catholic since 1994.

Table of Contents

Preface--"Do This in Memory of Me"ix
Chapter 1Take and Eat1
A Sacrament of Eating and Drinking1
The Meaning of Eating and Drinking: Recognizing Ourselves as Hungry Eaters5
Food and Hunger5
Food and Grace8
Food and Pleasure10
America's Dis-Ease with Food13
Too Much Dieting14
Too Much Fa(s)t Food15
Too Much Hunger16
Unconscious Eating in America17
Eating the "Fruit of the Earth" Unconsciously18
Eating the "Work of Human Hands" Unconsciously21
Unconscious Consumers24
The Eucharist and Eating Consciously25
Remembering Our Hunger, and the Hunger of the Poor26
Remembering God's Graciousness28
From Memory to Mission30
Chapter 2The Breaking of the Bread39
A School for Manners39
Hospitality: Making Room for the Poor43
An Ancient Virtue43
Jesus and Hospitality45
Eucharistic Hospitality48
Present Challenges50
Friendship: Welcoming Outcasts and Sinners52
The Friend of Sinners and Outcasts53
Friendship at the Eucharistic Table57
Present Challenges59
Service: Dismantling Hierarchies61
A Sign of Contradiction61
Jesus' Table Service63
Eucharistic Table Service66
Present Challenges67
Chapter 3"This Is My Body"73
Recognizing the Body of Christ73
What it Means to Be Somebody75
Taking Bodies Seriously80
The Eucharist and the Church85
Solidarity with the Bodies of the Poor91
Solidarity with the Bodies of Women96
Kinship with the Bodies and Body of Creation101
Chapter 4An Unbloody Sacrifice111
The Sacrifice of the Mass111
The Problem of Sacrifice115
Our Scapegoats118
"Mercy, Not Sacrifice"122
The God of the Scapegoats123
The God Who Becomes the Scapegoat127
The Un-Sacrifice of Christ130
The Metaphor of Sacrifice131
Christ's "Un-sacrifice"134
A Remembrance of Christ's Un-Sacrifice136
Sacrificial Amnesia137
A Dangerous Memory139

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