Barack Obama's secret genealogy tree: : Its Hawaiian blood not kenya

Barack Obama's secret genealogy tree: : Its Hawaiian blood not kenya

by Andre Austin


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About two years ago I watched a documentary on Barack Obama by a maverick independent filmmaker/journalist Joel Gilbert. And this film started my research to see if what he was reporting about the real dad of Obama was true or false.
What got me hyped up were pictures of Frank Marshall Davis daughter graduation from a public school in Honolulu. I sent letters to this high school to verify Gilbert's research and I got nothing but obstruction to the truth. All I asked was if this picture of Lynn Davis was correct for her graduation picture in 1967. No reply. To me, I got the feel that their noncooperation was fear of retaliation from the White House with Obama still reigning as president at the time.
With my curiosity of a detective cat being at the highest levels, I couldn't walk away from the images of Lynn Davis looking like a twin to Obama. Barack Obama admits in his book Dreams From My Father that his white grandfather used to take him over Frank Marshall Davis drinking liquor while they recited dirty lyrics. I didn't know at the time that poetry would be the key to unlocking the secret genealogy tree of Obama.
The smoking gun is fully revealed at the last two pages of this pamphlet of a comparative analysis of a Davis poem, 47th street with an Obama poem about his father "Pop" . This is not anecdotal! Why would a man seek help from another man to write a poem about his father unless he was the father. The poems share the same structure and some themes. I'm a poet myself and the evidence was a dead giveaway. There was no need for a DNA test that his so-called brother in Kenya stated he wants. The correspondence between their two poems links them together as father and sun.
If Obama would have told the truth about who his real father was he wouldn't of been elected president. You will see all the baggage Frank Marshall Davis had that Obama couldn't afford to carry. I'm glad he didn't tell the truth. However, to set the historical record straight after he's out of the White house we can now feel safe to tell that truth.
Let us now climb up Obama's secret genealogy tree

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