Bark! The Herald Angels Sing

Bark! The Herald Angels Sing

by Roxanne St. Claire

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BN ID: 2940161831007
Publisher: Roxanne St. Claire
Publication date: 11/09/2018
Series: The Dogfather , #8
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 2,979
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Published since 2003, Roxanne St. Claire is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than fifty romance and suspense novels.

In addition to being an ten-time nominee and one-time winner of the prestigious RITA™ Award for the best in romance writing, Roxanne’s novels have won the National Readers’ Choice Award for best romantic suspense four times, as well as the Maggie, the Daphne du Maurier Award, the HOLT Medallion, Booksellers’ Best, Book Buyers Best, the Award of Excellence, and many others.

A recent empty-nester, Roxanne lives in Florida with her husband, and still attempts to run the lives of her young adult children. She loves dogs, books, chocolate, and wine, especially all at the same time!

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Bark! The Herald Angels Sing 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
Pack52LG 4 months ago
This is Book 8 in Roxanne St. Claire’s Dogfather series. It’s almost time for Molly and Trace’s Christmas wedding and the wedding planner has it all under control. But not everyone is feeling the excitement. Pru, Molly and Trace’s 14 year old daughter, is a take charge girl but she’s feeling left out of her mom and dad’s important day. She’s not alone as Grandma Finnie, her great-grandmother, is feeling like she’s not included either. When Molly puts Pru in charge of the something old, something new, Pru and Grandma Finnie hatch an idea that takes them on a journey that none of them will ever forget. Headed for places they know they shouldn’t go and doing things they know they probably shouldn’t do takes them on a trip back in time to find the perfect something old, new, borrowed and blue for Mollie’s wedding. A heart-warming trip of memories and family. A portion of all proceeds go to Alaqua Animal Refuge in Rocki’s home state of Florida.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Anonymous 10 months ago
Another wonderful addition to the Dogfather series.
KAndrade 10 months ago
Bark! The Herald Angels Sing by Roxanne St Claire, A holiday novella from The Dogfather romance series....Another amazing story from one of my favorite authors!! Delightful & heartwarming, Loved this book and you will too!!
Mpomper514 10 months ago
Yet another amazing addition to the Dogfather series. When Gramma Finnie and Pru are both feeling down for various reasons, they go on an errand to make Molly's wedding extra special. This errand becomes an adventure! I love the interaction between Pru and Gramma Finnie! Loved learning more about Gramma Finnie's background - that was so special. You can't help but fall in love with this family, and all of the dogs that come with it. Great holiday read.
EileenAW 11 months ago
How could one not love following Pru and Grandma Finnie on an unusual adventure in Hark! The Herald Angels Sing by Roxanne St. Claire, book 6.5 in her Dogfather series. Poor Grandma Finnie is having writer’s block regarding her blog posts, feeling her age, and not quite feeling the Christmas spirit. Then there’s super organizer Pru who is feeling left out of all the planning for her mom’s wedding to her father, Trace. When Molly accidently overhears these two talking, she assigns them to find all of the “somethings” for her. Off these two go on an adventure to get the perfect pin repaired; knowing that Grandma Finnie is not supposed to be driving and Pru too young to drive. Not to be deterred, Pru and Grandma Finnie find a lost, pregnant dog on the side of the road, encounter a town in the midst of celebrating Christmas, learns who owns the dog, and tries to return the dog before a sudden snowstorm keeps them from completing their mission. Nothing seems to go right for these two adventurous ladies. These two loving angels do everything in their power to save Christmas, the pregnant dog, its owner and be rescued by the Kilcannon family. I loved the stories Grandma Finnie told about her life in Ireland, her sister, and meeting of her husband. I was amazed by how hard these worked together taking care of Queenie, the pregnant dog, as she delivered her puppies. They also did a surprising job handling Queenie’s owner, an agoraphobic veteran suffering from PTSD. Ms. St. Claire wrote an emotional and moving story filled with lots of feelings, wonderful dialogue, and endearing characters that should not to be missed. I highly recommend Hark! The Herald Angels Sing to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
blonde_betty 11 months ago
There is no question that Roxanne St. Claire hit it out of the park with her latest Dogfather novella, Bark! The Herald Angels Sing. This is Pru and Grandma Finnie’s big adventure and what an adventure it is. As with any adventure, things do not necessarily go as planned. However, there are a gaggle of Kilcannons and Mahoneys to keep things on track. Granma Finnie is in fine storytelling form, so curl up with your beverage of choice, a fuzzy animal if available, and your fuzzy blankie, and be prepared for a heartwarming ride. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novella.
jennifer315 11 months ago
I absolutely loved this novella. Pru and Gramma Finnie shine in this story. I love how close these two people are. One is in their 80's and the other is 14 but they have a bond like no other. This story sends them on a journey that tugs at your heart and makes you want to be there with them. It was a perfect blend of past, present and a bright future.
Anonymous 11 months ago
This was such a fun adventure for the oldest and one of the youngest members of the family. Working together to make Molly's wedding special. Great addition to the Godfather series.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I started reading Bark the Herald and didn't put down until I had also read Molly's wedding story. Roxanne outdid himself with this one. I am waiting on pins and needles for Daniel's story.
Anonymous 11 months ago
This was a great adventure for Pru and Gramma Finnie. The two of them were feeling out of sorts and not happy with the way things were going. They decided that they were going on adventure and that they did. You will have to read this wonderful book to find out what happens and why they went in the first place.
BetweenMyBookendz 11 months ago
‘Tis the night before the night before Christmas and all through Waterford Farm, all creatures were stirring, preparing for the holiday and wedding fun! Yet Gramma Finnie and her favorite sidekick, great-granddaughter Pru are feeling different stirrings. Finnie is feeling bored and very mortal while Pru is feeling the stirrings of jealousy and anger at being excluded from her mom Molly’s wedding preparations. How dare they replace “General Pru” with a wedding planner!!! So when a spur of the moment mission created to get Finnie and Pru’s mojo going takes a turn (literally) towards danger, the Kilcannons mobilize into action! No blurb for this story can truly capture just how amazing this story is. As always, Ms. St. Claire’s writing is perfection, alternating smoothly between the characters’ different points of view and locations. But is the back and forth between present day North Carolina and WWII Ireland that makes this book a standout. Finola Kilcannon is not just an important character in every Dogfather book, she is its soul. Here, we the reader get to meet the young Finola Brennan and view her teen years back on “the old sod” from her point of view. Her story enraptured not just Pru, not just a stranger but this reader as well - I read Bark! in one sitting, unable to to close the book until that final pawprint signalled the end. Oh the “feels!” This book is a glittering star on top of the Kilcannon “Dogfather” series tree!
sbart84 11 months ago
A heartwarming Christmas tail when taking an adventure with Gramma Finni and Pru. Pru is given a task for her mother's upcoming wedding, find the special somethings. With the help of Pru's Gramma they go on a road trip, soon they are lost in the mountains and have a lost pregnant dog that they found that is soon to deliver. Bring on the holiday season with this perfect story, with will warm you up just perfect. There is so many things that I loved in this story. Loved the closeness of of Pru and her gramma. Loved Blue/Queenie the rescued dog. I must admit I did shed a few tears through out this wonderful story. I highly recommend this story along with the rest of the stories in this season. This can be read as a stand alone. Merry Christmas!
tsmb02 11 months ago
If you have been reading the other books in The Dogfather series, you will just adore this novella. Gramma Finnie has been feeling a little down lately. As Gramma Finnie is getting older, she is reflecting back on her life and feels that she is missing some excitement. At the same time, Pru is feeling left out of all the wedding planning between her parents. Molly realizing what is happening to Pru and tells her she is in charge of getting together Molly's "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" for the wedding. Of course in true Gramma Finnie and Pru style, they take this task to the next level and turn it into an adventure. Their little adventure includes a lot of fun, some danger, a romantic love story and of course dogs! Just when the danger is looking like more than they can handle, the entire Kilcannon clan comes charging to their rescue. Oh my gosh, I just LOVED this story. I laughed and cried. It was so fun hearing some of Gramma Finnie's old stories. I just adore Gramma Finnie and Pru. They make such a great pair and I'm glad they were able to find their little moment of excitement!
Cali-Jewel 11 months ago
Sweet, heartwarming and engaging holiday adventure filled with friends, family and love... This is a quick yet highly entertaining journey that hits all the right heart lifting emotions and leaves you feeling great. Loved visiting with all my favorite charters for the holidays.
luvluke6t6 11 months ago
What a wonderful Christmas gift from Roxanne St. Claire! She delivered it in Bark! The Herald Angels Sing, her latest novella in her The Dogfather series. I received an ARC of Bark! The Herald Angels Sing, for an honest review. It was such a wonderful story, filled with such bittersweet and poignant moments. All of the Kilcannon family members are getting ready for their traditional Christmas Eve festivities. They are also putting on the finishing touches for Molly and Trace's wedding. Gramma Finnie and Pru are feeling left out of the wedding festivities, since Molly has chosen a wedding planner to help with her wedding planning. Gramma Finnie is feeling old and Pru feels over looked. Molly gives them a special assignment, to find special "somethings", new, old, borrowed, and blue for her wedding to Trace. Gramma Finnie knows just what to use as the something old, a pin that belonged to her sister Mary Violet. Gramma Finnie tells Pru all about her sister "Vi" and how she met her husband, Seamus Kilcannon. The telling of the story is heartbreaking and heartwarming. Along the way to Holly HIlls find the "somethings" and get the stick pin repaired, they find a lost, pregnant border collie along the side of the road and name her "Blue", the only letters that they can make out on her ID tag. While getting Blue groomed, the owner of the grooming salon, identifies Blue as "Queenie", whose owner is Bill Cutter. As is starts to snow, they set out to return Blue to Bill, on Christmas Eve, and they get stuck along the road to Bill's home and Blue goes into labor in the back seat of Gramma Finnie's car. All that happens after is truly magical and heaven sent. It is such a heartwarming tale, that unites all the Kilcannons in their search for Gramma Finnie and Pru. I loved the story and the characters, it was so enjoyable. It was so wonderful reading Gramma Finnie's back story and how she met Grandpa Seamus. I love Gramma Finnie even more. Thank you for the wonderful early Christmas gift.
Terri_C 11 months ago
This is a Christmas novella to go with Roxanne St. Claire's The Dogfather Series. In it, Roxanne takes one of the youngest characters and the oldest, Pru and Gramma Finnie, for an adventure. They've both been feeling left out and despondent. Off they go in Gramma Finnie's old car. They end up finding more excitement than they bargained for, and of course it involves a dog. I love both these characters and I loved the story from the past that Gramma Finnie tells Pru as they go along. It was a great touch by St. Claire!
Anonymous 11 months ago
I usually don't purchase novellas but I love the series so I bought it and I'm happy I did. Great Read I couldn't put it down
jstryker 11 months ago
I love the Dogfather series of books by Roxanne St. Claire. Bark, the Herald Angels Sing is her latest and it is as great as all the rest. It is filled with page turning plot twists and wonderful family love. This book is about Gramma Finnie and young Pru who wants to give her mother something special for her mom’s wedding to Trace. Of course, the two of them have to get into all kinds of trouble along the way to the wedding. A special extra in this novella is the story of how Gramma Finnie found her way to America with her husband Seamus. Highly recommend this book and the whole series. So good.
Lindy6 11 months ago
I was so excited when Roxanne announced this mini story … and it exceeded all of my hopes and expectations. It’s a perfect way to get into the holiday season! And a great way to continue the story with some very beloved characters. I can’t even say how very much I love this series! If Better Bark were a real place, I’d be moving there stat!! While the Dogfather is still available!! You will love this book ….!!!
JuliaAD 11 months ago
I just love Gramma Finnie and Pru. Gramma and Pru have an excellent adventure and we learn more about Gramma Finnie. Pru is a planner and when her mother hires a wedding planner to do her wedding, Pru is feeling left out. Gramma Finnie is feeling bored and has writer's block. When Molly realizes what is happening, she give them a task to help with the wedding. While getting their "somethings" together, they end up in the mountains in a snow storm with a dog that is in labor and a scary mountain man on Christmas Eve. The Kilcannon family comes to the rescue.
PennieM 11 months ago
My heart is so full it could just burst right now! This was the perfect story for Gramma Finnie and Pru's excellent adventure. The wedding of Molly and Trace is fast approaching and Pru is feeling left out and Gramma Finnie is feeling her age or nostalgic or just a bit of writer's block with the coming of Christmas and all the festivities and the clipping of her wings and no one letting her drive any more. When Molly overhears the fussing, she gives Pru a special task to get the special somethings for the wedding, that must be kept secret. Oh, this is all good until Gramma Finnie decides she should grab her keys and take Pru and drive to the next town over to undertake a task. Soon they are lost in the mountains, find a pregnant dog, and...don't forget the snowstorm on the horizon. Excellent adventure? Oh yea! All is well and the Kilcannon clan is not far behind. Even if you have not read the rest of the series (and why haven't you!) you will love this one! It can be read as a standalone and enjoyed! Definitely worth spending an afternoon with your feet up and a smile. **Received this ARC for review**
ytcruz 11 months ago
You can never go wrong with a book by Ms. St Claire, and if you have come to love her Dogfather series as much as I have , this sweet and touching story will undoubtedly touch your hearts. Molly and Trace are about to get married and their daughter, Pru, is feeling left out . While the matriarch and glue of the Kilcannon clan, Gramma Finnie, feels her life is coming to an end , as she is 87 years old, and wants an adventure. When these two embark on a search to finding the wedding treasures, off they go in Gramma Finnie’s Toyota. Little did they know the adventure was the least of their worries. The reader also gets a chance to find out how Seamus and Gramma Finnie met, and about their lives before coming to America. Pru and Gramma Finnie might be decades apart in age, but their love of family and their spirit is wonderful to watch. Both are strong, smart, capable, and powerful. Able to overcome obstacles while still being loyal and full of heart for their families. A truly wonderful story for this holiday season. One that will stay with you for a very long time. I was entrusted a copy of this book. The opinions expressed are solely my own.