Bark up the Right Tree: Lessons from a Rescued Dog

Bark up the Right Tree: Lessons from a Rescued Dog


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ISBN-13: 9781439214244
Publisher: BookSurge, LLC
Publication date: 01/07/2009
Pages: 114
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.24(d)

About the Author

Jessie Tschudin may be hard to find in a roomful of black dogs, but she's truly one of a kind. She's a graduate of the First Dog Training Club and certified as both a Canine Good Citizen and an International Therapy Dog. She enjoys hiking, belly rubs, and visiting nursing homes. She hopes the lessons in her book, her "Woof-a-Week" inspirational column, and her first-of-its-kind DogFest fundraiser will help people of all ages--and lots of animals, too. Ruth Tschudin is a writer of books and booklets, a biblical storyteller, and a certified teacher. In 1999 she started Open Doors, an Amazing Grace Foundation in memory of her mother, Grace, in order to glorify God and make a positive difference in others' lives. She enjoys children, animals, and writing . . . and is presently combining all three passions as she pursues her "impossible dream," the Kids'n'Kritters project. To learn more about this project, as well as the DogFest and Jessie's column, go to

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Bark up the Right Tree: Lessons from a Rescued Dog 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
TheBookJournal on LibraryThing 20 days ago
I grew up with lots of animals, all of them from shelters or the street. Because of this I always love heart-warming stories of dogs who were rescued from difficult circumstances.Ruth Tshudin was looking for a dog and came about finding Jessie through Petfinder.comJessie the dog tells the story in her own words. As a character she has no personality and we don¿t tend to get emotionally attached to her. The reading is easy but nothing mind-blowing.Jessie was abused by a family child and taken to a shelter where she then found an adoptive parent in Ruth Tshudin. Jessie seemed to fit into her new home with ease. Apart from a few minor health problems, she seems to be a dream dog. It is stated she teaches the new owners many of lifes different quirks. Seems to me as overreaching by the humans.The only purpose of this book is for a light laugh for people that are into dogs and dog-themed books. While it is nice that Jessie got adopted and the family was completed, it¿s the same as every other book about dog adoptions. Scratch that, there are many others that are much better.One other point that threw me from this book is that there are religious undertones to the book. I knew this going into the book, as I was warned beforehand. But for any other buyer, you will be hit in the face with this, and it isn¿t brought up anywhere in the description.A MAJOR disappointment and disgust for me is the closeness of this title to another book. I¿m upset with the publisher for not wanting to change it, and the ¿author¿ for not having enough brain cells to make the book more distinguishable. It seems so lazy and forced, that it dimishes the value of anything written between the covers.
ladydzura on LibraryThing 20 days ago
Bark Up The Right Tree: Lessons From A Rescued Dog is a sweet little story told by Jesse the Labrador Retriever with a little help from her human, Ruth.Jesse's story begins shortly after she loses her family when they drop her off at an animal control shelter, but her life turns around when she is adopted by Ruth and her husband Hugo. She soon discovers a love for squeaky bones, being dried off after a bath, and new friends[both the two-and four-legged kind]. Ruth's dream for Jesse was to become certified both as a Canine Good Citizen and as an International Therapy Dog, and with both love and work, the dynamic duo reached their goal. Shortly after, they began to aim for something new: Ruth would like to develop a volunteer-based group for adopted children and rescued pets where the two could interact and support each other. A few of Jesse's friends get them started with the donation of a small play wagon so that Jesse can pull children around the neighborhood, and Ruth and Jesse hope to raise awareness of their Kids 'n' Kritters project.This little book is a fun read, and the end of each chapter features a "paws" for lessons learned: Jessie tries to highlight the main points to take away from her story. Everyone can appreciate little reminders such as let go of the past; make good use of today! Jesse's story is a lovely one, and demonstrates the healing power of love.
drebbles on LibraryThing 20 days ago
Jessie was an older black Labrador Retriever when her lifelong family had to put her in an animal control shelter. Jessie quickly became depressed and ill thinking she would never have a loving home again. But along came Ruth Tschundin who had a dream of adopting an older dog and having that dog help others by becoming a certified therapy dog, who would visit nursing homes, pull children in a wagon, and bring joy to sick people. ¿Bark up the Right Tree, Lessons from a Rescued Dog¿ is the heartwarming story of Jessie and Ruth¿s first year together.Written in the first person from Jessie¿s viewpoint, ¿Bark up the Right Tree, Lessons from a Rescued Dog¿ is an uplifting story. The book starts with Jessie being in the shelter and the book perfectly captures shelter life and how upset Jessie was as her world was turned upside down. The book takes place over the course of one year and it is interesting to read as Jessie learns to embrace her new life. The book is a lot of fun to read as Jessie describes her various quirks: her love of carrying all her squeaky bones in her mouth; the reasons why she wasn¿t always a model student during obedience class; why she sometimes barks for no reason. For the most part, Jessie¿s owner Ruth does a good job of capturing Jessie¿s voice, although it doesn¿t quite work when describing how Jessie hurt her leg (not once but twice!) since no one is quite sure how it happened. Although this is a book about dogs, there is plenty in the book for cat lovers as well. At the end of each chapter Jessie offers a ¿Paws¿ for Lessons learned which helps summarize each chapter and what Jessie and Ruth have learned during their adventures together (there is a religious undertone throughout the book). The book has plenty of pictures at the end of the book of Jessie and her friends (both fur and human) that will make readers fall in love with Jessie. While there is a sad note at the end of the book, the book basically has a happy ending, unlike other best selling books about dogs.¿Bark up the Right Tree, Lessons from a Rescued Dog¿ is an inspirational book about loving an animal and being loved back. 10% of the proceeds of the sale of this book will go towards helping animals in need.
grumpydan More than 1 year ago
This is a fun and easy book to read from the perspective of Jesse the rescued dog with the help of his companion, Ruth Tschudin. I found the life lessons both inspirational and enjoyable. A must read for not only animal lovers!