Barnyard Confidential: An A to Z Reader of Life Lessons, Tall Tales, and Country Wisdom

Barnyard Confidential: An A to Z Reader of Life Lessons, Tall Tales, and Country Wisdom

by Melinda Keefe (Editor)
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Barnyard Confidential: An A to Z Reader of Life Lessons, Tall Tales, and Country Wisdom by Melinda Keefe

A light-hearted A-to-Z encyclopedia of farm lore, Barnyard Confidential covers everything you need to know about living in the country, from courting to dealing with manure, root picking to rat catching, winter chores to tractor restoration, hay mows to outhouses—anything and everything related to farm life. Entries from well-known country authors like E. B. White, Gwen Petersen, Roger Welsch, and Patricia Penton Leimbach range from funny definitions to full stories and are illustrated throughout with a charming mix of fun, nostalgic, black-and-white photos and illustrations. These stories are both humorous and practical and will remind you why you often have a love-hate relationship with rural living. Before you move to the country (or even if you already live there), learn all the secrets to success from Barnyard Confidential.

Featured authors include the following: Eric Sloane, Roger Welsch, Gwen Petersen, Ben Logan, Jim Heynen, Bob Artley, Marjorie Myers Douglas, Hamlin Garland, E. B. White, Jerry Stelmok, Louis Bromfield, Bob Becker, William Hazlett Upson, Patricia Penton Leimbach, Jerry L. Twedt, Michael Perry, Willa Cather, Jerry Apps, Josh Billings, Michael Dregni, Jared Van Wagenen Jr., Hugh Orchard, Dorothy Canfield, Virginia Bell Dabney, Tom Anderson, Ronald Jager, Margret Aldrich, Bill Vossler, and Gordon Green.

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ISBN-13: 9780760342459
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Publication date: 08/19/2012
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 9.10(w) x 6.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Having grown up in Iowa, Melinda Keefe (New Brighton, MN) has witnessed firsthand the ups and downs of country living and has edited such books as Christmas on the Farm, The Best of the Farmer’s Wife Cookbook, and The Meat Goat Handbook for Voyageur Press.

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Barnyard Confidential: An A to Z Reader of Life Lessons, Tall Tales, and Country Wisdom 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
If you live out in the country, you know just how wonderful things can be “out in the middle of nowhere.” While city folks might scratch their heads in disbelief or confusion, we country folks take the lingo of rural life for granted. Now a new book, Barnyard Confidential, takes a close look at the unique language used in and around the farm in a lighthearted and often very funny way. As the title suggest, this book is arranged as an A to Z primer on terms used in a rural setting. From “Acre” to “Zinnias,” you’ll find just about every word imaginable, and usable, in a farm setting within the pages of Barnyard Confidential. Do you know what a “Texas gate” is? How about “zero till” or “hopper bottom”? These and plenty more terms are defined in this book. There are also many familiar things such as “procrastination,” which is described as only a farmer might use the word. Most of the words/terms are defined in a brief paragraph or two, with little dabs of humor thrown in to keep you reading. Think “egg” only needs a one line definition? Think again and check this out: “You will find these in the dairy section…which is strange because cows do not lay eggs. Hens do. In fact, an egg would have become a baby chicken, would have grown up to be a fine hen or rooster if you hadn’t eaten it for breakfast this morning. But now it never will. I hope you’re proud of yourself.” (pg. 48). Instead of a brief explanation, many of the words are accompanied by a short story (or tall tale!). These are truly delightful and make this the perfect book for flipping through from day to day when you only have a few minutes to read at a time. There are plenty of pictures to accompany the text, all in black and white, and all with a distinct old-time look. Quill says: Whether you live in the country or are planning a visit (or move!) to a more rural landscape, this book will give you a good, and humorous, look at what life is really like far from skyscrapers and city noise.